AD #2269 – New Avalon Has Bold Grille, Ram Reveals the New 1500, Acura Unveils RDX Prototype

January 16th, 2018 at 11:43am

Runtime: 7:09

0:19 2019 Toyota Avalon
1:03 Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept
1:23 2019 Ram 1500
2:44 Nissan Xmotion Concept
3:14 Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept
3:44 2019 Volkswagen Jetta
4:46 2019 Acura RDX Prototype
5:46 2019 Hyundai Veloster & Veloster N

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32 Comments to “AD #2269 – New Avalon Has Bold Grille, Ram Reveals the New 1500, Acura Unveils RDX Prototype”

  1. DROMANSKI Says:

    Avalon new grill… It takes my breath away!Awful!

  2. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Avalon grill is huge (but better than the Lexus’ spindle) so that’s a step in the right direction.

  3. MJB Says:

    Okay… Contrary to some folk on this forum, and many folk out in public, I happen to love the new Lexus spindle grilles.

    However, this hideousness that is now gracing, err, defacing the Avalon’s front end has taken on an ugliness that is otherworldly.

  4. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Awful! The grills on toyota and lexus are ugly! What is going on with Toyota? Someone must like them…not me!

  5. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Hate to see the new RDX without a V6. I don’t like turbo engines and the issues with them long term. My current 2013 Honda AWD with the 3.5 V6 gets 30+ mpg on the interstate doing 75 to 80mph.

  6. Barry Says:

    The new Avalon grille does standout in the crowd of sedans but not in a good way. For me, it’s just ugly and doesn’t go with the rest of the body design.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I miss the transcripts. I hope they return, maybe after the auto show?

  8. Jim Adcock Says:

    The grill on the Lexus & Toyota resemble the steam locomotive cow catchers. Ugly on a car.

  9. XA351GT Says:

    That’s a nice looking grille in the Ram F150. WTH is with everyone aping the same shape grille? That makes about 6-7 different makes all with that Aston Martin like grille shape. And then of course is that face only a mother could love on the Avalon and the Nissan . Wow has everyone either gone blind or boring. Have they actually run out of ideas?

  10. XA351GT Says:

    Oh I would like to congratulate Toyota and making a grille actually uglier than the original Subaru Tribeca grille.

  11. WineGeek Says:

    Avalon grill is UGLY!

  12. buzzerd Says:

    Avalon….. yea… how about that. I don’t like to declare things as ugly or not because beauty really is in the eye of the beholder but wow….. K, it’s pretty ugly.

  13. Steven Says:

    Is Toyota/Lexus just trying to prove that people will buy a butt-ugly cars? As much as I admire their engineering, they really need to get a grip with their styling dept. Those grills are ridiculous, and they are’t stopping with the grills. OMG.

  14. Lambo2015 Says:

    Toyota, Bigger isn’t always better and you have proven that with your new grill. I remember back in the day when automakers were trying to make the cars aerodynamic and the grills all but disappeared like in the 1985 Taurus where they pulled most air from underneath and the little opening around the blue oval. So I find it ironic that as they move toward electric and getting the best mpg using smaller engines they design grills that can cool most Mack trucks. So how aerodynamic are these new cars with these humongous grills?

  15. Joe Pastor Says:

    IMHO, biggest news out of Acura is they’re going to bring a turbo-charged V6 to the party, exclusive to Acura (meaning no Honda equivalent). Couple that with a radical interior redesign, and it looks like Acura has finally come up with meaningful ways to differentiate themselves from the mothership. Marry that V6 with SH-AWD in to a TLX, and could be looking at a huge boost for the brand, something I really didn’t think possible: well done, Acura!

  16. Joe Pastor Says:

    A glaring absence at the NAIAS is absolutely no meaningful mention of electrification from any OEM. I guess this shows that any electrification is really long term, not what OEMs expect to or want to sell right now.

  17. Bradley Says:

    The Lexus grill looks so nice in person. I assume the Avalon will too.

    I really like the Lexus grill (I own an IS250).

  18. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Kit – Have no fear, the transcript will be back

  19. Lawrence Says:

    I must agree with Frederick Schmidt, that the grille on Lexus and Avalons leave much to be desired. The Lexus have that crushed beer-can look, and the previous Avalon looked like it was a last minute transplant from another design source. And now the update appears to be a huge void filled with chicken wire that is actually a vulnerable looking cheap plastic.
    But we all must agree that today the possible permutations and combinations have dwindled drastically.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 Thanks, Sean

  21. Kit Says:

    All cars have gotten so equal in many ways, that manufacturers need to differentiate their products from the competition. With Lexus, it’s the spindle grill. Most people don’t seem to like it, but enough do like it that Lexus sales have stayed ok. Toyota brand styling isn’t so great either, to many people. I bought a Prius in spite of, rather than because of the styling. The current Prius looks best at night; the tail lights look cool when on, at least to me, but not so good in the light of day.

    It seem like some things, like the CUE system in Cadillacs may be costing sales. Cadillac has good products, that deserve to sell better than they do. Cadillac, check out Chevy’s “infotainment” system.

  22. lambo2015 Says:

    #21 ha ha Yes Kit the Prius is like that hot woman in a dark night club. Looks great in the dark with flashy lights and distractions and then get out in the day light and your like Ohhhh Noooo. But hey at least you get good gas mileage.

  23. Steve Henderson Says:

    I can’t stand the grill on the Avalon including the any Lexus. Then I notice the Hyundai Veloster is much the same. Maybe it’s just me….Toyota is great for reliability & performance but I for one don’t like the big MOUTH….Ram truck thumbs up….coming from a GM guy.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 Great gas mileage, and utility with 5 1/2 foot floor. Also, very good reliability.

  25. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Yes the new Ram looks much better than before. The interior looks nice. Nice to see a trend going towards less bulk and more refinement.

  26. Terry Quinn Says:

    Avalon front end looks like some kind of bug catcher. Butt ugly.

  27. Terry Quinn Says:

    With that grills, the Avalon may turn out to be the Edsel of the 21st century.

  28. Air Pilot Says:

    You are correct Terry, This new design of fake large grills is like, where are you going with this idea. Clean out a fake black grill with bugs smash in it over works me. I agree twice, it’s kind of Edsel like.

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25 I agree. I’m not much into big pickup trucks, but I like the less brutal look of the new Ram. I hope it sells well, and the other companies take notice.

  30. Earl Says:

    #27…. You just hit the nail on the head….Avalon, the Edsel of the 21st Century.

  31. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Edsel was to Ford, what Scion was to Toyota, another “brand,” with no need.

  32. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Kit….perfect analogy. Use to like Toyota until my 08 Highlander awd had drive train issues and noise. I had at the time an 00 awd rx300 with none of the issues. Toyota has become difficult for me to consider buying. Shame. I now own a Honda and a Nissan. No issues! Both only back to dealer for one recall each. Toyota styling I hope will leave this grill obsession soon.