AD #3183 – Ford Updates the Focus; Taycan Now #3 In Porsche’s Lineup; Cruise to Offer AV System to GM EV Customers

October 15th, 2021 at 11:58am

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Runtime: 9:39

0:08 Taycan Now #3 In Porsche’s Lineup
0:28 VW Group EV Sales Up Big In 2021
1:08 Stellantis Dealers Will No Longer Sell New Cars in Europe
2:05 VinFast To Start Selling EVs In U.S. Next Year
3:27 Porsche Offering 3D Printed Bucket Seats
4:11 Ford Updates the Focus for Europe
5:07 Acura Teases Manual Transmission in New Integra
5:42 Hyundai Making Clothes from Leftover Manufacturing Materials
6:50 Nissan To Produce e-Power Hybrid System in China
7:31 Renault Unveils Fuel Cell Van Prototype
8:03 Cruise to Offer AV System to GM EV Customerss

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27 Comments to “AD #3183 – Ford Updates the Focus; Taycan Now #3 In Porsche’s Lineup; Cruise to Offer AV System to GM EV Customers”

  1. George Ricci Says:

    Since VinFast is only going to sell EV’s in the US, they won’t have to deal with emission regulations. But they are going to find that the safety regulations are pretty tough. Then when IIHS tests one of there cars, they will probably find that its one of the worse ever tested. Its going to be a lot harder to break into the US market than they think.

  2. Jim Haines Says:

    So the dealers will get a compensation for being a handler of a new car ?? Because parts and service won’t be enough money in high priced areas

  3. Drew Says:

    Jim, dealers profit most from parts, service, and financing. Sale of the vehicle is the enable for the other forms of profit. I’m guessing Stellantis dealers will still earn profits for parts and service… but when it comes to sale of a vehicle, dealers will only earn a delivery fee while Stellantis captures the profits from the financing.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 They also profit substantially from used cars taken in trade.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 “They,” meaning dealers.

  6. Don Sherman Says:

    Only a fool would purchase a GM autonomous vehicle given the company’s poor showing with Bolt EVs thus far.

  7. cwolf Says:

    I just read that the Ford Mach-e had only 15% American content. If true, does that mean they have to pay the import tax?

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 I’m not sure what autonomous tech has to do with LG batteries.

  9. Kevin A Says:

    Rey, Thanks for writing yesterday about what Tesla does and does not want. I had no idea you were so well connected at the company. Are you perhaps Elon Musk masquerading as Rey?

  10. Merv Peters Says:

    I have a ford focus in my garage,I love it. If Ford still sold them,I would buy another.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 A friend has a Focus ST, a fun, yet practical car. The US is not a good place for people who like vehicles that are fun, yet practical and affordable.

  12. Kevin A Says:

    Sean, I laughed out loud at the AV/EV item. I immediately had visions of Chevy Bolts on fire, driving themselves to the nearest fire station.

  13. Sean Wagner Says:

    So the elusive Nissan e-Power series hybrid system makes an appearance. A little over half a million Sylphys (sic) were sold in China last year.

    Quote (source nissannews): The fun and comfortable-to-drive Nissan e-POWER Sylphy delivers 300 Nm of torque and a fuel economy rating of 3.9 L per 100 km*1. Unquote. Chinese standards. That’s 60 mpg.

    As Kit has said, the advantage of that setup is most pronounced in city driving. At highway speeds, a well-optimized ICE should be very competitive.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 I wish Nissan would sell at least one e-power car in the US or Europe, so we could find out what fuel economy they actually get. EPA test numbers along with CR’s tests would give us a true picture. I’m very skeptical, especially regarding highway efficiency, but actual data, with good numbers, could change my mind.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    As I recall, the Chevy Volt was originally intended to be purely series, like e-Power, but with a bigger battery. It turned out to get really bad highway mileage running on gas, so they came up with a way to clutch the engine to the wheels above a certain speed.

  16. Sean Wagner Says:

    The Volt had a well-engineered drivetrain. gm never truly leveraged their investment in electric technology. A reborn Fiero-E with bristling performance might have been attractive.

    The Sylphy’s 1.2l 3-cylinder won’t shine on the highway. I think a bigger battery combined with a bigger engine would deliver both better power and efficiency, but at a higher cost.

    Considering the upgraded new version of Wuling’s Hongguang mini has a nice 26 kWh battery (from memory), but costs little more than its tiny sibling, it should be doable and sellable.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Isn’t that Chinese Nissan named after a social disease? Why would they do that?

  18. Warwick Rex Dundas Says:

    I would not get too excited about Vinfast. Only a few months ago they announced they would launch in the USA in March 2022. Completely unrealistic. Now they have pushed that back to December 2022. They are good at changing direction on a whim. Late last year they bought the former GM proving ground in Australia and planned to release their cars in Asia and Australia. Now the proving ground is up for sale and Australia and New Zealand are not mentioned as target markets.

    Watch for further annoumncements of delays.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 Maybe they didn’t know Australia and New Zealand were RHD markets, and they weren’t prepared for that.

  20. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Kit, and others that might want production numbers for C8:

    If you want to get to the numbers without the intro., go to 4:10; some miscellaneous ramblings/predictions start at 24:00.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 Interesting. Mine was was supposed to have been built last week. Maybe I can find out tomorrow if it actually was. I passed on a lot of options popular with his buyers, but changed my order from 1LT to 2LT the last minute. He predicts that my color, Elkhart Lake Blue will be dropped. That wouldn’t surprise me. It was used on C7s the last year, so has been around 4 model years.

  22. Bob Wilson Says:

    Some of the early reports of the newest Tesla factories suggest their assembly times are 10 hrs versus VW 30 hours. Tesla has also been early in securing supply lines. So 1-2 orders of fewer parts, Tesla is in the catbird seat.

    Maybe Tesla will bulldozer the former GM/Toyota buildings and solve those bottlenecks.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 What would Tesla do different, building-wise, if they replaced the current Fremont buildings?

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22,23 Would Tesla do two story vs one story, or vice versa?

  25. Lambo2015 Says:

    24 I doubt Tesla would go 2 story in Fremont. Going up in a high earthquake zone is probably not a good idea. I know before I worked there I was so used to parts and supplies being stacked as high as a forklift could reach and when I was there we could only stack many items 2 high.

    Sean; I’m confused with your comment that US Stellantis dealers will be mighty jealous of what dealers can do in Europe. If that’s the case then they should be onboard with internet sales and becoming just pick-up points and service centers. My understanding is the dealerships are fighting hard to prevent that thus the Tesla struggles to set up sales centers.


    I can see why the Taycan would be #3 for Porsche. It basically takes the place of the Panamera. The Taycan starts $6K cheaper than the Panamera, is likely way more reliable, and will have higher resale values than the Panamera due to the increase in reliability. Admittedly it is not a high bar to be more reliable than the Panamera.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    26 The Panamera shows average reliability in CR’s survey, but it is pricey, base MSRP of $87,200. That’s $18K more than that other “premium” large hatchback from VW group, the Audi A7.