AD #3197 – Ford Wants to Be More Like Tesla; VW Reveals All-New ID.5; EVs Take Longer to Repair

November 4th, 2021 at 11:53am

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Runtime: 10:36

0:07 Ford Would Like to Be More Like Tesla
1:15 Executives Aware of Tesla Threat
2:05 Ford Mandates Vaccine for Salaried Workers
4:07 VW Reveals All-New ID.5
5:39 Hyundai Teases SEVEN Concept
6:09 Lexus Expanding Performance F Brand
7:50 Audi A8 Refresh
8:35 All-New Jeep Grand Cherokee Price
9:11 EVs Take Longer to Repair

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57 Comments to “AD #3197 – Ford Wants to Be More Like Tesla; VW Reveals All-New ID.5; EVs Take Longer to Repair”

  1. Kevin A Says:

    Farley’s point about the stock price shows part of what is wrong with legacy OEMs. The stock price is NOT an operational parameter that helps make better product or reduce costs. If survival is what is at stake, then the stock price is irrelevant. Maybe he should concentrate on making better products and being more efficient.

  2. Rey Says:

    Sean’s last few words ring true”" many people in their companiesdont believe in that threat” .That includes people making comments in this website.You know who they are.
    Getting to where Tesla where it is meant the CEO sleeping on the factory floor and going thru “Production Hell”, and,”Innovating and executing@ the speed of thought” Sandy Munro, but who am i to say,I’m just another “LARRY” to many folks here,There are hundreds of Larry’s like Me in Electrek, Insideevs, Teslarati, and Greencarreports, and other EV sites.

  3. Drew Says:

    I hope Farley doesn’t want to turn Ford customers into unknowing beta testers. If Ford copies Tesla’s practice in this regard, Ford will die before the end of this decade. Why? Customers are already leery of traditional OEMs’ quality. Beta failures will be the tipping point. And eschewing over 100 years of knowledge (in pursuit of speed) also has quality risks… risks that Ford cannot afford as customer patience has been exhausted from memories of crappy Fiesta/Focus transmissions, “unbaked” MyFord Touch interfaces, and crappy product launches.

    With regard to Tesla’s product simplicity, this commenter could not configure a Tesla to my liking, as I won’t be caught dead driving a vehicle with black/dark grey wheels. In my day, black wheels meant one of three things… 1. Too cheap to buy the optional wheel covers or aluminum wheels, 2. Too lazy to clean the brake dust on the wheel, 3. Bad luck in hitting a pot hole and losing a wheel cover. I know black/grey wheels are trend for some people who want a “murdered” look. Not me. I take pride in keeping my wheels clean… and in seeing a great wheel design. Rant over.

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    One of the major differences from Tesla and Ford, is years of experience not only provides you the ability to master tasks but Ford has also experienced all the bad that comes with 150 years of being in business. For every corrupt manager and employee along the way checks and balances are added to protect the company. The level of red tape that has to be jumped through in order to make changes or buy needed items no doubt is much different betwene the two companies.
    Tesla more likely has a high level of trust in its managers and hasn’t been burned bad enough. I bet its very easy to make changes and spend money without a long list of managers that need to approve and sign off.

    To really make Ford GM or any of these legacy makers more efficient they need to get back to trusting their employees to do their job and trust that they are doing the right thing for the company. Including weeding out the ones that work the system.

    Many times I have seen decisions made that were not what is best for the car or consumer but to help a business partner or other ulterior motive. Or shot down because by the time it made it through all the approvals it was too expensive to implement. Missed opportunities simply because the system takes too long to react.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If Ford wants to be more like Tesla, maybe they should consider selling cars again in the US. After all, Tesla’s top seller is a four door sedan, not a pickup truck or SUV. Tesla’s second best selling product is a mildly lifted hatchback, with no pretense of looking “macho.”

    Also, as Kevin stated, Ford, and all of the legacy car companies need to be more efficient.

  6. WineGeek Says:

    It might be better to wait a bit before setting average days to repair a damaged EV. At this point the problem is more than likely the fact that most EVs are so new replacement parts are in short supply. With fewer parts available the wait probably is longer to receive those replacement parts.

