AD #3549 – VW Wants to Slash EV R&D Time; BYD Beats Toyota with 200-Km PHEV; BEVs Hold 14% Market Share in EU

April 19th, 2023 at 11:54am

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0:00 VW Wants to Slash EV Development Time 30%
1:04 Tesla Cuts Prices Again
1:57 BYD Beats Toyota with 200-Km PHEV
3:36 Lexus Expanding Wild Van Outside of China
4:39 Nissan Reveals Pathfinder “Concept”
5:18 Mitsu Launches Real-Time Configurator Video
6:25 BEVs Hold 14% Market Share in Europe
7:14 Hyundai Partners with AAA on Often Stolen Cars

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11 Comments to “AD #3549 – VW Wants to Slash EV R&D Time; BYD Beats Toyota with 200-Km PHEV; BEVs Hold 14% Market Share in EU”

  1. Lambo2015 Says:

    Maybe that Lexus van appeals to the Asian market but I find the grille quite ugly.

    The Mitsu configurator should be fairly simple as there arent that many options to configure.
    Imagine a car from the 1950s and the level of choices you could make there.

  2. Roger T Says:

    Toyota seems to be 3-5 years behind these days

  3. Albemarle Says:

    It’s encouraging to see decent range PHEVs finally coming to the market again. (Dropping the Chevy Volt was but one of GM’s bad decisions). Let’s hope they actually arrive at dealers and in volume unlike their over promised and under delivered EV cousins.


    I would buy a high range Plug in Hybrid such as what Toyota is looking to introduce. I would have enough range for my commute and no worries when long distance travelling on weekends. Would be the perfect vehicle for me.

  5. Joseph C Says:

    The BYD and future Toyota PHEV models with 200KM of electric range make a lot of sense. It will be a great alternative to BEV’s eliminating range anxiety on long trips plus the benefits of electric power for short trips without the need to plug in every day. I like it!

  6. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Lexus van; name idea: Oger.

    Another price reduction from Tesla, a lot of interest with moving EV production to China; perhaps the “bloom’ is off the rose”. While still inevitable, America’s interest, while not over, is certainly waning. Fairytale percentages of adoption seem less likely (even as they are being pushed with incentive and other legislations). You’ve got to get the less wealthy car buying public interested in BEV with real advantages of making that conversion. There are a lot of one-car families that it still doesn’t make sense for them to convert.

  7. ChasXK8 Says:

    Whoa! I think Lexus got their inspiration for their new van’s face from the old “Battlestar Galactica” TV series from the early 80s! Look at a Cylon centurion, then look at the Lexus!!!!

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 There are a number of one car families in my condo for whom an EV would work well, if there was home charging. They are elderly couples, even older than me, who never take trips farther than to Walmart, Publix, doctors’ offices, restaurants, etc. Kia Soul seems to be a popular choice with this group.

    I know one elderly couple for whom an EV would be great. They never takes trips, and have a house with an attached garage. A Bolt would be perfect for them, but they have a Kia Seltos. They couple could probably do fine charging an EV with only a 120v outlet.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:


  10. Drew Says:

    That Nissan Pathfinder concept looks like it stole the front end from a Hyundai.

  11. BobK Says:

    7 That certainly might be, but it looks to me like they were inspired by a street sweeper.