AD #1743 – Fiat Shows New Mid-Size Pick-Up, Kei Car Concepts, Experts Say Navistar May Go Under

November 12th, 2015 at 11:48am

Runtime: 7:58

- GM May Use Architectures Longer
- Profit Margin Ranks
- Kei Car Concepts
- Experts Say Navistar May Go Under
- Fiat Shows New Mid-Size Pick-Up
- Can You Identify This Car?

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31 Comments to “AD #1743 – Fiat Shows New Mid-Size Pick-Up, Kei Car Concepts, Experts Say Navistar May Go Under”

  1. NickT Says:

    The grille would dictate is a Packard. My guess, its a 1925 Packard.. maybe a 236 coupe.

  2. HtG Says:

    Looking at those Kei car concepts it can only mean Syd Mead and Ridley Scott are teaming up to make Bladerunner Two. Great scoop, Autoline.

  3. Kurt Meixner Says:

    The new mid size pickup from Fiat looks like a rebadged Mitsubishi. And if it is rebadged Mitsubishi is the the partner that FCA has been looking for?

  4. Hugh Says:

    Outstanding job on the newly revised web site. Very professional and very high-tech!

    Hugh in TN

  5. Marshall Says:

    Sad to hear that Navistar is in trouble. My father used to work at International Harvester as a Design Engineer.

  6. G.A.Branigan Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if FCA brought in that midsize pickup,with a diesel option.

  7. David Sprowl Says:

    Packard 8 maybe mid 1920′s model

  8. Rob Says:

    The Kei concepts look more like Hotwheels.

  9. Glenn Says:

    Sad to hear about Navistar. Back in the 1960′s and early 70′s my Grand Father owned an IH dealership where they sold and serviced medium duty truck and school buses. They also sold the original IH Scouts. Growing up I remember all the different models he owned.

  10. aliisdad Says:

    Here’s hope that some company will decide to bring in a small/midsize pickup… I really believe that there is a market for people like me who only need a small pickup for “home” use like bringing a few boards home from the hardware store or some bags of barkdust, etc… They could be pretty basic to keep the price reasonable, yet higher content versions could be offered for people who might use it more for commuting or as an only car…
    Recently, I was looking at Toyota and Nissan pickups that were pretty entry-level models (although there are no really basic, entry-level models offered these days), and the starting price was more than some very nice sedans they also offered… Again, I really do believe that there is a market for smaller pickups here in the US…
    By the way, companies like FIAT, Toyota, GM (Opel), and Ford already offer these kinds of pickups in other markets, so it does not seem that they would have to even design a new one; however, there are probably changes needed to adapt to US regulations…

  11. KEVIN M Says:


  12. Denis M Says:

    Love the new format guys.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    My great uncle had a couple Navistar products, a Farmall H and a Farmall M.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 It seems that no one wants to sell small, basic pickups in the U.S., because they would take highly profitable sales away from the big trucks. If you could get a new, modern equivalent to a 1979 Datsun pickup for $14K, it would cost tens, or maybe hundreds of thousands of sales of expensive big pickups.

  15. Rich Brager Says:

    Thanks Nick. I looked up some pix of 1925 Packards and it looks right although the pix I saw had a different radiator cap ornament. Maybe they had different ones to choose from.

  16. chuck Says:

    1927ish Packard sedan delivery truck

  17. Roger Blose Says:

    Yes the new format and graphic layout are a big improvement. Great job.

  18. Stuart Says:

    Not a Packard. It’s a mid-20′s Buick

  19. Rob Says:

    10&14 I agree I have held onto my 17 year old Ram for the few times a year I need a truck. The problem is even if a small truck was on the market the bed size would be too small. Its almost to the point of just putting a lightweight hitch on the car and buy a trailer for the few times I need to haul stuff.

  20. Duke Says:

    #10 Although, not confirmed by Ford (“Ford does not comment on speculation or future product plans.”), the Ranger is rumored to be headed for production by 2020 in Michigan (MAP), followed shortly thereafter by a new Bronco. That seems to be the most common “rumors” that have been swirling around for several months.

    And Kit has it right IMO. The days of ultra-cheap small / mid-sized PU’s are gone for more than one reason. The commercial market has gone to Transit Connects (etc) for deliveries (in lieu of the old stripper Ranger/S-10), and if you look at the retail sales points for the GM midsize twins, I think that you will see that crew-cabs (4dr) are selling hotter than 2 dr low-content/strippers. You prolly won’t like the ATP of them, or even the new Taco.

