2013 Autoline Automotive Draft

July 17th, 2013 at 9:59am

It’s time once again to prove that no one can run a car company like an auto journalist… or so we think. Our contenders are here and ready to go head-to-head as they assemble their automotive dream teams. In addition to stalwart John McElroy of Dymaxion Motors, three newcomers have joined the fray: Csaba Csere of Cheetah Motors, Chris Paukert of Mitty Motors, and Joe White of Rat Rod Global Motors. Charlie Vogelheim MCs the evening’s event, and we’re joined once again by those quick-witted color commentators: Scott Burgess and Mark Phelan.

This year’s draft is one of the most challenging yet! Each team owner has to pick, among other requirements, a company HQ, the perfect brand spokesperson and a talented corporate leader. Which company will draft the best picks? Click “play” to find out!

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