AD #3554 – EVs Headed For 50% Global Market Share; Tesla Testing Chargers For All In China; BMW i5 Uses Eye Gestures

April 26th, 2023 at 11:56am

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0:00 EVs Headed For 50% Global Market Share
0:55 Stellantis Offers UAW Buyouts
1:55 GM Cruise Now Operates 24/7 In San Francisco
3:03 Lucid Readies Its First SUV
3:40 GM to Drop Chevy Bolt
3:59 Fisker Gets EU Ok to Sell Cars
4:26 Tesla Testing Chargers for All in China
5:04 Toyota bZ3 Uses BYD Tech
6:33 BMW i5 Uses Eye Gestures
7:43 Mercedes Unwraps New E-Class
9:17 Bosch Buys U.S. Chip Plant

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35 Comments to “AD #3554 – EVs Headed For 50% Global Market Share; Tesla Testing Chargers For All In China; BMW i5 Uses Eye Gestures”

  1. Bob Wilson Says:

    Lucid has another problem in addition to volume … making them with an affordable selling price. For example, Tesla S and X sell for similar to Lucid prices but at an order of magnitude fewer units than the Tesla 3 and Y. Lucid risks becoming a boutique EV maker.

    Fisker has been running YouTube ads for almost a year. Given his hybrid failed, I have no expectations.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    The whole EV revolution has had some interesting approaches. No doubt Tesla was in the lead with the right product and features to become a serious contender. Kudos to GM for trying to be out in front leading with the anticipated but dismal Volt and mediocre Bolt and pathetic Cadillac ELR (rebadged Volt). Poor body design and battery fires didnt help. Ford maybe had the best strategy with the good looking Mach-e and Lightning capitalizing on the only two products they sell really well. While Stelantis let Dodge just keep pumping out more HP in more variations of the Hemi than ever before and placing it into more products while dabbling with hybrid versions of a few products. Everyone was shocked at Toyota’s lack to jump into the BEV market and they did lose sales to Tesla. But it appears the cost avoidance of jumping in early or releasing half hearted BEVs has probably saved them millions as they are releasing some BEVs now that appear to be serious competitors like they were never out of the game but just waiting for the right moment to strike.
    I’ve been GM guy for years but have to say I’m a bit disappointed in gm’s attempt to change with the times and build anything with at least a little excitement minus the new Vette.
    As controversial as the Mach-e name was it appears to have been executed quite well and same for the lightning.
    Maybe I expect too much but the idea of attending an autoshow now seems about as exciting and a washing machine Expo. Yeah, they’re needed but nothing I need to run out and see.

  3. GM Veteran Says:

    Interesting observations:

    I find it odd that both BMW and M-B are launching their competitive midsize sedans at the same time, yet only BMW will offer a pure BEV powertrain. Seems that M-B may have made a mistake there, given the rapid rise of EV sales.

    Nice to see that Cadillac, Lincoln and Mercedes-Benz all manage to design a dash with integrated screens rather than the bolt-on tablet approach seen again today in the new Toyota BEVs. I have to imagine the interior designers hate that.

    Aside from the recent low-key buyouts, I am sure that the Stellantis Belvedere plant will be a “concession” from Stellantis and a “victory” for Mr Fain and the UAW. What a silly game they play!

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 The Volt, especially the 2nd generation is far from “dismal.” It is a very good, but misunderstood car. It has 56 miles of EV range, and then a decent 40 mpg combined on gas. The Fisker Karma is a dismal car, short electric range, and then a dismal 20 mpg on gas.

    Yeah, the ELR was grossly overpriced.

    Yeah, the ELR was grossly overpriced.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 The “Mustang” Mach-E name probably didn’t affect Mach-E sales much, one way or the other, but using it has probably hurt Mustang sales.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 Mercedes’s midsize BEV sedan is called EQE.

  7. Roger T Says:

    2 &4 – I owned a gen I Volt, it was a great car. Chevrolet here in texas was clueless as of how to service it. I considered a Bolt at the time to replace it, the chevy sales guy said ‘you don’t want that, its electric like a microwave oven’. Ended up with an ICE Mazda.
    I think we need cars like the Bolt, only if it looked better. Hope Chevrolet makes an effort to sell and service its replacement.


