AAH #358 – Where Henry Ford Stood

December 9th, 2016 at 11:32am

Audio-only version:

01:16 - A Peek at the Piquette Museum
32:30 - Trump’s EPA Choice and his Automotive Advisors
45:19 - Doctor Data: Amazon Snowmobile
48:50 - Is Apple Back in the Autonomy Game?
57:44 – Phone call: Electric powered vehicles
01:00:12 – Phone call: Ford EcoSport
01:10:29 – Discussion continues…bonus footage!

SPECIAL GUEST: Nancy Darga, Executive Director, Piquette Museum

PANEL:  John McElroy, Autoline.tv; Gary Vasilash, AD&P; and Joe Szczesny, The Oakland Press

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2 Comments to “AAH #358 – Where Henry Ford Stood”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Even with the bad EU fuel tests, if a car gets say tested 50mpg in Europe, real world MPG is coming in at 38mpg. Urea injection just mean the days of small diesel engines (under 1.9L) is gone. Bigger diesel in bigger cars have the space for Urea injection. What we will see is cars that don’t meet emission standard X, will be charged a premium to drive into certain cities. London has it now, more EU cities will have it soon. Beijing will do it soon.

  2. Stephen Says:

    The issue is if Trump decides to cut the US car industry plenty slack to emit what they want, individual states will follow the CA model once citizens see smog levels rise. At some stage it will hurt US car makers when there is a tech gap between what’s sold in the US vs what’s sold in the rest of the world. A trade war with China over cars won’t hurt US car exports but if China says no cars that emit X are allowed, that will hurt US car makers in China. Ironically China wants to move to US testing standards as the EU ones were too easy to game. The EU car makers know the damage of poor test standards and have lost the lobbying prowess they once had. Now EU car makers will have to bet big on electric. They are miles behind Tesla (who isn’t?), hybrid tech like Toyota and even GM. Now diesel can’t come to the rescue.