AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: BMW Expands Spartanburg Plant

May 20th, 2008 at 12:43pm

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BMW Roundel

BMW likes making cars in America, so much so that it’s going to expand production here.

BMW broke ground for its first U.S. assembly plant in Spartanburg South Carolina in 1992. Since then the facility has become the exclusive assembly plant for Z4 coupes, roadsters and M models, the X5 sport activity vehicle and the upcoming X6 sport activity coupe. In fact, the plant produces left and right-hand drive versions of all these vehicles for global export.

Right now BMW is working on a $750 million plant expansion. Which will boost annual capacity from 160,000 vehicles today to 240,000 by 2012. With the sinking value of the dollar the U.S. is about to become a major exporter of cars and trucks and BMW plans to play a big roll in that.

Spartanburg Spartanburg Spartanburg

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  1. kevin wise Says:

    Your vehicles speak of class from, the utmost of German Engineering but like everything else the class you produce is not for th ecommon man. allthough I ;am a published author I can not afford your vehicles they are too expensive and too hard to purchase. like the great porsche cars I can not afford them either would love to have a porsche but no matter how much I love yoru engineering that love will not buy me nothing but a palm full of empty dreams. Would like to own one but looking at your car is like looking at eth centerfolds in playboy why haev or buy the magazine if you can not have the real gilr or in this case car. I won’t even get inot the wastefullness of the american dream and all of that dreams catastrophe but i will say in these econmocal hard times it is not a healthy endeavor to be tortured by the luxuries of the blinded and wealthy few.

  2. Kamryn Conyers Says:

    Kamryn Conyers…

    Wow, great blog post.Thanks Again. Great….