Episode 648 – Big 3 Supplier Relations Improving, VW Undercuts UAW Pay, U.S. Cars Getting Older

May 23rd, 2011 at 11:40am

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A company called Planning Perspectives, which tracks supplier relations, says the Detroit Three have improved dramatically, while the Japanese, in the words of the study’s author, “have lost their way.” Volkswagen, at its new plant in Tennessee, will be paying its hourly workers $27 an hour, including wages and benefits. That compares to about $52 an hour for GM and Chrysler and $58 at Ford. The average age of cars and trucks on the roads in the U.S. is getting older. All that and more, plus a look at the convertible version of the Camaro 2SS.


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This is Autoline Daily for May 23, 2011. And now, the news.

Historically, Detroit’s automakers were universally criticized in how they treated their suppliers, while the top Japanese automakers were universally praised. But now that’s changing. A company called Planning Perspectives, which tracks supplier relations annually, says the Detroit Three have improved dramatically, while the Japanese, in the words of the study’s author, “have lost their way.” They’re now putting pressure on their suppliers to cut cost the way the Detroit Three used to. Even so, Toyota is still ranked first, with Honda second, followed by Ford, Nissan, GM and Chrysler. For the first time ever, Planning Perspectives included Mercedes, BMW and VW. Since it only has one year’s data, the company did not include them in the overall rankings, but if it had, Mercedes would have finished first.

VW UNDERCUTS UAW PAY (subscription required)
Uh-oh, the UAW is not going to want to hear about this next story. The Wall Street Journal reports that Volkswagen, at its new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, will be paying its hourly workers $27 an hour. That includes wages and benefits and compares to about $52 an hour for GM and Chrysler. Ford says it’s at $58. The Center for Automotive Research says that VW’s labor rate will kick up another $8 an hour over the next few years. But, in its bankruptcy contracts with GM and Chrysler, the UAW agreed to match labor costs at the transplants, and this is going to put it under enormous pressure to agree to more wage concessions.

CAR SALES WILL DROP THIS MONTH (subscription required)
This doesn’t look good. Ward’s projects light-vehicle sales in the U.S. will drop to 1.12 million units this month. It also forecasts the SAAR will hit just 12.4 million, the lowest it’s been since November of last year. It blames the drop on low inventory among Japanese OEMs. The Big Three as well as Korean automakers are expected to fill the void. Wards estimates GM, Ford and Chrysler will capture 48 percent of the market, their best performance since December 2008.

U.S. VEHICLES GETTING OLDER (subscription required)
The average age of cars and trucks on the roads in the U.S. is getting older. According to Ward’s, in 2009 the average age was 9.6 years. That grew to 9.9 years in 2010. The age of vehicles went up despite the fact that nearly 6 million vehicles were scrapped in 2010 and in the fourth quarter there were more vehicles scrapped than any quarter since “Cash for Clunkers” ended in 2009. Even still, the number of licensed vehicles was up slightly from the year before, totaling close to 240 million. Because of slow sales of new cars and the growing age of vehicles on the road, the vehicle PARC is expected to remain low in 2011.

The president of the Beijing Automotive group is heading to Germany to find talent. According to Gasgoo, the company will hold the largest recruitment fair a Chinese company has ever held overseas. BAIC wants to hire technological experts, engineers and executives for its subsidiary companies. The company is looking to hire 60 to 100 people and says it’s already received 650 applications.

This next story is astonishing. According to an article posted on Autoblog, the national police chief of Venezuela recently held a press conference announcing the country’s first-ever suspension of a citizen’s driver’s license. Let me say that again . . . this is the FIRST TIME anyone in Venezuela has had their driver’s license suspended! Amazing, which begs the question . . . is everyone in the land of Hugo Chavez a great driver? Well, not exactly. So what did the guy do to get his license suspended? Well, he was speeding . . . while driving a bus . . . that was loaded with too many people . . . oh, and one of the vehicle’s rear wheels was inside with the passengers. He has to wait a year before he can drive again.

Coming up next, a look at the convertible version of the Camaro 2SS.

I recently got a chance to test drive the convertible version of the Camaro 2SS and here’s a little bit of my experience with the car.

The Camaro is selling pretty well right now against its competition. So far this year, Dodge sold a little over 13,000 Challengers. Ford sold over 23,000 Mustangs, and Chevrolet sold over 30,000 Camaros.

