2019 RAM Heavy Duty – NAIAS 2019

January 15th, 2019 at 9:34am

SPECIAL GUEST: Ralph Gilles, Head of Global Design, FCA

RAM’s goal for 2019 is to be number 2 in U.S. truck sales and one of the vehicles that will help it get there is the new RAM Heavy Duty. Plus, how Head of Design, Ralph Gilles keeps all of FCA’s brands connected, yet separate.

3 Comments to “2019 RAM Heavy Duty – NAIAS 2019”

  1. Dale Leonard Says:

    I noticed in the beginning of the interview Ralph called you Kevin. Did you change your name when we were not looking,John?

  2. mike Says:

    @Dale – I think he is saying “kind of”

  3. RANDY Says:

    Smart guy…now take some of that “cross pollination” and make a solid EV CUV.