May 22nd, 2008 at 6:15pm

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Honda\'s Logo

Here all these years, I always thought that the official name of Honda is the Honda Motor Company. But that’s really not what it is.

I was startled to stumble across a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission when Honda filed its annual report to them. I say startled because I was stunned to see that Honda’s official name is actually Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha.

What’s that? Well what we’ve always known as the “Honda Motor Company, Inc.” is actually the English translation of its official Japanese name. The Kabushiki Kaisha is sort of similar to our word for corporation.

Now, I always knew that Mazda’s real name is Toyo Kogyo, but for all these year I never knew that Honda was actually Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha.

3 Comments to “AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: Honda’s Real Name”

  1. Tom Martin Says:

    Interesting, but whatever the name, please wake-up Ford, GM, and Chrysler. The big news related to Honda is that Honda just announced a 5 passenger “inexpensive” global hybrid, a Fit hybrid, and a CR-Z hybrid. Honda will still offer the Civic hybrid.

    What will U.S. automakers offer to compete? 25-35 mpg Focus, Verve, Aveo, Caliper, etc.? Only Chevy’s Volt appears potentially competitive, but it’s going to be too expensive — probably $15K more than the new Hondas.

    Toyota is also working on a smaller Prius which will likely exceed 50 mpg.

    Does Detroit really believe that Americans do not want fuel efficient autos. If they do, why don’t they build them?

  2. Tom Says:

    What do you expect, all the American car makers are going down the tube because all you guys are buying foregin cars. I guess I must be the last of the buy American guys left here in the US. I paid 130.oo dollars for a pair of American made work shoes not 25 bucks for a cheap pair of Chinese made shoes. We better wake up real soon of we all will speaking some other lauguage real soon. Buy American no matter what it takes, your paying 4 bucks a gallon for gas so whats the difference

  3. Tom Martin Says:

    You have a good point. I know many people who won’t even look at an American car. And it hurts our economy by buying foreign.

    Now, I don’t believe in buying crap just to buy American. But I believe there’s always been a good American car to buy, and there’s many foreign to avoid.

    I believe that Toyota makes the most reliable car, but my worst car of all times was a 1973 Toyota Corolla. It was my wife’s car and she lost the transmission, muffler fell off, body rusted (in 6 years), and the A/C broke more than 10 times. Sold it when it was 7 years old because I felt the transmission was going again.

    My best car is a 1993 Eagle Vision TSI. I love the performance, gas mileage, looks, stereo, and utility. And I bought it three years old for $11K. It’s now 15 years old and has 195K and it’s still going without a major problem other than a $750 A/C repair.

    That said, I own three cars. All get around 25 mpg. My next car will be car capable of high mpg. I’m frustrated that the U.S. automakers don’t give me an option to consider.

    I won’t buy a crappy car, i.e. Aveo, and cars like the Focus are still a step down in comfort and only get about 5 mpg better mileage than my full-size cars. Even my least fuel efficient, a 2003 Chrysler 300 Special, got 28.1 mpg on a trip I took last week.

    I’m waiting for the new Hondas and the 2009 Prius. It might be time to trade in my Eagle.