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June 28th, 2010 at 10:23am


If you weren’t a part of Monday’s great “Open Line” discussion on anything and everything automotive, Michelle Naranjo of MissMotorMouth.com has a taste of what you missed! And, don’t forget to check out the next discussion right here at 8PM ET / 5PM PT on July 19, 2010. Phone: 1-218-936-6581 and PIN: 13694

It was another fun week and even more great automotive discussion on Open Line! Last Monday we had a busy episode starting with small car sales not meeting the OEMs’ expectations–and the astute Open Line crowd was not surprised!

The Chevy Spark was not considered to be a viable sale in the USA, and while we had one former mechanic declare that he has never owned anything over a 3.5L, the rest of the group was in agreement that Americans prefer bigger to smaller when it comes to buying cars.

Our dealer friend, Tom White, Jr. from Wichita, called in, and there was a hot discussion around the feasibility of corporate-owned dealerships and how sales margins would make that nearly impossible for the OEMs.

There was agreement that the new Saab 9-2 designs that are floating around on the internet are likeable and that the new Mercedes tagline, “The Best or Nothing” is only vaguely interesting.

We had a long discussion and played insurance adjusters as we talked about a car accident one of our weekly participants was involved in. We had no pictures of the damaged Toyota Matrix, but we managed to sound like experts nonetheless!

Our friend Mirko called in from Germany, where it was 5AM (now THAT is a dedicated Open Line fan!), and he shared some of the cars they have in Europe, and the packages that are available such as Chevy Cruze performance parts and packages and the BIG money that they get for them! Really nice stuff but … cha CHING!

Craig Cole’s Autoline Daily review of the Suburu Legacy and a discussion of tire tread wear ratings came up. Shenanigans were called on Suburu for putting a tire on a regular sedan that has a treadwear of only 140 with our group speculating that they were tilting the table for their journalist road test car. Sure it will give it good traction, and put a good number up for the magazines to print, but with a treadwear rating that low, almost nobody is going to put those same tires back on when they wear out in 15k.

We were happy to have participants from all three of our streaming partners! Blue Oval News, GM Inside News and AllPar all chipped in! Can’t wait to see what happens on the next Open Line on Monday, June 28th at 8pm ET. Join us right here!

Special Thanks to our friend Miradart for hosting the show part of the night on Monday. Great job!

~Michelle Naranjo, MissMotorMouth.com

Open Line for July 19, 2010:
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