    Our quest for immediate information may be skewing the results a lot!

  7. Rey Says:

    GMs Mary Barra overpromising and saying that GM is going to overtake Tesla in BEV production by 2025 shows how out of touch Legacy Autos leadership is, I guess making those predictions will help wake up the production lines and spur the workers into action, problem is Tesla is now close to a million rate per year output, with two more brand new factories to come online, and 4680 battery Production equipment delivered and being installed within a few weeks in GIGA Texas, and Panasonic installing their own 4680 battery lines in GIGA Nevada by Summer of 2022,and CATL making their LFP Packs for the base mod RWD 3 and RWD Y.

  8. Rey Says:

    Maybe legacy auto has to spend more on RD than all the money they put into marketing and advertising, Tesla does very little of that( Adverts),maybe they can hire somebody good @ Tweeting, because that’s all Elon needs to do to sell cars./S, and make the stock sky


    1) I was thinking similarly. It is a failure in leadership at Ford that is causing their problem. They don’t need to “convince” their employees. Farley himself is what needs to change. Farley himself needs a product focus instead of his current accounting focus. TESLA leadership has a product focus and it shows in everything that they do. That is their key to success. Once you have a product focus, everything falls into place. Of course Ford, GM, and many other legacy automakers lack a product focus and it overwhelmingly shows in their vehicles and buying experiences.

  10. Wim van Acker Says:

    @9 Bob Lutz wrote a book about that: Car Guys versus Bean Counters. Based on his experiences at General Motors.

  11. Wim van Acker Says:

    @VW vehicle names: ID4, ID5 seem to me great names for a line up of washing machines.

  12. Wim van Acker Says:

    @1, 2, 3 and the others on copying TESLA: the ambition to become like TESLA in a few years is a strategy doomed to fail IMHO: TESLA will be a much more advanced company by then.

  13. Rey Says:

    Hey Sean and John, when can we hear from Bob Lutz and his predictions about Tesla, also would be nice to get Montana Skeptic on the show again.
    Herbert Diess and Jim Farley are some of the best managers to have come to legacy auto in years,at least they have an inkling what needs change, turning Oil Barges around takes time.
    new startup BEV companies like Rivian and Lucid being IPO’d and worth as much as legacy auto companies mean we want change, those two have the best chance of success, other than Tesla,Id buy their stock first before i invest in any Detroit company, tho both of these old auto giants stock went up as soon as they announced their BEV plans.

  14. Roger T Says:

    Audi Horch should have a surname: ‘i’ for fuel injected and ‘t’ for turbo :)
    The new Audis are so close in exterior style to VWs, reminds me of the Ford / Mercury badge engineering days. All nice cars.

  15. Wim van Acker Says:

    @7: it reminds me of pre-bankruptcy GM CEO Wagoner always touting how many vehicles they produced. Without understanding that maximizing profits is not maximizing production volume, but maximizing profit per vehicle times production volume.

    Which at that time meant that BMW’s profits were higher than GM’s with a quarter of the production volume.

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    Another huge advantage for Tesla is location. Vehicles are becoming a lot more electrical and programming than mechanical machines. Tesla is in the heart of silicon valley where computer software engineers are everywhere. Tesla hired the individuals they needed to pursue the future. Meanwhile legacy manufacturers were scrambling to partner with any AV tech company that showed the slightest capability throwing money and more money at the problem. Even creating partnerships with EV start ups that many turned out to be flops.
    No doubt GM and Ford could become a leader in the EV market but they need to understand it wont be doing things the way they been doing them for the last 100 years.

