Seat Time: 2016 Hyundai Tucson

July 31st, 2015 at 4:50pm

MY16 Hyundai Tucson

Seat Time is a chance for us to share our impressions of vehicles being tested in the Autoline Garage and at media previews from around the globe.

Reviewer: Chip Drake
Manufacturer: Hyundai
Make: Hyundai
Model: Tucson
Type: CUV
Competitors: Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rouge, KIA Sportage
Price: FWD SE $22,700 up to AWD Limited Ultimate $34,050 w/ $895 Freight Charge
Made in: Ulsan, Korea
Drivetrain: SE comes w/ 2.0L GDI DOHC 16-Valve CVVT Inline 4; ECO/Sport/Limited comes with 1.6L Turbo-GDI DOHC 16-Valve CVVT Inline 4
EPA Ratings: SE (FWD) 26 combined, (AWD) 23 combined; ECO (FWD) 29 combined, (AWD) 27 combined; Sport/Limited (FWD) 27 combined, (AWD) 26 combined

Final Impression:

MY16 Hyundai Tucson**In honor of Hyundai’s new NFL Sponsorship we offer the following review**

Welcome back to the Main Street Theater in Somewhere, U.S.A., where several automakers are unveiling a group of special vehicles; Once figments from a designer’s imagination, now products in the national spotlight. Welcome to “The Crossover Dream Draft.”  And now here is the League’s Commissioner: Baadee O. Frame

Commissioner Frame:
“With its first selection in the 2016 CD Draft, Hyundai Motor America gives us the 3rd generation Tucson.”

 — Music sting, applause from the audience —

CDD Anchor Taach Screen:
Fresh from its Ulsan, South Korean factory, Hyundai’s all new 5-passenger vehicle is athletic and sleek courtesy of the brand’s Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design philosophy. But in addition to the catchy exterior options like 19-inch wheels and a panoramic sunroof, safety is a big play by the South Korean automaker.

CDD Analyst Blew Tooth:
That’s right. Engineers for this new Tucson more than doubled the high-strength steel in its frame; giving you 51% — that’s more than half!!  But when you’re talking safety, the real story is inside where you can blanket you & your passengers with the likes of blind-spot warning, lane-change assist, and Hyundai’s newest protection package, the Automatic Emergency Braking system.

T. Screen:  Yea, but let’s not forget you drive for show and putt for dough.

B. Tooth:  Hey, you’re mixing up your sports metaphors…

TS:  Sorry, from now on I’ll keep it within the numbers. And speaking of numbers, how about these?  The Tucson is 3-inches longer than the last gen, over an inch wider and about 6 more cubic feet of cargo room? Pretty good, eh?

BT:  Yea, but there are some other numbers you’ve got there that are more telling. Why don’t you hit us with those?

TS:  Right you are. In addition to the holdover 2.0-Liter engine from the 2015, Hyundai offers a brand new 1.6-Liter turbocharged powertrain that’s paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch AT which is available on three of the four trim levels.

BT:  What a segue. And let me tell you about those trims. Hyundai starts with the SE where you get that 2.0-Liter powertrain in either Front or All-Wheel Drive getting you from 26 to 23 mpgs combined. Next up, The ECO with that new 1.6-Liter turbocharged engine and about 28 miles per gallon. Then there’s the Sport & the Limited with the same engine that come in just under that number.

TS:  And before we go back for the next selection, Hyundai says that its new Tucson interior was inspired by famed designer Eero Saarinen’s Main Terminal at Washington’s Dulles Airport.

BT:  How do you put an airport terminal into the front seat of a compact crossover?

TS:  I don’t know since I’m just an anchor, but Hyundai’s designers did it and it looks beautiful.

BT:  You know what else is beautiful about this car? The ride. I took this baby out for both some street and freeway driving and was amazed how smooth the ride was. In addition, there was so little road noise I thought I was in a tanning booth.

TS:  Well, maybe we should let you get back there…the tanning booth not the Tucson.

BT:  I appreciate the thought but you know what I appreciate more? The cost of the Tucson.

TS:  Again, with the segues…perrrfect!

BT:  Yep. It ranges anywhere from an SE with Front Wheel drive starting at $22,700 up to the Limited Ultimate which registers at $34,050. And let’s not forget the $895 Freight Charge.

TS:  We’re about to go back to the Commissioner with the next pick, but before we go, how do you think the 2016 Hyundai Tucson will do once it hits the field?

BT:  Without a doubt it’s a top ten first rounder with the looks, agility, speed and extras to make it big in this league. A future Pro Bowler for sure.  That aid, we’ll be right back.

— Music sting, dissolve to wide shot of the theater —

Remember, the CDD may only be a fantasy, but dreams do come true; Especially for automakers including Hyundai who finds itself at the top of the compact crossover class building first class cars like the 2016 Tucson.

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