April 24th, 2008 at 2:48pm

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We keep hearing about hybrids and diesels and fuel cells, but the gasoline engine still has a lot of room to it.

Even though diesels, hybrids and fuel cells seem to be getting all the attention these days, don’t count the gasoline internal combustion engine out just yet. There are all kinds of technologies coming that will make it a lot more efficient.

And while those technologies will cost more, they’ll still be cheaper than the other major alternatives. The rule of thumb being discussed in the industry is that it takes aboutBMW M3 V8 Small $4,000 to get a diesel to meet U.S. emission standards, and it takes about $6,000 to convert a car to become a strong hybrid.

But as an engineer told me, “Let me add $1,000 to my gasoline engine and I’ll show you what I can do to boost fuel economy.” In other words, if we shower some money on conventional technology it can make some major improvements.

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