February 12th, 2008 at 9:00am

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Ford is building on the success of its Edge crossover by launching a factory-customized sport version.

Ford sold more than 130,000 Edges last year, enough to make it the best selling crossover in the country; not a bad showing its first year the market. But for 2009, Ford is offering an all-new Sport model.

It differs from the regular Edge in a number of ways. First, it has a body kit with side skirts and bumper appliqués. The headlamps and tail lamps have both been tinted and the interior has an etched metal finish on some the trim pieces and suede-like inserts on the seats.

The Edge Sport rides on standard 20-inch wheels, while massive, “22s” are optional. And also the largest wheels ever mounted on a crossover vehicle, according to Ford.

On the downside the Edge Sport doesn’t get any real performance enhancements, which is too bad since it could use some go to match the show.

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Click the above images to see more photos of the Edge Sport.

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