Harbour Results Helps Guide the Manufacturing Industry – CAR MBS 2021

August 4th, 2021 at 4:50pm

There’s a lot of issues facing the manufacturing industry right now. Like, how to manufacture EVs and what’s the right build strategy?; the need to prepare for supply chain problems; and a lack of labor. These are all things covered in our interview with Laurie Harbour, President & CEO, Harbour Results, a company that has been a trusted advisor to the manufacturing industry for many years.

Zapp Scooter Wants to Crack the Urban Mobility Code – CAR MBS 2021

August 4th, 2021 at 4:01pm

Zapp Scooter is a UK-based startup that saw the need for a premium, electric step-through scooter that’s safe enough to tool around town, but can also provide superbike-like performance when it’s needed. Watch our interview with Tony Posawatz, a Board Advisor, to learn more about the company and its first scooter, the i300.

Rotating Screen Highlights Mitsubishi Electric’s Digital Cockpit – CAR MBS 2021

August 4th, 2021 at 3:31pm

Mitsubishi Electric is a leader in automotive technology. Mark Rakoski, VP of Advanced Engineering at Mitsubishi Electric, tells us about the company’s Project Firebird, a digital cockpit concept that can power a lot of tomorrow’s advanced technology. It even includes a center screen that rotates to the driver’s preference or depending on the app that’s selected.

Open Sesame! Magna’s Car Doors Open Automatically – CES 2021

January 15th, 2021 at 10:00am

UX—or user experience—is one of the mega trends in the auto industry right now. It’s all about making drivers and passengers enjoy their rides more comfortably and conveniently. That’s why Magna developed door systems that will open and close automatically. John O’Hara, the president of Mechatronics, Mirrors and Lighting, explains the advantages of operating doors with software and when these doors will be in production. Hint: It’s a lot sooner than you might think.

EV Startups Are Knock, Knock, Knocking On Magna’s Door – CES 2021

January 14th, 2021 at 9:56am

Magna is the largest contract assembler for full vehicles in the world. It has assembly plants in Austria and China, and there could be another one on the way. That’s because all kinds of EV startups are calling the company to see if it could build their cars. But Magna Steyr does a lot more than just bolt a bunch of components together for its customers. It can offer them full project management. Frank Klein, the president of Complete Vehicles at Magna Steyr, gets into the details.

Magna Positioned To Be Full-Line EV Supplier – CES 2021

January 13th, 2021 at 10:17am

Magna can design, engineer and manufacture everything needed for an electric vehicle, including entire vehicles. And it’s joining forces with LG to do even more with motors and inverters. Tom Rucker, the president of Magna Powertrains talks about the advantages of that partnership. And he also explains how Magna can help automakers quickly convert existing vehicles to electric drive with its eBeam axle. It’s literally a bolt-in solution. Rucker explains the opportunities that this opens up.

Magna Sees Bright Future For ADAS – CES 2021

January 12th, 2021 at 10:36am

Magna sees big opportunities in L2 and L2.5 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. But it hasn’t taken its eye off the future of autonomy. It’s adding hundreds of engineers and working with its tech partners to continue to develop this technology. And for CES it’s unveiling a self-contained autonomous parking system, as Uwe Geissinger, the President of Magna Electronics explains.

Holy Moly, Even Magna Has An Electric Pickup Truck! – CES 2021

January 11th, 2021 at 12:30pm

For CES, Magna is showing off all its capabilities with electric vehicles. But rather than just display a bunch of different components, it’s demonstrating how it can develop an entire vehicle, in this case with an electric pickup. Sherif Marakby, the EVP of R&D at Magna, tells us about this truck, as well as the company’s latest developments in aerodynamics, light weighting, ADAS and full autonomy.

CAR MBS 2020: Day 2 Afternoon Recap

August 5th, 2020 at 5:13pm

The Management Briefing Seminars put on by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), like so many other events, has gone virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic and so has our coverage of the conference. Our recap of the afternoon features Carla Bailo and Edgar Faler from CAR who talk about autonomy and how it might be better suited for use in the trucking industry before we start seeing self-driving cars in the showroom. That’s followed up by CAR’s Kristin Dziczek and Bernard Swiecki who provide an outlook for the industry. Is it good? Is it bad? Find out now…

CAR MBS 2020: Day 2 Morning Recap

August 5th, 2020 at 4:00pm

The Management Briefing Seminars put on by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), like so many other events, has gone virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic and so has our coverage of the conference. We first highlight a session moderated by Sean Kelley from Mannik Smith Group that focuses on mobility as a service (MAS) and how things like coronavirus and electrification are having an impact on that sector. Then we talk with Brett Smith from CAR who looked at the issues facing automakers and suppliers making the switch from ICE to BEV.