    3) Their all electric midsize is the EQE. You can be given some slack for not noticing as it is has all the design excitement of a bar of soap. That technically makes it a design competitor to Tesla products which are also as exciting design wise as a bar of soap.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 To me, the Bolt looks ok, but to most people, it doesn’t. It’s closest replacement will be the electric Equinox, which should look much better to most people.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The new E-Class will be made as sedan and wagon, but the coupe and convertible will be gone. Of course, the wagon won’t be sold in the U.S., and 4WD will be mandatory in the U.S. I’ve disliked MBUSA for many years, because they would never sell me cars that I would have actually considered at one tome.

  11. wmb Says:

    It’s interesting that both GM and Stalantis are adjusting head counts BEFORE labor talks this year!

  12. wmb Says:

    I read in Car and Driver, that the new i5 will have from 270 to just over 300 miles of range, depending on with model you select, which is a little disappointing. You mean to tell me that after nearly 15 years, outside of the of the Lucid Air, the Model S still gets more range than most NEW BEVs on the market today?! Smh

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    4 Far from Dismal? The best sales year was like 25K worldwide. On par with the Cadillac Cimmarron. In comparison the Pontiac Aztec sold 29K just in the US. Yugo sold almost 49K in 1987.
    Maybe you misunderstood me calling it dismal, as I was referring to the lack of sales after what was a huge build up and no less than 3 visits from Obama to the Hamtramck assembly plant.
    The vehicle itself was a proper attempt by GM and pretty well executed, but fell flat when it came to performing sales wise. Maybe they forgot to get the sales force onboard. I was on the Volt program and had high expectations for the car. Seemed like a great EV with no range anxiety. But for whatever reasons GM couldnt get the public excited about it. Which comes back to my original comment that maybe trying to be out in front actually hurt them. I think that vehicle would be better accepted today but not now that they tried it.
    Like they say the early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 The Volt, as a car, is far from dismal. I’ve driven them, and friends have owned them. They work well. I was not talking about sales figures. Vega WAS a dismal car, yet 2 million were sold.

    Volt ended up being so politicized the it no doubt hurt sales.

  15. wmb Says:

    #13.) I agree that the Volt was a GREAT vehicle, yet the ELR was considered badge engineered. The ELR seemed to have been sold for the amount it cost Cadillac/GM to make them, while GM was eating the cost on the Volt. It seemed that the Volt was caught in a negative report as to whether it was an actual EV with a range, or a glorified hybrid?! That negative press, only moved potential buyers from it to the Toyota Prius. True EV or hybrid, it was still a great vehicle! As great as the original was, the 2 gen was even better, but damage done! As I am told, the fact that many of the salespersons didn’t have a clue, didn’t help either. That said, I wonder if we might get a Chevy Camaro Volt/Bolt BEV, sometime in the future?

  16. wmb Says:

    …or a Chevy Volt/Bolt Z28???


    14) The Volt was the better car to me. It was a good blend of tech and the second generation had a more appealing design than the angular first gen. I think the first gen design was so polarizing that by the second gen it was too late and everyone moved on to the venerable Prius.

    The Bolt was where it all fell apart to me. It was very expensive for something the size of a Chevrolet Spark. It also didn’t have very impressive stats. It was a great city only car.
    As a city only car, you have to worry about where to charge as most city people are using parking garages or street parking. They typically don’t have private garages like suburb drivers. Suburb drivers hate small cars regardless of propulsion system, so they are not buyers. The larger Equinox with the base battery would likely better fill the vacancy left by the Bolt for the same price. Won’t solve the problems of people who live in apartments, but would appeal to people that live in the suburbs with private garages at least.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 The Bolt styling is not “the thing” for the U.S. market. I like it ok, but I’m an outlier. Bolt is not the size of Spark. It’s 20 inches longer, and 7 inches wider, but probably looks smaller than it is.

    As far as stats, Bolt got a 6.8 second 0-60 by CR, much quicker than most “city cars,” and has 260 mile range. At $40K, no wonder it didn’t sell. At today’s prices, it is selling as well as they can build them.

