AD #3456 – Tesla to Redesign the Model 3; E-Fuels Will Not Save The ICE; Renault Toys with Return to U.S.

November 28th, 2022 at 11:59am

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Runtime: 10:29

0:08 Tesla to Redesign the Model 3
1:07 EU Demands IRA Fix
1:38 Hyundai Group Adds More U.S. Battery Plants
2:22 Stellantis Stiff Arms Its EU Dealers
3:31 New Nissan Serena Minivan in Japan
4:40 Renault Toys with Return to U.S. 
5:47 Chevrolet Unveils Handsome EV Sedan in China
6:57 Foreign Automakers Lose Ground in China
8:03 E-Fuels Will Not Save The ICE
8:56 Tesla FSD Beta Now Available to All North American Owners
9:27 Tesla Can Now Detect Autopilot Defeat Devices

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18 Comments to “AD #3456 – Tesla to Redesign the Model 3; E-Fuels Will Not Save The ICE; Renault Toys with Return to U.S.”

  1. Buzzerd Says:

    WOW, $15,000 to not drive the car that you still kind of have to drive.


    1) Fools and their money are soon parted. Autopilot was useless to me. FSD is just a whole new level of uselessness. That money would be much better spent on buying an appreciating asset. If you are the type to blow $15K on starbucks coffee, then I could see FSD being a better alternative to buying terrible coffee.

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    Maybe the dealers in the US would be open to online sales as they always complain about not making any money on new car sales anyway. They can then focus on where they do make money in service, repair and used sales.

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    2 You’re hilarious! I never much understood the appeal to Starbucks either and certainly would not pay 15K to not drive my car but still be responsible to drive my car. I guess I’m just weird in that I enjoy driving and end up turning off many of todays driving assist features other than Cruise Control.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 Dealers more-or-less do online sales now. I put together the order for my Cayman on-line, figured out pricing over the phone, and sent the salesman a link with my order spec. I got updates through the Porsche web site on when it would be built, when it actually was built, when it went to the port, when the ship left the port, and when the car arrived at the US port. The only time I needed to go to the dealer was to take delivery.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 The redesign the Model 3 needs is more user friendly controls, and a speedometer in front of the driver. Also, Elon needs to get off of twitter, and stay out of politics. He has removed Tesla from my consideration, even if we get “home charging” at my condo.

  7. XA351GT Says:

    So what would be the upside to using a defeat device on the Tesla? Death? Stupid as hell. If you don’t want to drive take a Uber.

  8. thredd Says:

    I hope E-Fuels find a way… I like have a living, breathing automobile. They are fascinating to us gear heads and much more complicated than EVs. I dread the day of driving an over glorified cell phone with wheels… :(

  9. Kevin A Says:

    Sean, my chemistry is a little rusty since I retired from an oil refinery, but my recollection is that ‘low carbon’ fuels tend to NOT be liquids. All the ones I encountered were gases. Are your sources suggesting that they have found a liquid with all the properties of gasoline that does NOT contain carbon. I’d like to call BS on that. The only E-fuels I have heard about are bogus accounting scams where you buy the ‘carbon absorption rights’ from an existing forest to offset your still dirty gasoline. Clearly BS, since that doesn’t clean anything.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 Yeah, low carbon fuels tend to be gases, and the only no carbon fuel is a gas, hydrogen. I guess you could burn no carbon sodium or lithium, but that wouldn’t be very practical.

  11. wmb Says:

    I wonder if Tesla is redesigning the Model 3, so that they can bring said changes to their money maker, the Model Y?! I say that because, with newer entrance in the BEV market, many seem to be either super/hyper or compact/midsize SUVs. In the next several months, there will be new or redesigned SUVs from Audi, Chevy, Porsche, Volvo, Buick and Stellantis, as well as other models that are already on the road, but came to market with or after the Model 3 and Y! Most having fresher faces or styling the the (arguably) still very attractive 3 and Y. So, having something new to confront these contenders, will be welcome news to the Tesla faithful.

    Regarding the suggestion that Renault returns to North America, with product that has been renamed as Nissans, I would be on the fence about that move, personal. Not only do the two OEMs have a different design aesthetic for their vehicles, one would think that they would want to stand apart from their JV partner on their own merit (even it their vehicles shared a platform underneath). On the cost front, even if Renault or Alpine were to attempt to spin themselves off as a luxury (or premium) brand of Nissan, that two would be an expensive endeavor.

    Would Tesla’s FSD make more since, if a parent purchased a used vehicle for their teenage son or daughter and just made THEM drive them around?! Though teens are associated more with crashes, to be honest, I feel parents would probably feel saver with their children driving them around, the Autopilot or FSD.

  12. merv Says:

    I would be willing to pay more for e fuel,if it was sourced in Canada where I reside,rather than send the money elsewhere.

  13. merv Says:

    11 I’m guessing any new look to any tesla will bring in all kinds of new people. I don’t consider the current models dated,but new is always good.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 Sales of Model S are up from 2021, so apparently there are people who don’t like steering wheels. There is no way I’d like their yoke thing, for two reasons. It would be very bad for turning farther than about 135 degree in each direction in parking maneuvers. Also, I like to my hands in more than one position when driving on long trips.

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    Just saw an interesting show the other day talking about how Ford made the Model A too well and people didnt need to buy a replacement soon enough, so sales started to drop. Same for the first nylon pantyhose. So how manufacturers designed in failures so that they could keep sales alive. In 1917-1919 Dupont became GM’s largest stockholder. They learned that offering a new color each year cut turnover from something like 5 years to 2. They even discussed a 1951 British movie called “The man in the white suit”. About a guy who thinks he has invented an indestructible unstainable material. So resistant it had to be white. But the town turns on him due to how it will put so many people out of work. Which gets back to designing things good but not so good that they last forever. So I’d say its time for a refresh on the Tesla models. If done right it should help sales.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 Adding more colors could help sales of most cars now, as in 1917. Tesla Model 3 has only 5 colors. Camry LE has only six, none very colorful. Maybe Dodge Challenger having 13 colors, including some “colorful” ones that rotate in and out is part of how they have kept sales as high as they are for that car that has been around for 15 years in the same generation.


    15) I think a more recent example would be Toyota. 300K miles on a Toyota is about when people get a bit concerned and start looking at replacing it. Early Lexus LS models regularly achieve 1 million miles and keep on going. This certainly has not hurt Lexus sales.

    A panther platform Ford (Crown Vic, town car, grand marquis) will last forever. Whole fleets filled with these cars with 600K+ miles on them and still going strong. They never die. That level of reliability never hurt the panther cars.

    Another example would be Trucks from any manufacturer. These trucks are still worth many thousands of dollars even with 250+K miles on them. People keep these trucks until the wheels literally fall off. If you get a Dodge with the Cummins engine you can get 1 million miles out of it. This level of reliability has not hurt sales of trucks in the least.

    Back in the Model A days there was a more limited pool of buyers than we have today. I think the pool of buyers is so vast now that you can up the reliability factor quite a bit and not hurt sales overall. I think if you downgrade reliability, you hurt sales.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 The reason I have replaced one Toyota with another is that I want something different.

    Speaking of panther cars, what has happened to all of them? I rarely see them, but as you suggest, it’s not because they have worn out. Have some big city taxi companies bought most of them, so they can delay changing and retraining their maintenance people?