RoAb #100 – The ‘Century of Digress’ Episode

October 9th, 2011 at 12:31pm


Coming up on RoundAbout . . . a very special celebration commemorating our two-year anniversary and show number 100!  Bring an extra pair of arms because it’ll be more fun than you can carry!

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Featuring: Zach Bowman, Colin Bird, Jeffrey Ross, Michelle Naranjo, Steven J. Ewing, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

Show notes and video after the jump!

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Show Notes:

A couple weeks ago we received a letter from a little town in Wisconsin called Hickory Corners. Turns out there’s a radio station there on the AM band, WLAN 802 . . . and it turns out they want to buy RoundAbout from the Autoline network. Not the show, the name. Well, actually settle is more the word for it — and as a part of the agreement we have to play that stupid jingle every time we say WLAN . When they first called they were threatening to sue us for misuse of their trademark, but now they’ve agreed to turn a blind eye IF we promise to end RoundAbout forever.

I knew this would be hard to believe, so earlier in the week I called up the station manager at WL . . . ha, ha, you’re not going to get me to say WLAN!  That’s not going to get ANNOYING . . . I asked him to go on the record about this. Ben, let’s roll that interview.

Grover Dampling Interview

Anyway, I DID discuss the issue with my colleagues in the Autoline Family of fine progrums and they’ve reached a decision.  We’re taking the money . . . in order to pay off all of the debts RoundAbout incurred over the past two years.  There was a $1,000 fine for importing illegal animal products to the U.S.  REMEMBER those gorilla-hand beer-cozies for the International, Zach?  Let’s see . . . a $560 veterinary charge for the RoAb mascot.  How’s her hoof infection doing, MICHELLE?  120 bucks for office supplies.  A $75 charge for urinal cakes.  Not sure how that one’s ours . . . 10 grand for legal fees; the list goes on.

So, with that, we bring you our last episode . . . EVER. Pretty convenient it happened on number 100, eh? Anyway, we thought we’d take this opportunity to bring you a very special show, chockablock with some of RoAb’s best moments.  We’ll be playing a few of our favorite games like THE PRICE IS CORRECT and VERSUS, but first we wanted to take a little trip down dementia boulevard . . . . I mean, memory lane.

Let’s start by hearing how some of today’s panelists introduced themselves on the very first, unaired pilot of RoundAbout. Get ready for plenty of awkward pauses …

Original Pilot Rundown
We like to think things did get better after that, and over the past 100 episodes we’ve done a few passable bits. Remember the time we tried to make the show funnier by introducing a laugh track?

Some of our favorite moments were references to long-running jokes that only the most dedicated RoAb fan could understand. Here’s our Olymp . . . oh, we can’t say that word. Our International Games-themed intro.

Of course we’ve always been a festive bunch, so celebrating the holidays is a must. And there’s perhaps no better way than with one of our favorite guest stars, Jeff Gilbert the velvet voice of NewsRadio 950 in Detroit.

In our two years, we’ve had a bit of turnover. Yes, there was that Canadian guy who left early on without so much as a “See ya later,” but when one of our long-time contributors moves on to better things we don’t let them go quietly into that good night.

However, given that written comedy bits take a considerable amount of effort, we usually just go for the easy yuks. That’s right, it’s sound drop time! Hit it!



So as you can tell, RoundAbout has been a real hit factory. Everything we try works every single time … except when it doesn’t. Anyone remember the “Word of the Day”? How about the first incarnation of “Unsolicited Advice”? This is one that never aired it was so horrible. Our genius idea was to turn the Car Talk concept on its head. Instead of listeners calling us, we decided to call up random listings in the phone book and try and force our expertise on the general public. People didn’t know what podcasts were, so we called ourselves “Radio RoundAbout.”


Based on our test sample, no one in America has a car and certainly no one needs advice. So, when that idea went nowhere we decided to target people we knew had cars: Craigslist posters. But how would we make it funny? Yeah … about that …


So that’s a look back at some of our favorite RoAb moments from the past 730-odd days, but enough of this “RearView” stuff, let’s play some games.  Before we do that, though, our answering machine is really filling up.  Ben, we’d better take a few calls . . .


Well, that was fun . . . ish.  No?  Let’s play a game!


Jefferson Ross, it’s time to get to your baby, The Price is Correct!  Tell our listeners all about this fun competition . . .

Pick One

Pick Two

Pick Three

It’s nearly time to thank some of the fine folks that have made this progrum possible, but Ben, I think we’ve got more messages rolling in . . .


Alright, NOW let’s take that commercial break.


Quick-Silver Motor Oil
Grampy Perkins Confederated Bailing Twine
Safety-Skid Brakes

BENNIGAN!  I think it’s time for more calls!



As I promised at the top of the show we’d be playing a fine selection our best games, and my personal favorite is VERSUS.

As you know, in this faceoff two panelists debate the merits and demerits of one particular vehicle.  The other two — or in this case, many —  pick a winner.  Now . . .

Pro — Michelle
Pro — Steven
Con — Jefferson
Con — Craig
Judge — Zach
Judge — Colin


Pick One

Pick Two

Pick Three




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