ROAD TEST: Nissan Cube Krom

August 27th, 2009 at 11:30am

Runtime 4:11

Let’s take a look at the Krom edition of Nissan’s quirky answer to Scion–the Cube. The styling is odd, but goes just far enough to work, however it does present some annoying drawbacks. On the road the powertrain leaves a bit to be desired, but the rewarding fuel economy may just be worth it.

3 Comments to “ROAD TEST: Nissan Cube Krom”

  1. Preston Says:

    I agree the proof is in the pudding, but its the Jello Puddin.

  2. sam Says:

    John,thank you for your honesty, just keep telling it like it is. I personally think this
    car borders on being ugly. Something this small
    might be fine for Japan, but out here in the wide
    open spaces, I don’t know, seems risky like crossing the golden gate bridge on a windy day,
    carnival rides belong in carnivals.

  3. Renate Says:

    boy do i love to have fun with this car!,…such dismal sales numebrs,…yet,such an incredible car!,…i think nissan might finally be getting the message,[ i've heard rumours from my highly placed car folks that they finally have declared defeat,and will on all likelyhood kill this fairly soon]…that no-one really wants a 100,000 dollar nissan,…which is a shame,…’cause it truly is a remarkable acheivement, a techno-wonder car,…problem is that at that dollar cost,…people don’t really want a nissan,…they want a porsche,…this car’s arch enemy,…sorry nissan, thinks you’re days are numbered, and at some not to distant point,…they’ll discontinue this car,…which is actually rather sad,…no-ones gonna buy this newer version either,..people at that cost point are badge snobs,…and ain’t gonna spend 100k on a nissan!