AAH #411 – Death of the diesel and Michigan’s move into Mobility

March 2nd, 2018 at 10:13am

Audio-only version:

SPECIAL GUEST: Trevor Pawl, Group VP, MEDC

04:20 Planet M
39:53 – Win a free Katzkin custom leather interior!
40:46 – Dr Data
47:07 – Can Fred Diaz save Mitsubishi in the U.S.?
57:44 – Sind Diesel zum Scheitern verurteilt? (Are diesels doomed?)
1:01:57 Geely Now Daimler’s Largest Shareholder
1:06:06 – The Society of Cult Brands honors Jeep (seriously)


- John McElroy, Autoline.tv
- Gary Vasilash, AD&P
- Dustin Walsh, Crain’s Detroit Business

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2 Comments to “AAH #411 – Death of the diesel and Michigan’s move into Mobility”

  1. rey Says:

    The Chinese are coming!The CEO of Geely /owner now of Volvo and now 10% of Daimler is just the first step in Technology transfer of Crash & Safety standards,the Chinese are not really interested in ICE,that is a dying technology and auto drivetrains in the future are going to electrified, China is going to dictate the future of mobilty with Tesla in the USA doing its share,Chrysler is not worth anything except for the Jeep brand,that is why Great Wall passed on that talks last year,maybe in the next 2-3 years FCA will unload Chrys. and some Chinese co. will pick on the bones, Chrys.is a dead man walking.

  2. Bob Wilson Says:

    Diesels will continue to have a place as you’ve pointed out in full size pickups and delivery vans. VW and friends have shown they don’t scale well for smaller vehicles.