AD #2859 – Tesla First to 400!; GM Sees EV Growth Opportunity; The Mustang Mach 1 is Back!

June 16th, 2020 at 11:44am

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Runtime: 10:02

0:07 Tesla Model S First with EPA-Rated 400 Mile Range
0:46 Highlights of Mary Barra Press Conference
3:09 COVID-19 Could Permanently Change Mobility
4:48 New Bronco Reveal Falls On OJ’s Birthday
5:45 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Back After 17 Year Absence
7:19 Nissan Reveals All-New Rogue
8:43 Lexus IS Refresh More Edgy

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36 Comments to “AD #2859 – Tesla First to 400!; GM Sees EV Growth Opportunity; The Mustang Mach 1 is Back!”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Was Ford’s having the Bronco reveal on O.J.’s birthday deliberate, or accidental? I doubt if it will have much effect on anything, one way or the other, The O.J. Bronco was the big truck, renamed Expedition in its next generation, while the upcoming Bronco is going after a completely different market, the one now held by Jeep Wrangler.

  2. lambo2015 Says:

    Probably considered politically incorrect to point out in the current climate, but Ford is going to release the Bronco on the birthday of a black man that we all pretty much know killed two white people. Meanwhile Barra is talking about taking a stand against racism.
    Now I don’t think O.Js “crime” had anything to do with race and more about jealous rage but is this really an event Ford wants to associate itself with?

  3. Fensterlips Says:

    Who is Lexus talking to as they design their vehicles? Or are they an insular group reading the trades and doing their thing? Lexus sales have been dented by “edgy” designs and spindle grills for 12 years and for 12 years you can point to unusual and sometimes downright weird designs and commensurate falling sales but this must be OK. Strange. Someone can’t admit their wrong.

  4. ChuckGrenci Says:

    The all new Rogue doesn’t seem, styling wise, very close to the Palisades. The Mustang looks pretty nice, but since I’m a Chevy fan, I’ll never own a Mustang. And as far as the Lexus goes, their styling still alienates me; mostly the grill but not much of a fan for the profile either (the rear end looks okay though).

  5. lambo2015 Says:

    How many different versions of the Mustang does Ford have now? The standard fastback, convertible, GT, Bullitt, Shelby GT350, Shelby GT350R, Shelby GT500. California edition, and now the Mach I. probably some I forgot. The GT350R was supposed to be basically a track car seems the comparisons should have been made to that and not the GT.

  6. Albemarle Says:

    Ford’s Bronco reveal will be a good test of “any publicity is good publicity”. The chase was slow enough for everyone to get a good look at all the exterior features. Unfortunately we didn’t have John M doing a running commentary on the lines and creases and the designer’s intentions.

  7. Bob White Says:

    Unfortunately, the Mach 1 will be equipped with the troublesome Chinese made Getrag which Ford is currently getting sued for.

    I wouldn’t want to be the one having made the decision to introduce the Bronco on that troubling date. You want to be associated with a positive event, not a murder.

  8. GM Veteran Says:

    Couldn’t agree more on the polarizing styling of the Lexus. I think it also continues on the inside. The color combo is garish and their is no style to the dashboard layout. It looks like all departments stuck their equipment in there and they called it a day. Compare it to any Lincoln model and its no contest.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The new Lexus IS will look different, but will it be any better? For its entire life, the IS has been a truly underwhelming competitor to the BMW 3 series, though the hatch/wagon version of the first generation IS was kind of cool.

  10. ArtG Says:

    7. Taken right from above: “Customers can choose between a TREMEC 6-speed manual or a 10-speed automatic with an upgraded torque converter and unique tuning.” (Emphasis added).

  11. Ken Says:

    Awful, reprehensible and SICKENING that Ford would chose to debut the new Bronco on OJ’s birthday, who most people feel got away with murder. Just disgusting and a slap in the face to the family and friends of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

  12. JWH Says:

    Had to laugh at M Barra comment that the White House was confused. When isn’t the current White House confused?

