AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: Chrysler Minivan Sales Down, but Up

March 15th, 2008 at 8:00am

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Chrysler Town and Country

Chrysler’s minivan sales are down, but the company says that’s actually pretty good, and the way they explain it actually makes sense.

Sales of the Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Caravan fell 30 percent and 40 percent last month, respectively. But Chrysler says that’s actually pretty good news because all of that drop-off in sales came from them cutting back on their sales to fleet customers.

From a retail standpoint, Chrysler says sales of its minivans are actually going up. So it says all these reports that the minivan segment is sinking are not really accurate.

And that may be true, but the company is still going through an alarming drop-off in sales of minivans. And this just shows how dependant Detroit’s automakers had become to fleet sales and how painful it is to try and reduce those sales.

One Comment to “AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: Chrysler Minivan Sales Down, but Up”

  1. Tom Martin Says:

    And because of fleet sales, you can buy a 3 year old Dodge Caravan for less than half its original MRSP. It’s good to reduce fleet sales.