AD #3354 – Tesla Shanghai on Track for 1M EVs/Year; June Sales Forecast; VW’s MQB Spawned Over 32 Million Vehicles

June 27th, 2022 at 11:45am

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Runtime: 8:47

0:07 June Sales: Fantastic for Ford, Disaster for Honda
0:51 Tesla Shanghai Readies to Make 1M EVs
1:27 Toyota Lobbies Japan to Push Hybrids
2:07 Japan Pushes G7 to Welcome Hybrids
3:18 VW ID. AERO is Latest EV Effort
4:02 32 Million VW’s Built on MQB
5:01 1,000 HP ‘Sucker’ Car Breaks GoodWood Record
6:47 EVgo Added to Russell Indexes
7:11 Cadillac Celestiq Will Cost $350,000+
7:45 Clarios Develops Low-Voltage Lithium Battery

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29 Comments to “AD #3354 – Tesla Shanghai on Track for 1M EVs/Year; June Sales Forecast; VW’s MQB Spawned Over 32 Million Vehicles”

  1. Lambo2015 Says:

    Rooting for Toyota! Battery Hybrids make sense and until a very expensive and extensive charging network is in place they make a great transition vehicle. Providing EV power for short local commutes and still providing the range needed to the consumer so that they don’t need multiple vehicles to suffice all their needs.

  2. Stu Says:

    Goodwood – The difference between the McMurty and the rest of the cars in that video is astounding. I think my favorite, though was the old Subie with the active areo.

    Toyota – from the beginning they have been all about hybrids instead of full EVs, which has netted them ire from environmentalist groups (which has been reported on here in the past). Will be interesting to see if the G7 listen to the proposal. Hybrids make a lot of sense for those of us who put a lot of miles on their vehicles.

  3. Buzzerd Says:

    I guess to translate what Toyota is really saying is – ” since we have put all our money into hybrids and not EV’s we should really be using hybrids”

  4. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Stu – I’m totally with you on that Goodwood Subie. The way it dives and leans into corners and still posts one of the fastest times is really impressive.

  5. 1949 viewpoint Says:

    Also on domestic side, don’t forget Ford Escape hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

  6. Lambo2015 Says:

    3 I think Toyota could easily offer a BEV but understand that the majority of customers will not want a BEV no matter what the government would like us to own.. If given ONLY the choice of BEV or HBEV I’m betting 70% of Americans would take the HBEV.

  7. Kevin A Says:

    Sean, I agree with Toyota. Since hybrids use many fewer batteries, we could have many more of them with the same limited supply of batteries and we could probably get by with lower energy density batteries using other materials. I’d much rather see 50% of new cars be hybrids instead of 5% being BEVs.

  8. Bob Wilson Says:

    Pretty much every BEV is back ordered by the CUSTOMERS. Having traded in a Toyota Prius Prime for a Tesla Model 3 in 2019, my gold went to the simpler, more efficient car.

    BTW, we kept our older 2014 BMW i3-REx with 72 mi EV range over the 25 mi Prius Prime and it’s poor control laws that ran the ICE too often.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Toyota hybrids have been a great option for me, for 12 years. My latest one, an FWD Highlander, is getting ~40 mpg in mixed driving with short trips and speeds mostly under 65. A friend with a not-much-bigger bigger Enclace is getting about half that in similar driving.

  10. wmb Says:

    I am taking the price figures to mean a fully optioned version ‘could’ theoretically reach $300K! If one were to tick all the boxes on a current 7 Series and S Class, they’d get pretty close to $200K easy, if not more. IHMO, the really issue is, how can GM/Cadillac even think of offering something for this kind of money, when they still can’t seem to build luxury vehicle at a more down to earth price, that are considered as good as and/or equal to their direct competitors, by market watchers and auto journalists! Don’t get me wrong, I personally feel that Cadillac is making some of the best vehicles that they have made in their history! And that, outside of some subjective styling, interior material choices and engine refinement in a few cases, overall, Cadillac’s are not far off from their direct European competitors! Yet, Percepually, as they are Perceived by the buying public, they are a long ways off from the ‘tip of the arrow’! That is what is having me lose my mind, regarding the Potential cost of this vehicle. When you get down to brass tax, every auto maker can build an expensive vehicle, but will it be respected and considered equal to its peers, perceptually? If an upstart like Lucid, can build a version of its flagship vehicle and sell it for almost $200K, sure Cadillac could build a vehicle and price it, fully optioned, for close to $300K! Yet, blue-collar workers, who support Cadillac, can’t buy it, but those who can, I don’t believe, will!

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 Prius Prime and i3 REx are much different cars. The Prime is a hybrid with a bigger battery, better for longer trips, but not much of an EV. The REx is an EV, with an on-board Honda generator. OK, an onboard BMW generator. The i3 would be a great commuter car for a lot of people, even without the REx.

