Live from NAIAS 2009

January 11th, 2009 at 2:22pm

Autoline’s live coverage of the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Archived Broadcasts:

Hour 1: Subaru, GM, Ford, Chrysler and More
Hour 2: Ford, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes and More
Hour 3: BYD, MINI, GM and More
Hour 4: Fisker, Cadillac, Lincoln, Ford and More

22 Comments to “Live from NAIAS 2009”

  1. LIVE - NAIAS 2009 Preview - Autoline Daily Says:

    [...] via webcam to talk about what he’s expecting to see come out of the Detroit Auto Show. Click Enter Chat to participate. To enter a custom name type “/nick yourname” without the quotes [...]

  2. J Bettis Says:

    Glad to see a live webcast.

  3. Michael Pickholz Says:

    Hello John,
    Do you have any additional info on the Ford/Magna Electric Vehicle tie-up?

  4. Albert J. Pryor Says:

    When are lithium polymer batteries going to be employed in hybrid cars?

  5. /nick richm Says:

    Great show John. Very relevant.

  6. "/nick Merle Says:

    Might Chrysler plan on using small displacement diesel engines in their sub-compact market from perhaps VW? They’re building a minivan for them now and the same small engines are used in Chrysler imports going to Europe? The U.S. needs them bad!

  7. /nick JamesE85 Says:

    What E85 vehicles are new at the Autoshow? Any 4 cylinder new introductions?

  8. Norm peters Says:

    John, The white BYD sedan you keep showing on the webcast is a dead-ringer for he previous generation Toyota Corlla. Did Toyota just sell them the dies for stampin these out?

  9. Ron Paris Says:

    John: What is the purpose of the live chat function on the Detroit show webcast??? I see it as being nothing but distracting!!

  10. Mark Deadrick Says:

    John and Co.

    Great job on the live stream. Watching from from 77F San Diego today. I miss the Detroit show, but don’t miss the time of the year in Detroit. Thanks for keeping is informed for all these years.


  11. Dan Clemons Says:

    Hi John:

    How does the Honda Insight look to you.


  12. Kevin Cross Says:

    Why did Hyundai not come out with another devision for there up scale cars.

  13. Dan Clemons Says:

    Great job John!

    I enjoy your comments as much or more than your guests.

    Thanks for doing this for us.

    Dan Clemons
    Grants Pass, OR

  14. Lenny Says:

    The live chat is what makes it interactive. This is a great format John. Thanks

  15. Darrell L. Rosales Says:

    At last a productive guild that has the ideas to try to make things better with newer concepts. Or wait… Didn’t we have these concepts more than ten years ago? Why didn’t any of the big 3-4 auto industries think that they were useful until now? Is it me or isn’t it mainly now because of a new inforced code of car making conduct in production on a government related issue? E- cars, hybrids, A.I., Green cars, whatever.. It still comes down to the one thing that screwed up most of everything and the reasons we’re all in the hole for it, economically. Money. Yes the ideas to make better and longer lasting cars for American car buyers is great considering we’ve been ripped off for only the last near century. But if you cant make an affordable car, then how much money do you really plan to gain selling the same thing to the American people. Not to mention over sea’s competition and with those companies setting up they’re shops here on our soil over selling us out because they can offer more at the same tag or lower? In my opinion.. Well.. Garbage always runs down hill not up hill. Who ever is closest to the money is witness to the money’s vanishing point. That doesn’t mean lay off a blue collar that works hard to make production.

  16. John Says:

    John McElroy,

    I see the value of the Q & A and the interactivity of the Live Webcast.

    But, after the broadcast, the viewer is facing a one hour and fifteen minute video segment that may or may not fit their specific interests.

    The negative aspects are big download time, devoting one plus hours to something that may not interest you, and no way to navigate through the video segment.

    Would it be possible to break these noon and 4pm webcasts into smaller pieces that could be titled with their specific content, watched completely or skipped through?

  17. Rick Sutherland Says:

    How about a tax break for all cars produced in the YSA? Many of don’t want electric and will never buy them, an if forded to I will buy a motorcycle.

  18. Rick Sutherland Says:

    What are the chances that VW will build the Bluesport? I’d certainly be one of the first buyers. Also it reminds me of the Boxster.

  19. Rick Sutherland Says:

    I am disturbed by the people such as the Women form Autolist, who have decided we all need to have electric cars. I don’t know anyone who wants one’ and most think they are far from being a viable source of transportation. Myself, I will never buy one for any reson and if they produce only electrics I’ll ride motorcycle. GREAT shows from NAIAS thanks very much.

  20. HBinOKC Says:

    Great job on webcast, it needs to be longer. A lot of good questions went by that I saw. The chat worked well enough, but some people can get carried away. SHO must have been typed the most.

    Keep the chat room, but make questions to John by email that someone else could screen. That was quite a juggling act for John.

    All I take away from the NAIAS is Taurus and future EV cars.

    Thanks for producing this for us.

  21. John McElroy Says:

    To HB:

    Thanks for the suggestions on how to handle questions. I think that’s how we’ll do it next time.

  22. John McElroy Says:

    To John:

    Good suggestion about breaking up the interviews into smaller segments. We’ll have to consider something like that next time.