    I really think Ford and GM made a mistake by not creating seperate EV division’s. Allowing it to operate within its own umbrella. Instead GM will dilute their EV offerings over multiple divisions or in Fords case scavenge off existing models to create EV versions. I really think it gives the impression they are not really sure of the direction they are headed. And will launch EVs just like every other new model they have done in the past.
    They really missed the opportunity to appear as a new refreshed division doing things differently with people that were prepared to design and manufacture EVs. IMO

  17. Alex Carazan Says:

    TESLA MARKET CAP: Think logically. Tesla owns most of the EV market. Why? Tesla vehicles are green, luxury, performance, high tech, high price, beautifully styled vehicles. Tesla only makes and sells EV’s. Tesla makes zero internal combustion engine vehicles. True “Green” consumers who want an EV will NOT purchase from auto makers who sell “dirty” vehicles. There is nothing traditional auto makers can do to compete with Tesla. In the USA EV’s are only 2.6% of sales with little signs of any mass market volume growth. There are just too many huge issues that make EV’s poor value to USA consumers: high price, low range, little charge availability, long trips not possible, long charge times, dealing with charge cord, batter fires, etc. This means EV’s will remain a small niche market. There are currently no ZEV mandates in the USA. Even if EPA grants CARB and other states a waiver, the states will NOT force consumers to purchase ZEV’s. The auto makers will simply pay fines and the consumers will vote such politicians out of office. It is already happening!

  18. ArtG Says:

    2,8. Being likened to “Larry” really doesn’t have much to do with Tesla cheerleading. It was the rudeness, disrespect and condescension toward others that went with it.

    Ford didn’t spend a dime on advertising the Mach-E, and they’re having no trouble selling them.

  19. XA351GT Says:

    Personally I think vaccine mandates violate the Constitution and the Nuremberg decisions that no one can be forced medical procedures or treatments if they don’t want them. regardless of what your personal opinion is , There has to be a line where the government can’t encroach into your personal life. Once that ball starts rolling it never stops. Things like alcohol, tobacco and drug use are harmful to to both the user and sometimes those around them. So where are the mandates against their sales and use? How deep are you willing to let other people decide what is best for YOU.

  20. Rey Says:

    Theres areas on why in other websites I comment that Detroit auto giants are 2a,d a half companies Ford and GM are one each, 1/2 are the remains of Jeep and Chryco put together, but are still in Detroit and Canada in manufacturing,but are now part of Stelantis group, and if Ford and GM can’t be profitable they will eventually be Chinese owned, but will have to be restructured with chances of the Dealer model being reformed, just look T the changes happening to Volvo and its sibling, Polestar. I dont think the US Taxpayers will have the stomach for Bailout #2, at least the Canadian govt will not get involved, not after GM just went up the way they did in Oshawa , JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS OF 2019.There still is bitterness here as I go about my town.

  21. Joe G Says:

    Vaxine mandates at Ford, of course. Ford has become so woke it makes me not want to consider their products, and I have only ever purchased Fords my entire life! Four adults in our family and the only one sick with Covid now is the fully vaxed college student, mandated by the school. She says she probably got it at school, since she does not live at home, (college filled with fully vaxed students and staff). Please make it make sense. Once you give up your basic freedoms they will not return.

  22. Rey Says:

    #17 Alex, last time I looked Tesla makes more than cars, yes they do make cars but are heavily into car Software development like AI and Autonomous vehicles, at least the way Elon envisions it, and that division ( autos) while the biggest contribution in its coffers will have the Battery Storage and Electric Energy division with AI running the AutoBidder Software, trading and buying Renewable E Energy on the World Spot Markets, When Tesla has mastered the 4680 cell production they will be selling Megapacks and installing Microagrids all over the World, I know this is a lot to digest, but Tesla is more than a Car / Auto Co. It just looks that way , because autos make headlines.

  23. Rey Says:

    #18 ArtG, call me or Larry rude, but these are the facts. Detroit needs to get their head out of the sand, Sandy Munro has more choice words than me, and the Chinese think their time has come, the Wuling Mini that GM and Saic may look like a weird car, and probably unsafe for American roads, but BYD ,Nio, XPeng are class leaders in their field, I’m sure Elon knows that, that is why he says they are the competition, Not VW or Ford or GM, As we speak BYD has unloaded their Han flagship in Latin America to test the waters, and are in Norway already,and the UK and Netherlands.

  24. joe Says:

    #7 Rey

    GM is suppose to come out with 30 EV’s by 2025. How many will Tesla have by then? Don’t kid yourself, GM has the know how.