  12. wmb Says:

    Sean, I just watched John’s explanation of why he believes the Celestiq will cost beyond $300K. With his experience in the industry, I wouldn’t bet against him! I still find it hard to believe that GM/Cadillac would feel that confident, to just drop a car like this on the market and buyers just flock to it, just because it’s expensive. If it is just as they say it is and lives up to its calling, there is no way they can sell and service it in/at a regular Cadillac dealership! Having $300K+ flagship, next to a $40-50K CUV/Crossover, or even the $150K Escalade V, would be too down market for that kind of clientele. The Celestiq in the same dealership with a lesser vehicle, that is being sold with Incentives on the hood or someone is using the GM “A” Plan, would be insulting. I’m sure customers of the Celestiq, will either buy online or have the sales person come to their home or office for the purchase! All that being said, I have a hard time seeing people except this as a vehicle that will rival a Rolls Royce phantom, regardless of how good it is.

  13. Bob Aubertin Says:

    What is your definition of an environmentally friendly vehicle? No one seems to be thinking/talking about the alternatives such as Liquefied Natural Gas for a full story, please go to to read the Real facts about Environmental Stewardship.

    BEV’S are not that environmentally friendly.Thank you.

  14. Bob Wilson Says:

    FYI, the BMW i3 with REx (Range EXtender) easily covers cross country driving in motorcycle sized segments, 70 mph at 39 MPG.

    About every 1 hr 15 minutes, pull into a truck stop to top off the gas tank, 1.9 – 2.3 gallons, a bathroom break, fresh beverage, and back on the road. The front trunk can hold a 2 gallon, spare gas can should a truck stop should be closed.

  15. Norm T Says:

    I have a 2018 Cadillac CT6 2.0E plug-in that retailed for about $77,000 before fed tax credit. I picked up in March 2020, at the onset of Covid, for about $38K which included the reduced fed tax credit of $1,850 making it a steal!

    It is perfect for comuting 45-50 miles on battery, plug-in at work, drive home, plug-in again. All on battery. It does see 40 mpg in hybrid mode as it wafts down the highway. Since only 591 were sold between 2017-2018 and only a dozen or so for sale used at anytime recently and the prices are up to $45K. So if I were to keep a Cadillac EV maybe a Lyriq, Vistiq, or a Lumistiq in the future.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 I agree that an i3 REx can be used for highway trips, if you don’t mind frequent stops and mediocre mpg, and don’t want to go too fast. Still, an i3 is at its best as a commuter car, using plug-in power. BTW, my motorcycle, a Kawasaki KLR650 “dual sport” has more range, more than 200 miles at 70 mph.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 I can’t figure why GM repeatedly comes out with nice cars like the CT6, and then orphans them almost immediately. The CT6 in all versions was attractive, comfortable, and quiet. The interior was not S-Class, but then, neither was the price. They even did “special” versions of CT6 like the plug-in hybrid and Blackwing. By all accounts, both worked quite well, in different ways, so they dropped them after 2 years. It seems they waste an awful lot of money on these short lived cars, that deserve more.

  18. wmb Says:

    # 17.) This too is an issue with sell a Celestiq for $300K+, that being how quickly GM/Cadillac looses interest in a vehicle that takes a minute to gain traction. I understand that the General doesn’t want to waste time and money on a dud, but if a vehicle is not an immediate home run, they cut bait and leave it out to dry. If BMW would have done the same with the Phantom the brought to market, how much confidence would buyers have for their next vehicle? The same goes for VW with the first Bentley Continental GT! I still don’t see a hand built electric Cadillac, holding a candle to an ICE Rolls Royce, Bentley or Bugatti. A Tesla Model S Plaid, Lucid Ait Dream addition and a Polstar #5? Without a doubt! Yet, those vehicles ring in at between $100 to $200K and not the Celestiq will be asking for. I could definitely see Cadillac doing a hand built luxury EV flagship, between $150~200K. The hand built quality would definitely put in the realm of other full-size luxury barges from Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Increasing the Celestiq’s limited run from about 500 to close to 1000, would still keep it with its rare, boutique status and return about the same amount to money. Yet, outside of China, I don’t see how Cadillac will be able to sell the Celestiq for $300,000!

  19. Sean Wagner Says:

    17 Kit – The CT6 is still being built in China, and Norm’s PHEV was most likely made there. CT6 Sales as per Wikipedia:

    Calendar year United States China
    2016 9,169 5,830
    2017 10,542 11,917
    2018 9,668 17,223
    2019 7,951 22,637
    2020 3,117 21,689
    2021 - 17,715

    Cadillac had its best year there in ’21 with 233K sales, though ’22 looks to be abysmal likely due to the prolonged, Xi-inspired lockdowns. High time for an Uptiq?

