Is the Dodge Dart a Sales Bust?

July 6th, 2013 at 7:01am

The Dodge Dart isn’t hitting sales expectations, so is it fair to consider it a bust? Jim Hall from 2953 Analytics shares his answer.

3 Comments to “Is the Dodge Dart a Sales Bust?”

  1. Gavin Smtih Says:

    One of the problems with the Dart is that Dodge is giving away the Avenger at garage sale prices. The Dart in some cases is more expensive and yet “smaller”. With the announcement of the death of the Avenger, maybe they can get behind the Dart and promote it as a Focus and Cruze competitor that it is.

  2. Paul Laurenzo Says:

    I have driven the new Dart. I’s an amazing big small car! The only thing missing is the GT model. I’ve heard that ordering has now been opened. When they will be delivered, I don’t know, but I believe around September.
    The GT has larger tires, mag wheels and a larger engine. Many have been waiting for this. Let’s wait and see! I believe the Dart GT will take off in sales.

  3. Paul Laurenzo Says:

    Correction: The second sentence should read..It’s and amazing big small car!