    In addition, agree that someone at Ford Marketing is confused with aligning Bronco reveal with OJ birthday. I would stay away from that one.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Ford must be planning an O.J. special edition Bronco.

  14. lambo2015 Says:

    13 Comes with special blood resistant seats. 45MPH speed limiter for those hwy runs and a commemorative duffle bag and leather glove (only one) one size too small.

  15. cwolf Says:

    And don’t forget every Bronco buyer gets a free set of knives.

  16. Jim Bielecki Says:

    As for the Bronco, I was talking to a kid in his early 20′s yesterday and mentioned the famous O.J. Simpson/Bronco chase. He asked, “Who’s O.J. Simpson?” Many of those born after 1994 have no memory or knowledge of the event.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16. I’m not surprised. That was big news at the time, as was the trial, but we haven’t heard much about it lately. It’s hard to believe that was 25 years ago. I guess that’s because I’m getting old.


    Just as an aside, the Mustang footage was taken at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac Michigan. I love driving that track. I bet that Mustang Mach 1 was a fun drive on that track. The extra downforce is much needed as my mustang is a little loose on that track.

  19. G Thompson Says:

    Ford is dispicable for not changing the date!

  20. Larry D. Says:

    16 Not only that, but most young (and many older) car buyers will also ask, “WHAT THE HELL IS A STUPID BRONCO (as an SUV, not a horse)” and what is so divine about the stupid box?

  21. Larry D. Says:

    Just checked, another crazy superb day at the markets, and this time the CNBC webpage says it was due to the stellar retail sales report and not due to the Fed’s buying Treasury bonds. Another leap by Biotech and also the whole rest of the market, esp the US, but also overseas markets. A new drug was touted at Oxford as helping patients with serious CV infections (those that would die usually). Not sure if the markets reflected that too.

    BTW Powell (of the Fed) also buys JUNK bonds, so I bet he already bought Ford bonds, which have recently been labeled pure, 100% USDA choice JUNK bonds.

  22. John Says:

    Ford should not reveal the new Bronco on July 9th. Even if it’s just a coincidence, it would appear that Ford is tone deaf to all the issues related to this date. Don’t do it.

  23. Bob Wilson Says:

    We have enough recorded history that we can find something GOOD or BAD for any day of the year. Coincidence is not causality. OJ has no meaning compared to the product specifications and test results.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23. There are coincidences for about every day, but introducing a Ford Bronco on OJ’s birthday is a bit much.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    21. The stock market performance is irrational. Many states, including Florida, are already experiencing a relapse in Covid cases because of premature re-openings, and an a week or two, there will be many more cases, because of the demonstrations. Then, in 2 or 3 weeks there will be a “hot spot” in Oklahoma.

    Yeah, the steroid is helping somewhat for the people on oxygen and ventilators. From Statnews (and other sources).

    “In patients who needed to be on a ventilator, dexamethasone reduced the death rate by 35%, meaning that doctors would prevent one death by treating eight ventilated patients. In those who needed oxygen but were not ventilated, the death rate was reduced 20%, meaning doctors would need to treat 25 patients to save one life. Both results were statistically significant.”

  26. Larry D. Says:

    25 there are always (at least in the last 300 years) REASONS why markets act the way they are. I can only think of the TULIP speculation in Holland in the 1600s or so as purely irrational speculation, since there was NO WAY tulips were so valuable, when every idiot and his mother in law can grow them in their back yard. It should be interesting to read a book about what the hell posessed them to value Tulips (the flowers) more than gold. Perhaps Wim, our resident flying Dutchman can explain to us the behavior of his distant ancestors.

    The things you cite to support your opinion that the market is irrational are utterly unconvincing.

    More likely, the average investor is far more optimistic than you are about the future.

    THIS economy before CV was in OUTSTANDING health, totally the contrary with the huge financial crisis of 2008, the home mortgage scandals etc etc.

