AD #3548 – Ford to Import China-Made Vehicles; Buick Getting All-New Small Crossover; Toyota Reveals More New EVs

April 18th, 2023 at 12:00pm

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0:00 Ford to Import China-Made Vehicles to the U.S.
1:56 All-New Lincoln Nautilus Details
4:20 Buick Bringing the Envista to the U.S.
5:08 Nissan Arizon Concept Designed in China for China
5:52 New Polestar 4 Slots Between the 2 & 3
7:26 Porsche Unveils All-New Cayenne
8:31 Honda’s China EV Lineup Growing
9:31 Toyota Expanding Its EV Lineup

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29 Comments to “AD #3548 – Ford to Import China-Made Vehicles; Buick Getting All-New Small Crossover; Toyota Reveals More New EVs”

  1. UncleAL Says:

    so, when these Ford Motor Company vehicles built in China are brought stateside, I am sure they will not benefit from any government subsidies and/or EV rebates….talk about shooting yourself in the foot !

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    So has the IRA made Lincoln move all EV production local and ICE production over to China?

  3. Jim Haines Says:

    Will ford proudly show a flag from China on the imported cars a an advertising plus when they go on sale

  4. Norm T Says:

    You’ll see a trend of ICE models produced outside of the North America to make room for EV models.

  5. Todd J. Says:

    Hmm… I’m happy that Ford is expanding into China with new manufacturing, but I’m admittedly not a fan of producing vehicles overseas and bringing them back to the United States. This seems really short-sighted. Politically, there’s a lot going on right now with the U.S. and China. Why would they want to go down that road? I didn’t hear if this was addressed, but would they continue to produce the Nautilus and the Edge in the United States? Or would production SHIFT to China? Or… is it simply augmenting production to fill in demand in the US from Chinese manufacturing?

  6. Lex Says:

    Ford / Lincoln importing Chinese Built vehicles to the USA will kill the Lincoln brand.

    To My Eye, if you slapped a Buick logo on the Lincoln I would think it is a Buick. The Buick Envista looks very similar to the Ford Escape.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 I doubt that Ford will advertise their being from China, just as Buick doesn’t advertise that Envision comes from China.

  8. Lex Says:

    Will the 2024 Honda Passport front and rear facia be restyled to emulate the 2023 Pilot & CRV?

  9. kevin A Says:

    Sean, Your regular viewers are smart enough to want Ford to keep the plants for more advanced future vehicles in North America. Having a short term product like a non-EV Edge stay here would mean that the long term products would go overseas. No OEM can afford the huge expense of keeping workforces for both the interim product AND the future products when they know they are going to have to lay all the ICE workers off when EVs finally catch on.

  10. Lambo2015 Says:

    9 Kevin, Ford has actually already split the EV and ICE manufacturing into separate divisions. Supposedly they want mega-factories for EVs so they could maintain the current factories for ICE production and continue to move forward with EV production in new plants.
    Maybe Ford doesnt expect much demand for the Edge and Nautilus in the US compared to the demand in China.

  11. XA351GT Says:

    So I wonder how the membership of UAW feels about that? Keep strong arming companies and you’ll have no jobs. Once Ford does this don’t that GM and Chrysler won’t follow.

  12. Wim van Acker Says:

    @10 I had the same idea as you: “Maybe Ford doesn’t expect much demand for the Edge and Nautilus in the US compared to the demand in China.”

  13. Wim van Acker Says:

    @7 Buick should have baptized the “Envision” the “Invasion”.


    Saw the review of the Nautilus last night. The huge panel gaps both exterior and interior were a major distraction. Especially with that giant screen that ended at the doors in an enormous panel misalignment. My OCD can’t handle that LOL. I was surprised that none of the journalists at the nautilus party mentioned it as huge uneven panel gaps are not something a Lincoln should have. The way that instrument panel was designed gave me 90s Buick vibes which is not a good thing.

    I also thought the upper 3 screens lacking touch sensitive function was a big miss on Fords’ part. Instead you need a smaller and more out of the way screen to control the functions you see on the upper. It seems kind of silly that you need a separate screen to control your 3 other screens that are right there. I am sure that won’t be distracting at all while driving.

  15. Dave Says:

    If Mexico is less expensive to manufacture than China and America has a trade/geopolitical problem with China why the H*** is Ford manufacturing new stuff in China is somebody at Ford, brain dead?

  16. Roger Blose Says:

    Chinese Lincolns will kill the brand especially if we go to war with them. Good luck getting parts if and when this comes. Chinese electronics in these cars will be another knockout factor as the trust factor is gone. TIC Toc anyone?

  17. Sean Wagner Says:

    Lincoln now sells more of its luxury vehicles to Chinese buyers than American buyers.

