Seat Time: 2015 KIA Sedona

October 21st, 2014 at 2:26pm

2015 Kia Sedona

Seat Time is a chance for us to share our impressions of vehicles being tested in the Autoline Garage and at media previews from around the globe.

Reviewer: Chip Drake
Manufacturer: KIA
Make: KIA
Model: Sedona
Type: Multi-Purpose Vehicle (see: Minivan)
Competitors: Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna; Nissan Quest
Price: L-$25,900; LX-$32,100; EX-$36,100; SX-$39,700 ($895-destination charge)
Made in: Sohari Plant; Soha-dong,Gwangmyeong, South Korea
Drivetrain: 3.3-liter V6 Lambda GDI with 276-horsepower
EPA Ratings: 18city, 24highway, 20combined

Final Impression:

2015 Kia Sedona interior“Please don’t call this a minivan!”

If we heard this once we heard it countless times during the KIA Sedona media drive launching its all-new Multi-Purpose Vehicle. Of course the KIA team wasn’t so much excoriating the media as it was making a point: that even though it looks like a minivan — with a touch more styling — and acts like a minivan with the kind of room you’re used to — this vehicle is so much more than the aforementioned family hauler. And I do have to say that after spending an afternoon driving the MPV every which way you could — freeways, neighborhoods, hilly terrain and more — this “UN-minivan” was actually fun to drive. Its new 3.3-liter V6 had more than enough power to get me anywhere I needed to and fast, with a ride that was as smooth as the SoCal surf that we passed by.

Now moving from the outside in, there’s an overabundance of soft materials surrounding the cabin — and I do mean soft. Plus, KIA has added a nicely designed and roomy center stack as well as the perfectly layed out Multi Media Interface. All this makes the front cabin more than comfortable.

2014 Kia Sedona First Class Seats

And then if you add in the new First Class-like seating that is optional on the SX, you feel like you’re in a whole different world, and you kinda are because I’m not kidding on the upgraded seating. It seems the idea was born from all the long flights back and forth to South Korea in Business Class. So someone from interiors decided the Sedona should offer a tasty First Class like seat as an option. And I’m here to tell you it’s quite a nice feature. My Sedona was equipped with them and I was as comfortable as I’ve ever been in a miniva…oops, I mean MPV.

Of course when it comes to electronics, the Sedona comes with the usual suite of safety technology that you’ve been hearing from every automaker these days. Coming standard on all trim levels are the initials (warning: this is the reader engagement portion of the review) ECS, TCS, BAS, HAC, EBD, CBC to name a few. Then there are the new driver aid optional features: VSM, SCC, BSD and FCWS.

So besides the good-natured ribbing that the KIA-ites took from the media about their minivan-free nomenclature, the company has really hit this one out of the park. With ride, comfort and power along with that ever-improving UVO Telematics system, KIA has a Multi-Purpose Vehicle that any minivan owner would be proud to park in his or her garage.

One Comment to “Seat Time: 2015 KIA Sedona”

  1. Jon M Says:

    Oh brother, here we go again; too afraid to call a vehicle what it is. God forbid it’s called a minivan!

    Enough of that rant, though. From all appearances, KIA certainly did a much better job at getting back into the MINIVAN market. At least in pictures it doesn’t look as drab and boring as the previous Sedona (wasn’t that a forbidden minivan). There aren’t too many ways to dress up a refrigerator box to appeal to enthusiasts, but any attempt to add some design appeal isn’t a bad thing for those who have to make the necessary adjustment to their car collection. And if the driving dynamics aren’t so Charmin ultra soft so much the better.