AD #1584 – Italian Companies Are Hot Targets, Patent Lawsuits Exploding, All-New 2016 Jag XF

March 25th, 2015 at 11:58am

Runtime: 7:26

- Italian Companies Are Hot Targets
- Number of Patent Lawsuits Exploding
- Virtual Keys Coming to Fleet Operators
- Jaguar Shows New XF, We Think
- Is the UAW Willing to Give or Just Take?

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28 Comments to “AD #1584 – Italian Companies Are Hot Targets, Patent Lawsuits Exploding, All-New 2016 Jag XF”

  1. Mike Says:

    I think there is another point to the Italian story. Italy is a famous source of artistic creativity. It may be a way for the Chinese to buy the creative output (Vehicle body designs, fashionable clothing, etc.) and then combine it with there ascending manufacturing prowess. It again speaks to passionate desire of the Chinese to be the center of the Automotive industry.

  2. RumNCoke Says:

    The UAW wants better benefits? Is that even possible!?!?

    Off topic – Want some fun? Use the Porsche Macan configurator. I started with the base model and carefully added some selected options. Really nothing crazy – just a few performance and comfort bits. The result? My final price was 154% of the base model S. I think you might actually be able to double the price of the car if you added everything. That’s nuts.

  3. Buzzerd Says:

    John – I don’t think you can make a direct comparison in wages when you include profit sharing. First – some companies have it and some don’t so that muddies the water, 2nd because it’s a floating number what year do you use to compare? or do you take the medium? But I think the most important point would be that it’s ” profit sharing” if the company isn’t making as much the worker’s wage goes down, but of course if they are making more the wage goes up but isn’t that a good thing? In other words when you compare wages including the profit sharing isn’t it a good thing that your workers are at or near the top? doesn’t that mean you are making lots of $$$$$$$ or wold you rather make less money so your total compensation is less?

  4. C-Tech Says:

    Why is FCA not in the mix to buy Pininfarina?

    I like the Jaguar XF but it inspires no passion. It doesn’t stand out the way a BMW, Mercedes, or even a Cadillac does now.

  5. C-Tech Says:

    Why is FCA not in the mix to buy Pininfarina?

    I like the Jaguar XF but it inspires no passion. It doesn’t stand out the way a BMW, Mercedes, or even a Cadillac does now.

  6. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ C-Tech: That is a damn good question.One would think that FCA would be all over it.But,I don’t know how well FCA’s coffers are filled….if they’re filled..

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 The best available option is European delivery, which is free. That would be fun, touring the plant, etc. Still, with no options, the Macan is a kind of pricey $54K, but I’m sure it drives well, for a CUV.

  8. John McElroy Says:

    FCA is about to spin Ferrari off, so I think the better question is why doesn’t Ferrari buy Pininfarina?

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 All of these $60K-80K sedans, and none of them seems even close to being worth almost twice as much as a well equipped Chrysler 300 or Chevy Impala.

  10. pedro fernandez Says:

    Took a brief ride in a new Impala and I don’t understand why I don’t see any around, if I were in the market for such a car, that would be my first choice, a bargain, luxury car.

  11. Brett Says:

    Most likely because they aren’t sold by Toyota dealers, Pedro.

  12. HtG Says:

    9.10 Weird what people value. One way I look at it is that we’re meaning machines and herd animals. Look at how much more brands can charge for t-shirts with a high end logo’s content. And what’s someone with a high income but low auto interest to do, but look at what their perceived peers are driving?

    You watch what happens when Apple’s watch goes on sale.

  13. HtG Says:

    But yeah, that new Jaguar will hopefully be more interesting to see in the flesh in a week or so at,……, wait for it,…..the New York Autoshow!

  14. C-Tech Says:

    HtG I like the new autos more in person than in pictures now and the Corvette and Charger are perfect examples of that. It could be the computers 3d design software.

  15. HtG Says:

    14 There’s so much more surface detail in cars today, photos can’t capture it on a screen. I also remember an Autoline where John was talking to designers about paint, and one said she liked working with grays. I notice a lot of other hues in some gray metallic finishes; no way a photo can show that.

  16. XA351GT Says:

    Why are my posts not showing up?

  17. HtG Says:

    type a line of Xs across the top of your post XA. The server is set up to reject spam profiles.

  18. pedro fernandez Says:

    #11, See if GM and Toyota had not ended their partnership, they could have put the Avalon name on the Impala and it would have sold like hotcakes.

  19. XA351GT Says:

    HtG ,but it posted my post about my post not showing up. Is their a filter on certain words? Not curse words ,but U A W ? Both posts were about that and wham they didn’t post.

  20. HtG Says:

    Odd stuff has happened to some of my posts too, XA. Ben has the Autoline server necessarily set up to bounce spam as far as I can tell; I don’t know the key, yet. Yet.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    XA, I’ve had posts not work, for reasons I didn’t know. Also, occasionally a post has to “wait for moderation” because I typed my name or email wrong.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 That is so true. If the current Impala were sold as an Avalon, with Toyota styling cues, it would do great. The Impala is much more luxurious than the current Avalon, ride-wise, and probably has more room. I don’t know the sales numbers of either, though.

  23. C-Tech Says:

    Jeremy Clarkston will be gone from TopGear for 2016 and will be suspended for the rest of 2015 if I understand correctly. John and Sean you may want to inquiry if you want another guest host.

  24. Brett Says:

    I expect that Sky will snap up Mr. Clarkson and produce a new automotive enthusiast show designed around him.

    The co-hosts are up for contract renewal the end of March, too. Mr. May was quoted yesterday about Clarkson, “Yes, I think he’s a knob, but I like working with him.” :)

  25. C-Tech Says:

    I guess the producer Clarkston sent to the emergency room does not feel the same.

  26. MJB Says:

    I can’t believe how under-whelming the interior has become on the new Jag XF. Jaguar used to be the gold standard of upscale auto interiors with wood, chrome and leather galore. Now it looks like any other bland cabin. Thumbs down, Jaguar. And put the chrome back in that grille!

  27. Jim Thykeson Says:

    The UAW has been giving concessions for the last 30 yrs.! The 2-tier wage system lets the company hire these workers at street-level low wages and keeps them there for a LONG period of time, while phasing out the tenured worker. when you figure in the cost abatement figured and the tax depreciation schedule along with hourly plant operating costs (some $5.00 per hr. less) our U.S. plants have a ‘killer’ advantage over costs in Europe. They can afford the increase in wage costs.

  28. M360 Says:

    #10 – Did you ever notice how similar the 2014 Chevy Impala looks to the 2013 Honda Accord? It’s amazing. Why would you do that?