You can download a brand new episode of RoundAbout right now at AutolineDetroit.TV. This week you’ll see the ugliest Cadillac ever, find out what Yooper treat is powering cars, and the panel will debate the issue of “Death by GPS.” Check it out in John’s Journal.

That’s today’s report on the top news in the global automotive industry. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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56 Comments to “Episode 648 – Big 3 Supplier Relations Improving, VW Undercuts UAW Pay, U.S. Cars Getting Older”

  1. MJB Says:

    Well, I’m definately at the upper end of the scale when it comes to that ‘average age of vehicles’ study. My daily driver is 18 years old.

  2. JB Says:


    thanks for your review of the camaro SS convertible..

    Your insights were appreciated if a bit picky with the passenger seat moving manually…

    The convertible top allowing wind leaks sounds like an unacceptable detail. Hopefully GM can take your report to heart and make sure the roofs and window seals are in sync.

    Is it possible the window index on the camaro SS is anything like a corvette where if the battery is ever disonneted…the windows have to be reindexed..

    After a power reconnect such as battery replacement, the
    window index-up feature will not function until the system
    is initialized. Once power is restored, do the following:
    1. Close the door.
    2. Raise the window by pulling up the switch.
    3. Hold the up switch for three seconds after the
    window is closed. Release the switch.
    4. Hold the up switch again for three seconds and

    Try it if you still have the car and let us know if it helped in a future report?

    Thanks …for the great show as always.


  3. Brett Says:

    I can only surmise that the sales of Camaros is due to years of pent-up demand. I don’t imagine it’s poaching a lot of sales from Mustang. They’re chalk and cheese in relationship to one another, IMO.

    Now while I’ve always been a “Ford guy”, I’ve always wanted GM to do well and have great regard for their cars from the 50s, 60s, and some early 70s vehicles.

    To me, the Camaro is another classic example of GM stylists not putting down their tools and walking away soon enough. For whatever the Challenger’s faults, they reflected the original vehicle’s styling, but stayed fairly understated.

    The Camaro is over-styled and, like the last couple generations, will look dated far sooner than the contemporary Mustang and Challenger do. Somewhere back in the late-60s, all the stylists at GM who comprehended the concept of “timeless” retired or something. (I still think the 1970 split-bumper Camaro is a beautiful car and would love to have one in gold with the RS stripes.)

    To me, the new Camaro look far better with a little lower beltline, a little more greenhouse, a little simpler shape for the taillights, etc. There’s still a little too much of “the gold-chain and polyester crowd’s gonna love this!” in the styling of it right now. Cars are not “Hot Wheels” toys and “Hot Wheels” toys are not cars. There seems still to be some confusion at GM about this…

  4. Chuck Grenci Says:

    What is this, pile on Camaro day; styling is subjective and the shortcomings pointed out by John are a bit picky (and hopefully easily rectified). With pony-cars especially, there is little cross shopping so a Camaro, Mustang or Challenger shopper is fairly brand loyal (shortcomings and all).

  5. MJB Says:

    Gotta say that, like Brett, I too think the Camaro is just a tad over-styled. BUT… I would not dare lower the belt line.

    I personally can’t stand the styling of the’70′s Camaros, Firebirds or Trans Ams, which I am positive tucks me into an extreme minority within the Autoline listening audience. (I’d rather that Jim Rockford drove a pick-up truck).

    And as much as I’d LIKE to have a stronger desire for the Camaro, I find myself lusting much more so over the design of the Challenger. It just looks ‘tougher’. And it’s lines seem to be a simpler, more direct expression than those of the Camaro.

    And the Mustang…. Way too busy. Not a fan.

  6. SalvadorG. Says:

    There is nothing wrong with the Camaro people, well except the price. As soon as first buyers decide that is a crappy car, just buy an used one for less and it will be an awesome car.

    And if the Chrysler Challenger didn’t weight as much as a house it probably be a better car.

  7. Phoenix Mark Says:

    The average age of my fleet of 5 is 15.4 years, excluding the oldest and newest it is 9.33 years.

    With the VW wages that far below what UAW shops are, maybe the UAW will target the VW plant for membership.

    The Camaro styling is too cartoonish for me. I do agree that wind leakage in a $40k car is unacceptable. I don’t like what Ford did to the Mustang rearend in the last refresh.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I don’t know exactly what is meant by “wind leakage” here, but all soft top convertibles have “wind noise;” even very expensive ones, like Rolls Royce. If you want a quiet car, you don’t buy a ragtop.