    This is a powerful new development.

    Unquote, Source Detroit Free Press, 03-31-2022.

  18. wmb Says:

    While some have already mentioned it, it’s worth repeating that China is the biggest seller (buyer?) of Lincoln’s. I believe the the Edge and Nautilus are current assembled in Canada and that plant is being retrofit it to build midsize BEV vehicles, for both brands.
    On the topic of assembly plants, as Sean/John have mentioned, it seems almost every other day, there is an announcement of a new BEV and battery plant being built. If all ICE production leaves the country, as some one suggested, what will OEMs do with all the ICE plants they will not be using? On of the attractive points of building new assembly plant of EVs, is that they require fewer parts, smaller work stations (as I understand) and therefore can occupy a smaller footprint. So, while retro fitting an existing plant can work (as in the case of the Edge/Nautilus plant) an OEM runs the risk of having a lot of unused space (theoretically)?! Ultimately, what will they use the majority of these plants for, once they are no longer building ICE vehicles in them?

  19. wmb Says:

    The Buick Envista would look better if they had the face of the Envision, or even the Enclave! And the Polestar 4 should be the standard for all SUV/CUV four door coupes going forward.

  20. Sean Wagner Says:

    I like the BZ Sport Crossover’s exterior. It could have been a Saab, given the rear window’s shape.

  21. wmb Says:

    Toyota’s future bZ’s show much promise. It would be nice it their bZ3 was coming to more markets outside to China. While it was nice to see what may soon be hitting the road in China and a few other markets, at the Shanghai Auto show, i really hope the same will be true at the up coming Detroit international auto show! GM has shown some of their future, production ready, mass market, midsize and compact EVs, with Blazer and equinox. Yet, with Ford has only revealed a Lincoln concept, much of which will not see production, while Dodge and Chrysler have shown the Charger and Airflow (?) concepts, but one vehicle per division, is very little to support a brand with! Outside of the Mach-E, the current and second generation Lightning, and the 1500 Rev, both automakers have played their future brand portfolios close to the vest. While other OEMs have provided a much fuller view into production plans, to build excitement for their up coming product line, these to have only given us promises of what is to come, with very little to show for it.

  22. Wine Geek Says:

    I wouldn’t buy a vehicle of any kind produced in China. The US OEMs would be smart to keep a wary eye on the potential for China forcing them out once they have stolen all the intellectual property that they can from the US.

    Why import vehicles from China build them on this side of the ocean even if it is in Mexico. I think the Chinese will turn out to be not a trustworthy partner.

  23. merv Says:

    @13 for sure

  24. JoeS Says:

    13, 22+++ In 2019 when we were looking for a replacement for my wife’s Vibe the Envision would have been some competition for the TourX had it not been made in China. I will avoid buying anything made in China as best as I can for as long as I can.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    24 For many things, it’s hard to avoid products from China, but for cars, there are still options.

  26. Bob Wilson Says:

    How much subsidy did Tesla and the buyers get based on recent sales:

    Q4 of 2022:
    Model S 9,171
    Model 3 55,030
    Model X 6,552
    Model Y 60,271​

    My estimate would be a maximum of $795,963,750 in subsidies. I used 100% of Model Y the the max, $7,500. Model 3 estimate is $3,750 for 1/3d of Model 3 and $7,500 for the rest. There are other losses from income level, make too much and no subsidy. But back of the envelope, a nice chunk of change.

    All in good fun, the web link is to a poll at a favorite Tesla web site.

  27. Bob Wilson Says:

    Late thought, that would be about $800 million per quarter or about $2.4 billion per year (assuming no sales growth.) A million here and a million there and soon your talking billion dollar range.

  28. Lambo2015 Says:

    27 Well, you have to ask yourself, is the government interested in just pushing as many EVs as possible or are they trying to get them in the hands of the average American? Maybe both but if they really want to helpbring EVs to market they need to encourage the price to come down. The average cost of a vehicle in the US is like just under 38K. So they should limit the tax incentives to EVs priced under 40K.
    Right after the government announced it was extending the tax incentive Ford increased the cost of the Mach-e and the Lightning. Tesla added some to the sticker which was then again removed a few months later. But the tax incentive shouldn’t be to help manufacturers increase profits. They should be there to help the Average American afford an EV. So only give them to the Average cost of a vehicle.
    I willing to bet that if Gov only offered a $7500 tax credit to EVs under 40K within a year there would be 5 EVs priced at $39,999.

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 If Ford planned on selling Edge/Nautilus globally, with the US and Canada being the biggest market, it would probably make sense to build them in Mexico. With China the biggest market, and Europe probably not in the plans at all, it makes sense to build them in China. They will probably go away completely in about 6 years.