Software-Defined Cars Require New Design Approach – Detroit Auto Show 2022

September 16th, 2022 at 4:16pm

When engineers set out to design a software defined car, they first have to identify where they can create value. Martin Fisher, a Member of the Board of Management at ZF, says with all the data that cars can now capture, that has to be where engineers devote their focus. He provides examples of how they’re putting all that data to work and how it will benefit car owners.

One Comment to “Software-Defined Cars Require New Design Approach – Detroit Auto Show 2022”

  1. Bob Aubertin Says:

    Hello John,

    After spending more than 30 years in systems integration, including 10 years in Real-Time data collection, the cloud based systems are NOT Hack-Proof.

    If you can recall when two journalists were driving a Jeep Cherokee and it was purposely hacked and all systems failed.

    The proponents of Real-Time data collection is a great selling tool for manufacturers to sell the features of their technologies to industry.What is needed here, is a Real-Time redundancy system on board

    Look at the mess the auto industry is in with the chip shortage.The only direct benefit for the car/truck owners today will be is Better Fuel Economy,handling and a cleaner environment.

    ZF and other manufacturers will never speak about a Fool Proof system.

    That is why today Most Recalls in the Auto Industry involve Software Bugs which maybe Very harmful to ones Health and Safety.Thank you.