AD #2552 – Tariff Battle Brewing, Ford F-150 Could Get IRS, Nissan & Mitsubishi Expand Their Partnership

March 14th, 2019 at 11:43am

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Runtime: 6:24

0:07 Battle Over Tariffs Brewing
0:58 VW Taking Deposits for 1st I.D. Electric
1:39 FCA Recalls Vehicles for Emission Issue
2:20 Palladium Prices Could Skyrocket
2:48 People Still Afraid of Autonomous Vehicles
3:32 Ranking the Leaders in Autonomy
4:19 Ford F-150 Could Get IRS
5:00 Nissan & Mitsubishi Expand Their Partnership

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22 Comments to “AD #2552 – Tariff Battle Brewing, Ford F-150 Could Get IRS, Nissan & Mitsubishi Expand Their Partnership”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    Hot off the press. Just got my daily Wards email and here are the big news:

    However, it may be dead on arrival:

    “…Jost indicates the new price-leading I.D. model will go on sale in 2023 with a range of different battery options, the smallest of which, he says, will provide a range of “around 200 km,” or 124 miles.”

    This would work for me both here and in the summer home, if the price is right, but a 125 mile range (make it 80-100 in the winter!) is too tiny for most others. They better price it under $20k.


    An Independent Rear F150 is a bold move for that market. Seeing as how the Expedition has a towing capacity of 9300 pounds, it should work for a lot of people who are buying a luxury variant of the F150. Maybe this also foreshadows the return of a lincoln variant of the F150 again. Lets just hope they don’t call it blackwood.

  3. Drew Says:

    @2 – … or Mark LT.

  4. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Maybe make the IRS exclusive to the King Ranch (or offering two rear-end suspensions as options). Ram has switched from leaf to coil……and so goes the evolution?

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Maybe Ford should make an IRS short bed, regular cab F-150, lowered about 2 inches, with the supercharged V8 they plan to use in the Mustang GT500. They could call it SVT Lightning, or something like that.

  6. rick Says:

    #5 Makes too much sense to ever really come to pass.

  7. Bob Wilson Says:

    So Navigant Research asserts what Mark Phelan wrote, “High-profile crashes involving Tesla’s … Autopilot system … won Tesla the second-lowest ranking, …” The Navigant claims are for products I can’t buy in a car I want and I have the gold to spend today (see web link.)

    Buying a Standard Range Model 3, I added $3,000 for the current Autopilot. I don’t care if Autopilot is called “a rose,” “a boy named Sue,” or “living death.” It has the functions needed to avoid accidents in a 5-star rated car. Per Tesla’s quarterly safety report, Autopilot cuts the accident risks in half for Teslas and a factor of six compared to NHTSA statistics.

    As for the impractical Navigant choices:
    – What do theirs cost today compared to the $3,000 Autopilot?
    – Can Navigant recommended systems be installed in any car like a Tesla?

  8. XA351GT Says:

    Kit I would be all for that. The return of the Lightning to go well with the Off-road raptor. Wouldn’t even mind if they called it the Tremor like the short lived ’14 model.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 A friend had a Lightning with the SC 5.4, which was quick, and good handling,for a pickup in 1999 or so. I suppose a “light” regular cab short bed F-150 3.5 turbo, or Silverado 6.2 would be quicker, if they still make such trucks, but that Lightning was impressive, for the time.

  10. MM Says:

    FYI – Catalytic convertor precious metal content does not reflect on stricter fuel economy standards. It does however, reflect on stricter HC, CO, NOx emission standards.

  11. Larry D. Says:

    Here it is!

  12. Larry D. Says:

    10 No it is not. 10 has the Model 3 unveiling, 2 years ago, not the model Y. Still, I had not seen the presentation. Very interesting.

  13. Larry D. Says:

    The model Y will be unveiled tonight after I am fast asleep, at 8 PM Pacific. So I’ll watch it tomorrow morning.

  14. Bob Wilson Says:

    Excellent “Tip a ping to St. Pat” After Hours (see link.) One key take away is engine development budgets are decreasing. In effect, piston engine technology is reaching a plateau and other than auxiliary, electrical accessories, headed to a flat-line. Good program.

  15. Larry D. Says:

    Just saw some pics of the Model Y on Autoblog

    It looks a lot like the Model 3, only much taller, which makes it look real stubby. Maybe it will steal further sales from the X6, X4 etc and their Merc and Audi equivalents, not to mention the meager Bolt sales. Its 300 mile range, 3-5 sec 0-60 version can be had for a 3-series killing $48K or less! And this is not the affordable, 200 mile, “Model 3 + 10%” priced version, that will be sold in 2021 (less than 2 years from now)

  16. Larry D. Says:

    It appears there are several short videos on the unveiling. I just saw an excellent 5-min, this is an 8-min version.

    Even the $39,000 base model has 230 mile range and 5 star safety as all have. And 3 rows of seats. VERY Competitive. And of course the usual low CG, BMW-beating in corners, and on and on.

    I can’t believe this stubby thing in the other pics has 3 rows of seats. The last one is mostly for kids or small women, probably.

  17. Larry D. Says:

    Looks like another one out of the park..

  18. Larry D. Says:

    here is a summary of the specs

    re 14, I believe the photos are distrorted, making the 3-rows of seats Y look real short and stubby. In reality it is not.

  19. Lambo2015 Says:

    “71% of people are afraid to ride in a self-driving car”, 100% are afraid to fly in a Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.
    Not sure if people are afraid of self driving cars or just justifiably cautious. Strange that they don’t want to ride in one but are okay with being on the same roads as ones making deliveries. That’s sorta like saying I wont ride with a drunk driver but I’m okay if they drive themselves home.


    14) To correct your point a little larry, the 3.5S 0-60 version starts at $60K and has 280 miles of range.

    The version that has 300 miles of range and a 0-60 of 5.5 seconds starts at $47K.

    The base version has 230 miles of range, a 0-60 time of 5.9s and will cost 39K.

    That information is in link you posted in #14.

  21. Larry D. Says:

    19 That’s why I posted the link, to show which version has what price, range etc.

    In the video there was a screen where the various models had even more stats.

    The conclusion is that, at least in the Crossover-Hungry US market (esp 3-row crossovers like this one), it will be a smash hit, especially since it is priced so reasonably for what it offers.

    BTW the Names of Tesla models originally were supposed to be S, E (and not Model 3, X and Y, or SEXY. But Ford sued them for the “E” and they had to change it to “3″ which also sounds like the “Model T”. So S3XY.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    21. I’d think MB would be who might sue about “E.”