    As far as styling of today’s “pony cars,” Challenger is my favorite. It’s too bad it weighs as much as the Magnum wagon it replaced on the production schedule.

  9. MJB Says:

    I also must chime in with John on one of the so-called ‘nit-picky’ items on the $44k Camaro. The manually adjustable pasenger seat.

    Sorry guys, but aside from weight reduction, I just don’t see justification for ommitting the creature comfort of power (passenger) seats from a car of this sticker price.

    My 18-year old luxury sport coupe has a power passenger seat.

  10. tj Martin Says:

    You Poops

    You weaseled/guilted me back on . So beware H/S .

    Car Report ;

    EX35 – Nice car but it did feel too cramped for my 6’4″ self . And that exhaust ! An Infiniti trait i know , but the noise it makes even from a gentle start is silly . I’d still recommend anyone look at it for themselves , but its not for us .

    Volvo XC60 T6 AWD – This took a bit to decide on , in fact I went back this morning to have another look .

    For – Design , comfort , handling

    Against – More expensive than the GLK to buy and insure , larger and heavier than GLK X3 etc. And ;

    Swedish car right ? Wrong . If you’ve looked at new cars lately like a loaf of bread they now come with origin of content lists

    Manufactured – Belgium
    Engine – UK
    Transmission – Japan
    Misc. – US Germany etc.
    Sweden – 0- None- Nada- Zip- Nunka
    Owner- China

    So what part of the XC60 is Swedish other than the name ?

    VW Tiguan – Decided to have a look as its smaller and less expensive . Darn nice little car , but again not for us . The motor felt willing enough , but just not as accessible as the power from the 6′s

    FJ Report – Talked to our former Toyota Independent Mechanic in Denver . Oh dear . That FJ over 70 mph is a nightmare . Kills tires . Breaks lots of small bits just driving it

    So – The List as of now ;

    Mercedes GLK – this may yet be the winner
    BMW X3 – Running a close second

    @pedro – In answer to the smarty pants :o question last Friday .

    YES ! Waited 37 years to find the right lady . Never looked back since .

  11. tj Martin Says:

    CAMARO ;

    Drove one for five days last year .

    One major league problem stands out .

    GM’s hideous DESIGN BLIND SPOTS !

    At 6’4″ I could neither see the front corners or see out the back to reverse . As bad if not worse than the SRX .

    Why does GM insist on designing IN Blind Spots ?

    Also performance wise , every Mustang I’ve driven runs circles around its counterpart Camaro . Challenger as well I’m afraid as much as I like the styling .

    And unlike the Camaro and to some extent the Challenger .

    YOU CAN SEE OUT OF THE (cussing ) goram MUSTANG !

  12. john787 Says:

    The Camaro convertible is noisy and so are other expensive convertibles…even the expensive BMW’s. That is the nature of the beast. The steering wheel is nice and that’s a matter of taste. The only gripe I have with this car is the obstructed rear view, but so is the new Corvette convertible which I happen to own. I don’t see anyone complaining about the Corvette for that problem, though. Anyone can complain about any car, especially Consumer Reports if it’s a GM vehicle.

  13. tj Martin Says:

    john787 ;

    Interesting what you are saying about the C6 convertible .

    I drove a C6 coupe for some 600 miles , 14 days a couple years back and loved the lack of obstructed view 360 degrees .

    Fact is there wasn’t much I didn’t love about the C6 ( ZHZ Hertz SE model ) If I didn’t live in a snow & ice zone I’d buy one in a heartbeat . That rear hatch swallowed 14 days of luggage for the wife and I like a champ .

  14. Tom L Says:

    Re: New Camero Convertible
    GM should have learned a bit about convertibles when they owned SAAB.
    My Saab convertible has a padded top, no air leaks, and it locks and unlocks
    when operating the top switch.
    GM should have built a better convertible and charged a little bit more
    P.S . with the padded top it’s a warm car in the winter

  15. HtG Says:

    tj, it’s nice to see you are back. I will now end my sympathy strike against AutolineDaily. I hope John can create a few ground rules for comments, so that more voices can be heard. I, for one, promise not to call anyone a d#&chebag again.(except Trump)

    On Camaro’s blind spots. When I have the top closed on my Miata, there’s a whole span of about 10 degrees at the right rear corner that is just a void of death. It’s hard to back up or turn the car with any confidence. But everyone knows, I just love the car anyway. A really big fault, but so?