    We already made HUGE sacrifices to reduce the risks and fatalities due to the virus. You should put this in PERSPECTIVE. How many Americans die every year of OTHER diseases? Here are some FACTS from the CDC site for the last year available:

    Number of deaths: 2,813,503

    Number of deaths for leading causes of death:

    Heart disease: 647,457
    Cancer: 599,108
    Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
    Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404

    We did NOT commit economic suicide, like we did in the CV case, in the case of Cancer, which has 4 times the CV deaths EVERY year. Every other cause above also has more deaths than CV.

    if there is a second wave, we will deal with it, BUT WE SHOULD NOT SHOOT OURSELVES IN THE FOOT to do so.

    IF people followed the CDC guidelines in the reopening, the extra deaths would be insignificant, BUT THEY DO NOT. We should enforce them and issue penalties if they are broken, and proceed with the opening of every state, esp MI where our idiot and incompetent Gov will face a RECALL in July for the WRECKAGE she caused to thousands of small businesses in MI.

  27. Larry D. Says:,6WM5E,AT6M0U,RQW75,1

    A day I always eagerly anticipate every June 15 or so.

    You will be surprised how many heads of state and other bigwigs actually read this report every year. I spend hours on it (will do so shortly).

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    26. “IF people followed the CDC guidelines in the reopening, the extra deaths would be insignificant, BUT THEY DO NOT.”

    Are you saying Michigan is re-opening too quickly?

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27. Interesting, and informative report.

  30. lambo2015 Says:

    25 I wouldn’t say its a premature opening. Anyone who did not expect to see a second spike in cases as things opened back up is a fool. Of course cases will rise and although we should be limiting unnecessary contact with others we cant remain in shut-down mode for months on end. I’m not gonna go to the extent of claiming fake news but I’m just not convinced the cases and impact is as bad as what is being presented to us. My daughter works on the Covid unit of a very large hospital and we are just not seeing this huge spike now and never did even last month. Just tend to believe what I can actually see or hear from the people involved and not from the media.

  31. cwolf Says:

    21,26 Clearly you cannot see past your nose!

    Forget the daily market numbers for they will remain volatile near term. Individuals are too optimistic. It has been the retail brokerages driving the rally, investing in the areas of health care, consumer staples and quality stocks. They are the ones making gains by avoiding knee jerk reactions.
    For the near future, the markets will point in a positive direction as long as the gov’t artificially props up the market: yet there is concern of a “Zombie Market” down the road.

  32. lambo2015 Says:

    31 Zombie Market? Running a special on brains?

  33. cwolf Says:

    26 The virus doesn’t care about anyone and any business. For those of you who do not take this seriously and insist on opening up businesses in a less than orderly manner will hinder, not improve the recovery.
    Sure, we are now more able to socially interact with the virus and a remedy is nearer, but infections are on the rise in many states. Increased testing enlarged these numbers, but data and the growing number of ICU cases indicate the virus remains out of control.

  34. cwolf Says:

    31 lambo, a Zombie market: gov’t bailout of businesses that have no hope of recovery. Some of these businesses accepting these monies have no positive intent, but put it in owners pockets then walk away.

  35. lambo2015 Says:

    34 thanks for the explanation but I was just joking..

  36. Larry D. Says:

    29 Glad you appreciated it. If you saw the page (Table) on World Carbon Emissions, the results are SHOCKING:

    the US and W Europe put TOGETHER have LESS emissions than just China, which is mot even one sixth the GDP of US and Europe Combined.

    Even pitiful India, with less than a tenth of the US GDP, has almost half the emissions that the US has.

    More important, the US and Euro emissions are falling, while these clowns (India and esp CHina) are growing. China actually consumed more coal in 2019, despite its swerious renewables investment.

    The above prove how 100% CORRECT Trump was to Remove the USA from the LUDICROUS PARIS CLIMATE ACCORDS, which give those two HUGE polluters, and many others, license to get away with MURDER, Literally, under the ‘developing nation’ excuse. CHINA is the second biggest economhy in the world. Hardly needs the exclusion!