RoAb #87 – The ‘Nooo!’ Episode

June 19th, 2011 at 12:01am

Coming up on Roundabout . . . learn about one community where pickup trucks are strictly verboten!  Are states considering advertising on license plates?  HOW DARE THEY!  And a very special Pontiac you have to see to believe is going up for auction.  Stick around for all of these exciting stories and a many more, only on RoundAbout!  Our muy especial guest this week is Zach Bowman from Autoblog.

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Featuring: Zach Bowman, Michelle Naranjo, Eric Trytko, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes:

No pickups allowed!

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Rainbow-colored Rolls-Royce

Transparent Pontiac up for auction

RoundAbout RedLine

Pissed off Detroit woman destroys home
There’s more than one way to get even with a bastardly landlord.  Tenants can skip out on payments, strip the home of valuable copper pipes and wire or simply trash the place.  Of course you can also hitch the front of the building to a pickup truck and floor the accelerator.  WXYZ Channel 7 news reports this is exactly what one Detroit-area woman did.  She completely ripped the facade off the front of her rental home, causing unexpectedly massive carnage.   She also smashed every pane of glass in the place and flooded the basement, for good measure.  Talk about low-end torque!

Nissan tests mobile charging system for stranded EVs
The Japan Automobile Federation has started a mobile experiment of charging EV drivers for “refills” on the road. Although it is not clear how long a mobile recharge will take compared to a normally seven-hour charge-up for a drained battery, they claim the recharge is using a prototype system that replaces the need for a red jerry can of voltage. Nissan Japan currently offers towing coverage to LEAF owners.

Gas station 30,000 feet above Afghanistan
Usually when you live in an area where aircraft fly over you get a lovely film of dirt and kerosene all over your car and patio furniture, but if you’re in Afghanistan you’re just as likely to have pallets with 50 gallon drums of fuel fall from the sky.  Because of the terrain of the country it turns out it’s easier and less expensive to drop fuel from 30,000 feet into combat areas and remote camps than it is to truck it in.  In fact, 80 percent of all missions flown in Afghanistan are for fuel resupply.  What’s the cost to do this?  Turns out fuel costs about $11 per gallon to be delivered this way.

DeLorean, Knight Rider and Beer, oh my!
You can tell your home-brewing friends they don’t know fine beer from baboon sweat. Sydney-based Hahn Brewery has released a new ad detailing the complex artistry that goes into crafting a bottle of the company’s brew. Things get underway by serenading grain with the dulcet tones of the Knight Rider theme before a squad of former American Gladiators pound it to dust with massive steel mallets. From there, the raw materials are baked under an array of old television sets broadcasting Kung Fu movies. A DeLorean DMC-12 on monster-truck tires drives the company’s vats before the beer is filtered through hair-band drum solos, over a tower of sports trophies, into a giant Elvis jacket and out a lounging acrylic tiger. And we thought we just weren’t adding enough hops.

Knitted Ferrari
12 miles of yarn in Lauren Porter’s hands will give you zero miles in a recently created Ferrari Berlinetta. The knitting artiste took 10 months to create this lumpy masterpiece, which sits atopa metal frame. Definitely not what to don near a campfire.

Historic Packard gets long-awaited restoration
A Toledo, Ohio man has a real diamond in the rough on his hands.  Five decades ago Jerry Brummett purchased a 1940 Packard Super 8 Formal Sedan from a local farmer.  The car is one of only about 250 built, but more impressively, there are only 15 known to exist today!  Adding to the history, it used to be owned by a man named Frank Duane Stranahan, one of the founders of Champion Spark Plug.  After Brummett bought it — for a mere $350 might I ad — he used it to transport motorcycles.  At the time he didn’t have enough money for a restoration, so after a couple of years he parked it in an old fuel-storage tank of all things and welded the door shut!  The quarter-inch thick steel protected the Packard over the intervening decades, and now, at the age of 71, he’s finally getting around to resurrecting this automotive masterpiece.  When complete the car could be worth $50,000 or more!

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