  16. XA351GT Says:

    Well my fleet is waaaaay over the average . newest is a 01 oldest is 2 1970s . Would love a new car ,but I can’t afford one because I’d rather put the money into my classics . My Daily drivers are a 98 and 01 . So for giggles lets see what the average is
    1970- 41 years
    1970- 41 years
    1972- 39 years
    1989- 22 years
    1998- 13 years
    2001- 10 years
    total -166 years

  17. tj Martin Says:

    XA351GT ;

    How’s about putting some names ( of the cars you own ) along side those dates .

    I’m guessing from the moniker that the 70′s are Pony/Muscle Cars ?

  18. tj Martin Says:


    All I want to see here is an end to the endless and relentless Conspiracy Theory Off Topic BS that H/S spews out here like so much SPAM on the Internet .

    The occasional insult , a bit of off color language when appropriate ( Trump would qualify ) some in your face arguing ( assuming its related to Automobiles ) well bring it on .

    Truth be known ( in answer to one of pedro’s comments last Friday ) I’d rather deal with a complete Orchestra of Cybil Quintets than one solitary Self Obsessive Spamaholic Cut and Paste H/S .

    At least with the Cybils you slap them down with the Facts and they go away for a bit where as H/S only gets worse the more FACTs you throw in his Deluded face .

    Enough said . Thats my stance .

    F1 Sunday ; ……zzzzzZZZZZZZZ. Turned it off after the first 35 minutes of racing . Lo and Behold they finished just as I’d left them …..zzzzZZZZZZZ

    Oh well at least Monaco is worth watching for the scenery if nothing else.

    Giro – All but over GC wise , but now maybe everyone else will battle for stage wins . Was rooting for Nibali ……. but …. oh well .

    McLaren MP4- 12C GT3 racer . Counting the days till that little beast makes its debut ( Spain GT3 round ). Me thinks I smell something in the air . That’d be Ferrari getting its tail end smoked .

  19. tj Martin Says:

    TJ’s Car Buying Foibles BWTM;

    We’ve ( Mrs TJ and I ) come to the conclusion that the days of buying a new car from anybody that you could hold onto for 10 – 15 years have long since past .

    So in making our decision we’re now looking realistically at more like 5 years ownership .

  20. HtG Says:

    With trolls, it’s about winding up other posters. Ours seems to need to bang out some phrases, and wait for a beating. He/she may be out of opinions on cars.

  21. tj Martin Says:

    Tom L

    Why oh Why did GM sell SAAB to Spyker instead of Koenigsegg or Magna ?

    So much good about the brand that just a bit of tweaking and updating would have made great .

    As well as I’d be waiting for the new 9-3 Estate instead of dealing with all these decisions .

    Thanks GM !

  22. HtG Says:

    @19 is that because of post warranty repair costs? Doubling your sales taxes is pricey, too.

  23. tj Martin Says:

    @ HtG

    Well if thats the case ( #20) the best thing we all could do is completely ignore RumpleSmokeSkin .

  24. tj Martin Says:

    @ HtG

    #19 I’m coming to the conclusion that nothing being built today is designed to last 10 – 15 years . As well as many of the manufactures making it more and more difficult to get replacement parts , especially all the computerized bits and pieces .

  25. HtG Says:

    I also recall Mike Jackson telling John that BMW was making their cars more complex in the knowledge that only their own dealers would be able to fix them. You wonder though, when the curves of the cars’ declining value will cross the steep repair costs, will second owners spend the money for their honey?

  26. cwolf Says:

    Nice to see the ol’cuss just could’nt resist our charm afterall! I’ll bet the sale goes to the GLK and not the X3 because the X3 owners I came across had more than one problem during the first year and all were quick to complain about the cost to maintain after the warranty. Besides the GLK is not as numerous on the road and has a style all of its own. OK,tj, the decision has been made! Cramped in the EX35,eh? Forget to include my Uncle was 5’11″ and a bean pole.

    The SS conv. is sweet, but the mustang wins hands down IMO.

