AAH #231 – Lincoln Rolls Large

February 28th, 2014 at 3:58pm

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- What’s the deal with Geneva? Do we really think “Switzerland = Automobile”?
- Overweight keychains lead to a massive GM recall.
- Detroit makes snubbed again by Consumer Reports.

SPECIAL GUEST: Elaine Bannon, Chief Engineer, Lincoln Navigator
- What’s next for the newly refreshed luxury SUV?

All that and more with Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production; Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press; and Keith Naughton, Bloomberg News

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4 Comments to “AAH #231 – Lincoln Rolls Large”

  1. Nate Says:

    Not another boring show droning on about one particular brand/vehicle…

  2. Mark Says:

    I am hearing all the wrong things from Elaine. I am hearing too much of “needs” of the customers. Satisfying the “needs” of the customer is the bare necessity for luxury brands. What makes something a luxury experience is not satisfying the “needs,” but the “wants.”

    The new Navigator is too much of a departure from the previous gen for me. The previous Nav is iconic. To go from that to the lame whale face of the new bland Lincoln image is the wrong direction. Feels like Lincoln is chasing the Germans in all the wrong ways.

    Lincoln should be proud of its heritage, do something that only Lincoln can do, continue to be iconic in its cars. Do something different from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, who collectively tries to sell us their Germanized luxuries in every imaginable niche with their alphanumeric naming schemes and no icons to speak of.

    Be proud Lincoln! And I want to see a new Continental!

  3. Remmy Says:

    Really like these guys because they ask the right questions. Need to use this group more often.

  4. Frank Says:

    Glad to see FoMoCo investing significantly in Lincoln, whatever the model. I especially do like the “C” – very Rover-esque. Elaine strikes me as a very with-it, “Car-girl” and we should thankful.
    If I had one recommendation:
    Make Lincoln = American Bentley.
    I listened to Lincoln “interior girls” on a previous episode of Autoline, and I really liked their emphasis on new, quality “luxurious” materials that don’t have to be leather all the time.
    ALcantra, satin, etc,…, great ideas and approach to LUXURY.
    Just sayin’,…