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November 13th, 2008 at 1:48pm

Autoline + Twitter = :)

For all the current and would-be Twitterers out there: you can now follow Autoline at Here you’ll find ongoing updates and analysis from John and the rest of the Autoline team throughout the day. We’ll let you know when a new show is out, when John will be appearing in the news and we’ll even offer up micro-analysis tidbits as news breaks.

You’ll find like-minded Autoline visitors following us on our page and you’ll be able to start up conversations with them, and of course, us. The industry is changing every day in these tumultuous times and Twitter is just one of the ways we’ll keep you abreast of what’s going on. So click over and hit “Follow.” We think you’ll really be glad you did.

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7 Comments to “Join the Autoline Twitter Community”

  1. Kerry Says:

    I watched your show with the gentlemen from AutoBlog and Car& and noticed you missed a crutial point. It has been missed by most everyone. If the UAW takes a pay cut, somewhere closey following that, you, these gentlemen and the viewers as a whole, will have to also. The wages the whole country is enjoying now will have to be cut, whether you want to realize it or not. We are all in the same boat. As was pointed out on the show, the UAW is responsible for the comfortable wages we ALL enjoy in the middle class. If the middle class takes a pay cut, we all take a pay cut. So, I think the use of the term “they”, as it relates to the UAW workers mentioned on the show, will have to be expanded to “we”.

  2. Paul Andre Says:

    Super-puper site!


  3. John de Waal Says:

    On this morning’s Autoline show.
    Mr. Dollinger showed clearly why he is, or was, an outstanding car salesman. He is the type of person who can probably sell anything he puts his mind to. Many of his remarks were right on the money, but I like to take issue with some of his observations: GM has a product problem and it take more than the right strategy to sell any product, and that includes cars.
    1. While the GM product currently may be the best automotive product anywhere, they have been working for a very long time on making a product that was not. They were quite proud of that fact and even gave it a name …build in obsolescence. Moreover, even today, their products can not match their competition in terms of fuel efficiency, comfort, and price. The only things where their products differ is size, they are too big, and looks, they are too flashy.
    2. Where Mr. Dollinger also errs is in his evaluation of today’s’ car consumer. Salespersons like himself can ‘snow’ certain people, but most customers today are too sophisticated to fall for fast talk, however sincere the arguments are presented. Today’s consumer knows pretty much what s/he wants before entering a car show room and the glib sales talk rolls over them much as water does over a duck’s back.
    However, I agree with Mr. Dollinger that all the obfuscation around selling a car is not helping, that discarding brand equity is hurtful, and that the ‘distress’ sales model tells potential car buyers that the car maker is in trouble.
    GM and Chrysler’s management has, far too long, been unreceptive to criticism and they still do not seem to understand what their markets demand. Sadly,the workers will be paying the price for their arrogance.

  4. charles evans Says:

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  5. Joe Turcotte Says:

    Hey John,

    Consumer Reports is considered one of the leading sources to buy a car. Do you think CR is a good source to find a good car. Their reports seem to be too easy on Toyota. The Tundra is nowhere near a better truck than the F-150 or the Silverado. What do you think?

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  7. donald pratt Says:

    info on the dodo car that was talked about today jan.13 2010