    The VW/UAW thing IS an interesting delema! Bet the UAW will find a way around the problem with their vast no. of lawyers. My guess is that they will base wages on an average after tossing the high and low. Just a guess. With no intent to argue and in light of the economy as a whole, I hope it is apparent to most everyone why fighting for a middle income wage is important to everyone. Doing so will force a greater enphasis on the unfair trade issue and put light on corporations stockholders voting to invest in low wage/unregulated countries.

  27. HtG Says:

    One more note on cars ageing. As more value of a car comes from the passenger facing electronics, the enormous pace of development of consumer electronics will obsolete the fancy stuff in one’s car. Look at the interior of the Fiesta, whose center stack was shaped in the likeness of a cell phone. But already the leading edge of smartphones are capacitative touch screens. The speed and capacity of mobile electronics is going to leave the bells and whistles of cars in the dust. (I know a bit about what’s coming in mobile computing, so not making this up.)

  28. tj Martin Says:


    Cramped in comparison to the others I’m looking at . Maybe more perception than reality , but that was the feeling it conveyed . I’m a Bean Pole myself BTW .

    GLK most likely . Hate to say it but I just loved that way it drove well beyond a test drive . ( ten days 400-600 miles )

    X3 . Sheesh i must be running into a bunch of Bimmerheads because everyone I’m talking to rants about BMW’s reliability .

    But……. still …….. the way the GLK felt at the end of the ten days ………

  29. tj Martin Says:

    @ HtG

    #27 Think about even replacing the CD player when it craps out in the new cars ( which they will at some point )

    There’s nowhere to even put an Aftermarket CD in say the MINI .

  30. Tom L Says:

    Why do front brakes come on before the rear brakes?
    Why do the front brakes do most of the braking?

  31. HtG Says:

    CD player? You are old, tj. (me too! friend, friend, gentle) In the future your music will be stored in the cloud. Your car will access the servers via LTE(long term evolution) connection. When I was at the Autoshow the product specialist at Hyundai told me the Veloster would have in car Pandora service. Ten year old cars will be relics unless they can be updated on the fly, because processor speeds are going to explode even as power used and heat are kept down

  32. cwolf Says:

    TomL: From my understanding the front brakes act first due to the shorter distance of fluid travel, yet I have my rear breaks adjusted to my driving habits.

    tj, It is a coin toss, so The GLK wins my vote.

    Just the thought of keeping a car more than 4-5 years is simply wishful thinking for me. The only touch of reality is when my 69 MGC is restored.

  33. pedro fernandez Says:

    Hey guys, how come we keep reading that new cars are better made thus they are supposed to last longer than cars from years ago, I suppose they are referring to American cars mostly because those early 90′s Hondas and Toyotas that still reign supreme after 20 yrs of every day use cannot be surpassed by today’s inferior product.

  34. cwolf Says:

    Yer right ,Pedro, about American cars lasting longer. But I think your foreign favorites are now in reverse mode, as far as quality and maybe longevity.

  35. Chuck Grenci Says:

    The reasson the front brakes do most of the work is because of the weight transfer; when the brakes are applied, the act of braking, shifts the weight over to the front of the car and the front tires are torqued to push harder into the road surface, which creates more friction so the front brakes can be applied harder.

  36. HtG Says:

    If @30 was asking why the front brakes do more of the stopping, then it is because of the weight transfer, as Chuck says. Though if you quickly punch the brake pedal the calipers can grab the disc before the weight transfers sufficiently. That means press the pedal smoothly so you can maximize the grip of the tires, and so also the stopping force of the brakes.

  37. pedro fernandez Says:

    If I may add to #35, the rear brakes serve to keep the car from shifting from side to side when braking, my son’s Xb had the front pads replaced after less than 30k miles and the rear ones are only half worn.

  38. HtG Says:

    Also, steer straight ahead so the tire doesn’t also have to do the work of turning the car. The forwards/backwards vector and left/right vector add up to the total stopping of your tire; and the more weight on a tire, the higher the total is.

  39. tj Martin Says:


    Little inside info for the Hummingbirds out there .

    The only aspect of the music retail ( including downloading ) business thats still rising ?

    VINYL !

    Old …… maybe . Smart . Definitely .

    Tom L

    The front brakes are due to weight transfer and the physical dynamics of stopping a moving object are the most effective both in Cars and M/C’s hence fronts are bigger , stronger and somewhat quicker ( on a car , better modulate those M/C fronts lest you go end over end )

    Try an experiment on a flat on your Bicycle . Get up to speed and hit the front brake only hard enough to stop

    Do the same with the back only . Measure the distance . Very revealing .

