AAH #85 – Lutz Do a Show

January 6th, 2011 at 10:18pm

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What a way to kick off the new year. If there was ever an Autoline After Hours you wanted–nay–needed to catch, this one is it. That’s because our guest is the one, the original, the top gun of automotive executives, Bob Lutz! This man has never been one to mince words, but now he’s ready to take on American business practices, so watch out. We’ll be discussing his new book, his storied history in the auto industry and so much more. Get ready for one very good conversation. John McElroy is joined in studio by the incomparable AutoExtremist, Peter De Lorenzo.

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9 Comments to “AAH #85 – Lutz Do a Show”

  1. Jon Says:

    Thanks for another superior episode! Having Mr. Lutz on is like having Jefferson explain the
    U. S. Constitution, or Deming preach manufacturing efficiency. Professor Of All Things Auto would have to be his title.

    The AfterHours shows have been outstanding, keep up the good work! John and Peter-great job, and it is obvious by the guests and how they respond that you both are highly regarded-and you show us why weekly.

  2. don norris Says:

    excellent watch with lutz…….
    the book sounds like a great read…..
    love format have a great motoring day…..don

  3. Bill Says:

    Great Show! Mr Lutz gave a fascinating no bull insiders perspective of the auto industry. I was also very happy with his futuristic view of transportation involving nuclear energy and inductive on the go charging because I have the same view, and now when people are dismissive I can say “well Bob Lutz agrees with me” and that should shut them up.

  4. Jonathan Brown Says:

    What a great show! Bob Lutz is so focused. So on target with specifically what this industry and specifically GM needs to accomplish to be successful.

    I have to say while watching the show I was overwhelmed with each and every point made during the discussion. Its taken me three times of listening and I am still learning more and more about what Bob Lutz’s statements contain.

    Thank you so much for having such a wonderful guests and I really am looking forward to June when I can buy Bob Lutz’s new book “The Car Guys vers the Bean Counters” The Battle for the Soul of American Business.

    The passion and balance of the Ying and Yang!

    Gotta love it!


  5. Jim Thykeson Says:

    Bob Lutz knows that ‘lust’ must be prevelent to move product in a ultra-competitive market of cars. His history at Ford was Iaccoca’s back-up guy, but when they converged again at Chrysler his role was magnified 10 fold. Dodge was dying in trucks and Lutz said make this thing something the truck guys will want. So he made it look as much the ‘big-rig’ as he could and, viola!; the new Ram! When he came to GM he was trying to build a sportscar, I think part of the offer was to let him finish it at GM and it became the Solstice. Marine fighter pilot, rugged good looks, and truly a ‘car-guy’ Lutz had, and continues to live a life well traveled.

  6. Phil in Burlington Says:

    Great show, John and Peter.
    I just watched it a second time. I had read Mr Lutz’s previous book “Guts” and will be sure to get his new book.
    I was so disappointed when the sound was cut after the “official” part of the show. I know you’ve even commented that some of the best moments are before and after the show. I hope you’ll continue to let us listen in before and after the show in the future.
    I’ll be heading to the Detroit Auto Show next weekend so I’m looking forward to your preview.
    Phil in Burlington, Ontario

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  8. Rick Bednar Says:

    Anyone presently in the automobile business – or young people contemplating getting in the business – should be REQUIRED to listen to Bob Lutz on this program!

  9. Tony Says:

    Mentioning the Cruze, one thing that seems very “old-GM” about it is the corporation’s determination not to offer the hatchback in the US. It seems to be a real looker, doing away with the sedan’s Chrysler Sebring black plastic wedges behind the rear door glass in favor of a Hofmeister kink that reminds me of a ’75 Nova sedan (in a good way). And then there’s the extra usefulness.