    You can always pickup one of those old-time Ranger/S-10/Taco/Datsun 720/Mazda B-Series and rebuild (resto-mod)it.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 I use a 4×8 tilt trailer for my occasional “truck” needs. I put a hitch is on my ’89 minivan when it was almost new, because I expected to keep it a long time. I still have the van, so I haven’t needed to buy and install any more hitches for 26 years, and counting.

  22. Bradley Says:


    This sounds like the same thinking that suppressed R&D from the Saturn Brand for 10 years. Because GM thought it was so advanced.

    Companies will always save a buck where they can, if GM wants to do it by extending architecture’s lifespans…go ahead. However, this sounds like the standard GM Spin.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Chrysler’s best products have 15-20 year old architecture. If the GM platforms now being designed are good, they can go a long time, with the requisite styling, tech, and interior changes.

  24. Enn Norak Says:

    The dog radiator mascot gives the mystery car away. The Mack brothers made some steam and electric cars before becoming famous for truck manufacturing. I say this is an early Mack car.

  25. paulstewart Says:

    Is the Fiat truck rear wheel drive OR front wheel drive with option of All Wheel Drive ? Just asking ? Come on Autoline ! U can do better than this .

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23 From what I could find, it is derived from a Mitsubishi, and has mandatory 4wd.

  27. RS Says:

    What an interesting picture – I have a few of these in my old family albums as well.

    Several features point to this being a Packard from the early 1920s, probably 1920 – 1922.

    The fender creases and the curve of the fender line
    Shape of the headlights – and the fact they are mounted on a crossbar
    Shape of the radiator – an early Packard characteristic starting around 1914
    Round top of the hood bending into the distinctive Packard shoulders all the way from the radiator to the firewall
    Sharp creases along the hinge line of the hood

    The fact that the radiator is body color – not chrome – likely put the year before 1923.
    The relatively short windshield disqualifies it from having a limousine body. But the windshield is probably not short enough for a roadster.

    Someone is clearly visible through the windshield, standing to the right of the car near the rear tire and relatively unobstructed by pillars. There is also a clear view inside the garage. So this could be a Touring body. But we are in front of a garage. If this is a work-in-progress, part of the body might have been removed. That would account for the clear view into the garage behind the car – the top and the back part of the body may have been removed.

    Again, thank you for the picture!

  28. Todd C Says:

    I think the barn find is a 1923-24 Packard six

  29. paulstewart Says:

    Thanks 23 !

  30. wmb Says:

    While it appears that GM has made out good with their midsize trucks, IMHO, I think that FCA and Ford need to strong consider whether or not they should get back into that market here in the US. Ford has just invested all that tech and resources into aluminum for their F-150 and FCA’s Ram has only continued to gain market share! To potentially cut into that, by reintroducing a midsize truck that proves to be a run away success may cut into the profits of each automakers cash cow. It would make more since to introduce one of two vehicles at a starting price of just under $20,000. One would be a vehicle like the Honda Ridgeline or Hyundai’s concept Santa Cruz. Using a platform that is already paid for, yet already prepared for truck like duty would save cost and arrive time to market. With FCA phasing out the Journey SUV and the next Ford Explorer moving to a new platform (the current one having been originally designed in the late 90′ to early 00′s, I would imagine that those bones have to been paid off some time ago), using these as starting points could prove cost effective. Or they could use a RWD truck platform from one of their other markets that, that in it’s largest configuration (four door crew cab 4×4), is considerably shorter and narrower then their two door full size truck (maybe about the size of the American Ranger from the mid to late 90′s). Obviously this would put them at a disadvantage to GM’s midsize twins in performance and accommodations, but not necessarily for the customer that they’re targeting and competing for!

  31. wmb Says:

    Having a chance to think about it farther, I think that FCA may have an opportunity in front of them. It is rumored that the next Jeep Wrangler may be made of aluminum. Suppose, if you will, that they pull the trigger and build a compact 2 and 4 door truck version off of that Wrangler aluminum platform. To help defray the cost of that platform, this compact truck Jeep could share with Ram. While all models could be offered as 4×4′s, only the Jeep versions could ever be “Trail Rated” and come with a Highlander model. But this is were it gets interesting for Ram. For not only would their two and four door models come in Longhorn editions, gut they could also put a SRT model on the street! With a relatively light, compact aluminum body and a name like Rampage, this baby Ram could be the modern day GMC Cyclone of our era!