The (Future) King of Bling – Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

September 12th, 2017 at 1:41pm

BMW is stepping into the full-size SUV segment with the 3-row X7. It’s all about presence and prestige, and the secret to the design is in its subtle details. This concept demonstrates what’s coming to showrooms in 2018.

One Comment to “The (Future) King of Bling – Frankfurt Motor Show 2017”

  1. Alan Jadczak Says:

    John, On the X7′s right hand side, the rear door has a trim piece that extends rearward from the top of the door handle device. This trim is not on the front door nor is it on the left side of the vehicle. Why would they do this in such a prestige vehicle? The front of this vehicle looks too massive for me, I don’t care for how this looks. I do however, like the openness of the interior.