AD #2842 – Ghosn Smugglers Arrested; Ford Workers Test Positive for Virus; Rolls-Royce Crafts Amazing Scale Replicas

May 21st, 2020 at 11:45am

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Runtime: 9:44

0:07 Carlos Ghosn Smugglers Arrested in the U.S.
0:34 Advance Auto Parts Sales Up
1:10 Ford Workers Test Positive for Coronavirus
2:10 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Pricing
2:48 Toyota Still Dominates the Hybrid Segment
3:15 Production Nissan GT-R 50 Revealed
4:03 Hummer EV Will Have Removable Roof Panels
4:27 Rolls-Royce Crafts Amazing Scale Model Replicas
5:35 Skoda Makes SUV Commercials from Home
6:15 You Said It!

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19 Comments to “AD #2842 – Ghosn Smugglers Arrested; Ford Workers Test Positive for Virus; Rolls-Royce Crafts Amazing Scale Replicas”

  1. clem zahrobsky Says:

    How come US car plants don’t have employees wear company issued coveralls like the transplants do to prevent virus transmission as they could be cleaned after every shift and reissued.

  2. bradley cross Says:

    I thought the Tesla battery swap was just for the tax credits. Once they went away, Tesla dropped it.

  3. John McElroy Says:

    #1. Clem, when I worked at the steel mill in the Ford Rouge plant we were issued coveralls daily. It was so hot and dirty in the plant that your clothing would get filthy. But in other areas that are not dirty, the UAW has always argued that workers should be able to wear whatever they want, except for flip flops and shorts.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3. Where I worked at Delco Electronics in Kokomo, IN, shorts were ok in some areas. Much of it was very different from a typical car, or car parts factory, though.

  5. Wim van Acker Says:

    @John “Carlos Ghosn Smugglers Arrested in the U.S.”: do you still think that Carlos is starting to feel bad about staying in Lebanon, as you stated lately? On the contrary, I believe he is continuing to feel great about it.

  6. Danny Turnpaugh Says:

    When I worked at Chrysler building transmissions in Kokomo, In people wore shorts sometimes in winter cause it was warm in the plants, then others wore sweatshirts in winter because it was cold.

  7. James Martin Says:

    Interesting that the first thing we see in the Advance Auto Parts story is the guy walking into the store and shaking ungloved hands with the counter guy . No doubt this was filmed pre-Covid, but it reverberates.

  8. Ken Says:

    $1M for a Nissan? Thanks for the laugh.

  9. MJB Says:

    @8 – Yeah, I gotta agree. Even though it’ll eat any Corvette’s lunch (and most other exotics as well), $1M is still a bit much.

  10. ChuckGrenci Says:

    9, I’d like to see that comparo; even with just the base C8, it wouldn’t be a runaway (I’m thinking).

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9,10. The 710 hp Nissan would have higher power to weight than a base Corvette, but but in overall performance, I wouldn’t count out the Corvette against the porky, 3850 pound GT-R. Then, in the future, there with be a Corvette with higher power/weight than the GT-R, and still for 1/10 the price.

  12. Larry D. Says:

    If each RR model (and 1:8 is huge, a 20′ car will be 2.5 feet long) takes 450 hours to put together, as you say, then you can make a good estimate of what it will cost, and (different!@!!) what they will SELL it for.

    What is the hourly rate (plus benefits and overhead) to make this? At least $100, maybe $200. say $5,000-$10,000 for the labor, add another $5,000 for materials, double it and you got it. $25,000-$30,000. As much as a Hyundai Sonata or Elantra. But why stop there? Why not ask for a round $50k? No billionaire will notice.

  13. Larry D. Says:

    Yesterday as I was walking around my 360 condo complex (takes half an hour morning and afternoon) I saw a bright red Model 3 parked in a driveway, with a MI State sticker and a vanity plate “GRN CAR” on its butt, and walked around it (glad i did not touch it), fit and finish were EXCELLENT, the whole thing was very tasteful inside and out, and then I realized that there was a woman in the passenger seat, she lowered her window, then a man in the driver’s seat, he lowered it too and apologized because they were parked in somebody else’s driveway (not mine), I told them I was not asking about that, I wanted to ask them if they bought it in Cleveland (which they did, a 3 hour one way drive from here) and talked about the upcoming Gallery Store which will allow test drives and deliveries too. (I still prefer the S)

  14. Larry D. Says:

    12 Error, I was off by a factor of ten! 100 hours at $100/hr all inclusive is $45,000. Maybe it is very labor intensive, even if materials are only $5,000, the total cost is $50k. So will they sell it for $100k?? You can buy a USED cullinan (if you ever wanted to buy such an ugly box) for the same amount, just wait a couple years and a couple dozen thou miles.

  15. Larry D. Says:

    I read the link about the RR, it says “UP TO” 450 hours, so if the regular version with no weird options is only 200 hours, maybe they CAN make it for $30k. But what will they SELL it for?

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If Rolls-Royce is going to make very expensive models, why that truck, rather than the Dawn convertible, or maybe the Phantom? I don’t get it.

  17. MJB Says:

    What would make the RR 1:8 really worth it (whatever the price ends up being) is if they were to put a working miniature engine inside with full exhaust. Now THAT would be novel ;)

  18. Larry D. Says:

    16 Absolutely true, I thought the same but did not bother to post it, but $50k even for an extended WB Phantom VIII is too much, esp. when the model does not have a real powertrain.

    I think ROlls would do better if it made a RR Down convertible model that could be driven by the 3 year olds of these billionaires around their ranches or golf courses. They would sell more of these than the ridiculously expensive model of the ugly breadvan.

  19. Larry D. Says:

    RR Dawn, not Down, in 18.

    PS I’d not pay more than $1k for any RR or other model. Would not mind if it was 1:12 or even 1:18.