  40. Tom L Says:

    Thanks for the info on brakes

  41. HtG Says:

    tj, when I took the Performance Driving School at Skip Barber in Lime Rock, one of the exercises was braking. Mazda3 sedans were set up with both ABS and nonABS brakes. It was interesting to see that the young’uns who had grown up with ABS were almost totally unable to modulate their brakes on the nonABS cars during hard braking. As a geezer that grew up with regular brakes, and still drive a Civic and Miata with no ABS, keeping the tires from locking was a snap. It’s like the kids just slam the brake, and don’t have the muscle memory to control brakes.

    On vinyl, what value do you think there is in my classical collection? It’s about 15-20 feet wide, and mostly straight stuff, not that Schnittke garbage in the CD section.

  42. XA351GT Says:

    Here ya go TJ,
    1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1
    1970 AMC Javelin Mark Donohue Special
    1972 Australian Ford Falcon XA GT
    1989 Ford Mustang GT
    1998 Ford ZX2
    2001 Ford ZX2
    Good call on the pony cars. yep been hooked on them since I was a kid .

  43. dcars Says:

    Fleet listings, I’ve been trying to get a discount for my fleet of cars, they average 6.3 years old! Any ideas?

  44. tj Martin Says:

    >>> @HtG !!!

    Go to ;


    This was written with you in mind !!!

  45. tj Martin Says:


    The collection . Bloody stinking brilliant !!! Especially the Javelin . Always had a weakness for the AMC muscle , especially the AMX

    I’ll forever bemoan the fact that the AMX Mid Engine never made it to production .

    Other than that though as I suspected thou art a Ford man .

    But a correction to a previous post of yours . It wasn’t F1 that took Mark Donohue away . As I thought is was the Killer Porsche 917 CanAm car that was his undoing . Watching that car as a kid and seeing some videos of it now its no wonder . That car was a beast .

  46. tj Martin Says:

    @ HtG

    I’m guessing in your vinyl , you’ve got some valuable gems as well as some worth between $1 – $10 . All depends on the rarity.

    Bet you’ve got a few on my mentors in there . A certain LB .

  47. HtG Says:

    plenty of Lenny, tj

  48. tj Martin Says:

    END of the WORLD Part II ;

    If you hadn’t heard , the nutcase that predicted the apocalypse for last Saturday has revised his date for the coming Fall .

    In that light , perhaps I should forego buying a sensible car . Track down a Ford GT , behave like an absolute idiot , drive the wheels off the thing and just generally raise Caine ! :o

    ( thought after my glum post a bit of humor was needed )

  49. tj Martin Says:

    @ HtG

    Young Peoples Orchestra ( played clarinet back before I discovered guitars got the girls ) My ugly little mug is in one of the videos .

    That experience has stayed with me for a lifetime .

    When in Tanglewood for a concert awhile back , i was put up in one of Lenny’s old rooms . The piano he practiced on in the living room of the Inn .

  50. HtG Says:

    you realize that through not more than 3 degrees, we know each other. My knowledge is that the soloist violinist hasn’t got much trouble with the ladies either.

  51. tj Martin Says:

    @ HtG

    This is getting funny/eire.

    You’re right about the soloist violin , but I still think we ( guitar players ) get the wilder ones . Hmmn . Come to think of it a rather famous Solo Violinist ( female ) did hit on me pretty hard before I met Mrs TJ . Hmmn .

    Guitar players win ! :o

  52. HtG Says:

    hopefully you’re talking about a protege of H von K.

    And that’s enough

  53. tj Martin Says:

    @ HtG

    A gentleman never kisses and tells !!!

  54. HtG Says:

    how am I supposed to pay attention to the other computers on my desk now? Later

  55. tj Martin Says:

    @ HtG

    Since its still early and no one else seems to be here .

    You familiar with the works of Jonny Greenwood ?

    That kid ( he’s a kid to me at least ) has me writhing with envy

    Having a pop career with RadioHead ( got introduced to their music thru the CD’s Christopher O’Riely has done of their stuff ) and using/being recognized for his Oxford Classical education .

    Had the business been different in my day that’d of been me .

    Back then if you dared to compose anything resembling a melody you were Anathema. God help you if you played rock as well .

    Glad to see a little is slowly changing .

  56. tj Martin Says:

    @ HtG

    I’ll sign off now for your sake