  19. Bob Wilson Says:

    The Bolt 50 kW charge limit killed it for me. A 50 kW charging rate is like breathing through a straw.

    We had a BMW i3-REx that was also limited to 50 kW charging. It costs $24 and an extra hour to drive electric to Nashville. Returning on the gas powered Rex was an hour faster and cost only $6. Many chargers have a charge time, billing rate.

  20. Lambo2015 Says:

    14 Yes Kit the Volt was not dismal the sales were. But GM has a long history of doing that with oh so many models. They go cheap and then only offer a decent vehicle after they have already ruined its reputation. The Fiero was another prime example. Launched with an okay 4cyl but it had oil leaks that caused engine fires. But the second year they launched it with a proper 2.8L V6 but the damage was done. Development for the 89-90 models was being done for a turbo 4 which was crazy quick but just as GM got a decent suspension under it and power assisted Steering the car was canceled. Lasted only 4 years.

    Especially when it comes to sportscars GM always launches with a mediocre powertrain then brings ou the actual performance version later. When in reality they should launch with the big engine first and then offer a more affordable option later. But seems like they are taking that approach with the EVs. Only the high dollar preimum models launch first then the affordable single engine smaller batteries come later. So maybe they learned something with the ICEs

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 From what I’ve heard, most of the Fiero fires were the result of blown engines, when run out of oil. Rods come through the side of the block, and the oil mist causes the fire. The “iron duke” four only 3 quarts of oil, and burned more oil that most engines of the time. As a result, a lot of them ran out of oil in the hands of owners who didn’t check it regularly.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 “Especially when it comes to sportscars GM always launches with a mediocre powertrain then brings ou the actual performance version later.”

    I guess you are talking about Solstice/Sky in the above statement?

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 For people who use an EV for highway trips, low charge rate would be a real downer. For those who charge at home, and use the car for commuting, maximum charge rate is not an issue. Even 1.0-1.5 kW from a standard 120v outlet would work for a lot of people.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Here’s a video about charging an EV using a standard 120v outlet. It is a viable option for a lot of people who use EVs for commuting.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:



    20) I have a Fiero. Great cars and almost nobody keeps them stock. There is so much that can be done with that car. Mine is an LSX engine, F40 transmission, Quaiffe LSD, and air ride suspension. I also threw in a modern interior to get rid of the blocky interior of the Fiero. With this set up that car is amazing. Rides/handles/accelerates like a modern car. Only the sound of the V8 gives it away that there is something different going on underneath that 80s body.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    24 A few years ago, I saw a Fiero at a show with a Northstar engine. I doubt if there are many of those conversions.


    25) The northstar is a popular option. Fits in nicely, develops a lot of power, and lightweight. They just have the typical northstar reliability issues. In a fiero that means that you are always taking it in and out to service it. The other cadillac motor that is very popular is the 4.9L V8 that preceded the northstar. Still a lot of power, for a Fiero, but more reliability so you are not taking the motor in and out so much. If I had to do it all over again, I would go for the 3800 Supercharged motor. Very reliable and plenty of power for a Fiero. Reasonable fuel economy also.

  29. Lambo2015 Says:

    My Lamborghini kit car was based on a Fiero that I bought in 87. I’m using the Northstar engine but a 07 after they fixed the headbolt issues. The chassis had to be stretched 11 inches so there is plenty of room for it.
    The Northstar transmission 4T80e which was designed to handle the 300+ HP will bolt up to a LS4 so I see some going that route too. The LS4 was the only LS engine used in FWD applications, so it has a pretty small bell-housing pattern. Requires a few small modifications mainly for the starter since the Northstar starter is in the valley.

  30. Lambo2015 Says:

    I have a youtube video of the engine choice.

  31. Kit Gerhart Says:

    28 Interesting


    28) Very nice!

  33. JoeS Says:

    #27 Lambo, have you seen the Roadkill show with a poorly done Fiero – Lambo kit. Funny.

  34. Lambo2015 Says:

    33 I have. I like that show.

  35. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’ve read that a lot of Cadillacs have been junked because of problems with northstar engines. Have enough been crashed to provide engines for Fieros, or do a lot of the engines need serious work before re-use.