AAH #13 – Dame Diesel

June 25th, 2009 at 8:55pm

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Octogenarian autowriting and racing icon Denise McCluggage joins the boys — John, Peter and Jason — for a 60-minute high speed discussion on all things automotive. Starting with a black and white look back into her past as a guest on the ’50s game show “To Tell the Truth” and onto her passionate desire for diesel future, they manage to squeeze in a few other topics like Cash for Clunkers, Chrysler’s Empty Product Pantry and even a “marriage proposal” for Ms. McCluggage. Maybe she’ll deal with that one in our “Rapid Fire” round. Oh, and don’t forget to get an update on where you stand with our “After Hours” contest on just when GM will exit Bankruptcy. Sad to report, we already have some losers.

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5 Comments to “AAH #13 – Dame Diesel”

  1. blackbart Says:

    We should allow diesels in US if they meet euro emmision levels. Were still burning coal here! Diesel has to be cleaner than that. Why isn’t water/methanol injection being used to clean up diesel Nox levels instead of urea injection? Both my vehicles are diesel trucks getting 19-20 mpg-sure wish I could get biodiesel here in CA.

  2. Derek Says:

    Ike is awesome – I’m glad you allow him on set. My question is when does he get worked into the show? Did you ever get a GMC Envoy Pet Pro as a press car? Or, at the very least, what is his favorite car/truck of all time?

    re: http://4wheeloffroad.automotive.com/1198/gmc-envoy-pet-pro/index.html

  3. John McElroy Says:


    We definitely will work Ike into the show at the appropriate moment.

    His favorite car is the PT Cruiser becasue he finds it very easy to get in and out of the back seat.

  4. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Hi John,good show last night,and thanks for bringing on a diesel fan.I believe that despite the general reluctance in this country to buy a diesel,I also believe that as soon as enough of the clean diesels get into mainstream america the sooner we will get much lower fuel prices.

    Diesel fuel is actually a by product of the gasoline making process,so that huge jump last year was indeed a fresh steaming pile.With the mandate for e85 coming soon,I also believe that a mandate should be made for the making and running of B50 bio diesel.

    Bio diesel can be made cheaper then e85.Also we can make bio diesel without cutting into our own food chain.I would have thought that most thinking people knew that.I also thought that the once big 3 would have been more attentive to their customer base in requesting clean diesels.

    I am hoping that with Mahindra’s move into this country,with 2 clean diesel pickup trucks and a diesel suv to follow,all priced where our gas counterparts are now or cheaper,it will wake up america and the other manufacturers.In closing I hope that you do more shows on the clean diesel technology and maybe not always sound so negative about it.Look at the pricing for the upcoming Mahindra products and take heart.

  5. Wolfys Friend Says:

    John -

    I have to call you guys out for the Grand Cherokee discussion on After Hours, bagging on the current design and how “Design got it wrong” according to Mr. Vines, and how Daimler did not affect it. The design started out fantastic…then was encumbered by multiple bone-headed “should it be three row?” discussions from the ill-strategized “Product Strategy” and “Marketing” groups, who clearly did not understand the GC customer….(hence the Commander folly).

    The 2011 Grand Cherokee was done by a good friend of mine from CCS, a younger designer, and the design was Managed by the same guy who worked on the last theme (05-10WK). So, Design is not the problem here.

    The original WK theme was AWESOME. It was more chiseled than the previous WJ, but that was the design trend. The front end was originally designed before Daimler, and specifically before Wolfgang Bernhard got his mits on it. The original front end design was very technical, precise and VERY Grand Cherokee. Wolfy got his NON DESIGN mits on it, and plugged a horrendous “E-Class” style front end on it, which he oversaw personally. What a shame.

    The new one promises to return the Grand to the Grand Cherokee, because Ralph and, believe it or not, Press et al, LET THE DESIGNERS DESIGN!


    Wolfy’s friend.

    PS – Wolfgang ALSO brought you front end design hits on the Durango (UGH), and the Sebring (DOUBLE UGH)…How do I know? I was THERE as a designer watching it all go down….what a shame. All the cars Wolfy had to do with where bunk..


    Cheers! and FYI