AAH #180 – From Indy to Le Mans, Mose Knows Engines

January 25th, 2013 at 9:00pm

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He spent 55 years developing racing engines with Ford, worked with some of the greatest drivers of the 20th century, and now he’s talking with us! Mose Nowland is the former Senior Motorsport Engineer for Ford Racing, and he’s only recently retired. Having worked on cars for Le Mans, Indy, NASCAR and drag racing, this guy’s no one trick pony. We’ll be asking him to opine on the good ole days and compare them to what’s going on today in racing. Plus, you can bet there’s a discussion of the past week’s hottest topics on tap, including the revelation that Mark Reuss got passed over for Dan Akerson at GM. And, should Corvette spin off into its own brand? Peter De Lorenzo thinks so, and John McElroy thinks his ambitious plan might not be ambitious enough. Joining John and Peter in studio is none other than the man who knew far, far too much: Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics.

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2 Comments to “AAH #180 – From Indy to Le Mans, Mose Knows Engines”

  1. Mike Miller Says:

    AAH is my favorite way to spend an hour. Amazing tonight with all the Ford GT/Racing info. LOVE that period of racing and it was great to hear the back stories. Was fun to watch the AfterHours team smiling as the stories were told. My favorite AAH yet. Keep ‘em coming.

  2. JIM Says:

    Hi guys, I’m a 3rd gen Ford guy, so I have to say it was an honor to here Mose your show, due to being in the Air National Guard I missed the live show. Can you invite him back? I’d love to ask him some questions, thanks, and keep up the good work….