  20. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Cadillac’s biggest mistake with the CT6 besides dropping it in America was that it put the infamous 8-speed tranny in the first couple years of production. And while the 8-speed was mostly remediated with a transmission oil reformulation and total replacement, the damage was done. I bought and have a ’19 CT6 with the 3.6 L and 10-speed transmission which is stellar (IMO); quiet, smooth, handles nicely and gets phenomenal fuel mileage for its size. What the Celestiq is being produced for is to showcase Cadillac’s potential for building a ‘top of the heap’ vehicle and is pretty much a “halo” car; it is not being built to be a profit center, and at 400 vehicles per year, not really an aspirational car either, just showing off, as it were.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 Yep, all of the CT6 PHEVs were made in China, or so I’ve read. Thanks for sales numbers.

    A problem I had with the CT6, was that the only available engine with RWD was the turbo 4. Then, the last year, they were sold in the US only with AWD.

    19 I knew, from personal experience, that the 8-speed had problems in C7 Corvettes, but didn’t know it had problems in other applications. I hope it’s fixed now, because they are still using them in some Camaros and pickup trucks, and maybe big SUVs.


    19) 100% a Halo car and I am very happy to see it. I think Cadillac needs to go up market not down market. Cadillac is competing in turf that Buick would be better competing at. There is not much point for Buick as a result. Move Cadillac upmarket and suddenly Buick has a reason to exist and GM sales ladder makes much more sense. Buick could also withstand going a little more upmarket instead of being a leather clad version of a Chevrolet.

  23. Lambo2015 Says:

    Seems there is room for Cadillac to go more upscale and really go after a position next to the likes of BMW and MB. I’m not sure how a Halo car accomplishes that other than showing what they are capable of doing. But when it comes to the mainstream vehicles in their stable will that trickle down? Or will that continue to be business as usual? I think Cadillac would be better served to move the bar up on all its models to be a direct competitor to MB quality and luxury at a slightly better price. The launch a Blackwing (or whatever name) versions that are super high end with some hand built options like custom interiors and maybe even go back to offering some convertibles. Sort of like what Roush or Shelby does with Ford but rather than sport upgrades go luxury upgrades with maybe some performance enhancements too. That would allow Caddy to maintain its core customers and support a high end version that can command the luxury high prices that can put them in contention with the big boys.

  24. XA351GT Says:

    Holy crap is that McMurty fast . It was nearly 7 seconds faster than the second place car over just a 1.16 mile course . Average speed was 94.91 MPH . Unbelievable how much faster it even looked than the 2nd fastest car which was also electric. Would love to know the G’s that pulled. It had to be damn near fighter jet levels.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 Cadillac is currently competing with MB and BMW in sedans, but sedans aren’t selling.

    The Cadillac crossovers are, mechanically, like Chevys with transverse engine powertrains, while the M-Class, X5, etc. are longitudinal engine, rear-drive based. The Germans’ powertrains are considered more upscale, but do people who buy these vehicles even know or care? It seems that Cadillac has an image problem, partly due to past substandard vehicles, along with a dealer experience that, in many cases, isn’t up to the standards of the Germans and Lexus. If the Lyriq turns out well, it might give Cadillac a reset. I hope it does.

  26. JWH Says:

    GM 8 speed – Our 2016 Corvette received the triple flush in September 2019 with the latest ATF (M1 Syn LV ATF HP 124715) & the occasional shudder went away. I will also admit that after this was done I installed a Range device that keeps the engine in V8 mode vs 4 cyl. Given the limited annual mileage I’m not really concerned about any fuel economy loss.

  27. Lambo2015 Says:

    24 I’m not sure how Cadillac shakes the years of poor management with its shared platforms and components from other GM divisions in what essentially was Buick like Chevys.
    If Cadillac has an actual goal to be on a level playing field with the Europeans they need to keep the separation and the problem is the overall quality of all cars has gone up to even entry level cars are pretty nice. Electronic stuff is fairly cheap and so you basic or basic cars get power windows AC and automatic transmission standard and with the a single option package you can end up with some driver assist features touch screens and so there isn’t much of an entry level market left. Seems all cars are more equal and depending on the options the overlap is more-so now.
    Cadillac really needs to keep itself separate from other GM divisions and not share anything visible on the exterior or interior of the car. I’m with you kit that most don’t know or could care about powertrains suspension or even transmissions. Which is why EV’s provide a great opportunity to really take Caddy to the next level. A skateboard platform can keep the cost down and be shared among many GM products allowing Caddy to really focus on the interior and exterior design and materials to step up their game.

    I believe the downside to EV platforms is vehicles will become very much alike in driveability and ride. Also the exterior designs seem to be evolving into a all familiar CUV/SUV shape making the interior even more important. Its going to make standing out from the crowd even harder. So customization and being able to make your vehicle a one of a kind is going to be a thing for the ones that can afford it. Everyone else will end up driving a basically look alike vehicle. IMO

  28. Lambo2015 Says:

    27 was that to Kit in 25

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27 Electric powertrains will remove a big selling point of certain cars, since they will all be essentially alike. I bought a Highlander hybrid over the similar size competition for one and only one reason, the powertrain. If I could have gotten an XT5 with the Toyota hybrid powertrain, I would have considered it, depending on the price difference. I like the appearance of the XT5 a lot better.