  25. Merv Peters Says:

    I liked the license plate on that Lexus


    24) Would be a great trim or special edition name (TYRFRYR)

  27. JR Says:

    @19 Ford is not forcing anyone to get vaccinated. Every has the choice of vaccination or finding a job somewhere else (or trying to get religious/medical accommodation). Nothing about this violates the constitution. Ford and other companies can choose how best to protect their employees, and the science is clear – vaccines reduce the likelihood of serious illness or death from Covid.

  28. Lambo2015 Says:

    21 hopefully lawsuits are coming.
    23 Tesla probably considers BYD, Nio, XPeng and Wuling competition because they are growing rapidly in the markets they compete in like China. Ford and GM don’t seem to be too concerned with dominating that 2.8% EV market share in the US. They are preparing and have EVs in the works so when that domestic market grows they’ll have vehicles to offer. Its just a much slower growth here.

  29. Drew Says:

    @21 – Joe G, don’t blame Ford or “woke”. Ford is a government contractor. They have to comply with Joe B’s executive order. Otherwise, I suspect Ford would have simply continued as is or possibly asking non-vaccinated employees to continue to work from home.

    But Joe, you live in a country that virtually eliminated polio and mumps/measles. Why? Because your parents and grandparents accepted the science.

    The COVID vaccine is not 100% effective. As such, a relatively small number of vaccinated individuals are still going to contract the virus. Only those with major underlying health issues will need hospitalization (or worse). But the rate of hospitalization and death is over 300x worse for non-vaccinated individuals.

    Reticence against the vaccine is prolonging the pandemic and prolonging the economic woes. So, I suppose you are arguing for your basic freedom to put other people at risk.

  30. XA351GT Says:

    27 , REALLY!! That is not a choice when you have a gun held to your head. Get in the train car or else. Wait until they come for you. Keep giving up your personal rights and eventually they will get to something you DO care about. That had to be one of the most ignorant comments I’ve read here since Larry got the boot. Your fear doesn’t trump someone’s rights.

  31. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 Teslas perform well, but luxury in the traditional sense, not really. My Camry has a more luxurious interior than the Model 3 I test drove a few days ago. Tesla certainly has tech, some good and some bad. I, for one would like to have a quickly available wiper switch when a passing car splashes my windshield when going through a puddle of mud or slush, but with the Model 3, you have to use the iPad in the middle of the car to turn on the wipers. At least you can get to the wiper menu by pressing the end of the turn signal lever. The car drove very well, though, quick, and with decent steering feel. Perforance, the charger network, and yes, a cult-like following help Tesla dominate the EV market.

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    29 I was a child of the 1950s, and everyone, at least everyone I was around celebrated when the polio vaccine came along. I had measles, mumps, and chickenpox as a kid, and none were fun. Today’s kids don’t endure those diseases because of vaccines that are, horrors, mandated for school attendance most places.

  33. Bob Wilson Says:

    There has been a lot of happy noise about opening 10 Superchargers in the Netherlands but I’m not happy. All I see are large numbers of poorly integrated and/or tested EVs that are not ‘cured’ by a Supercharger session. Separated from the vertical integrated, Tesla way, the non-Tesla EVs will become a maintenance and support drain.

    One thing for sure is all other fast DC charging networks just lost any investor appeal. They didn’t start with much but now have less.

  34. Kit Gerhart Says:

    33 I would assume, and hope that they would charge significantly higher rates for non-Teslas at the Superchargers. If they don’t, Tesla would be losing one of the reasons I’d probably buy a Tesla, if buying an EV.

  35. al.c Says:

    How do the rear tires on a Tesla or any other EV stand up to the wear de to the high torque as my G8GT rear tires needed to be replaced before the fronts. I do not believe in tire rotation as watch the wear patterns can predice alignment problems.

  36. Kit Gerhart Says:

    35 The rear tires of a rear drive EV would wear faster than the fronts, even more than with your car, because both the power and the regen braking are through the rear tires. If you want even tire wear, you rotate them frequently. A friend has a Tesla Model S with power and regen braking at both ends, and says the tires wear about equally. If alignment is off, that won’t apply.

  37. Rey Says:

    #24 joe, You my friend dpont get it, and nniether does Mary Barra or the GM management, you cannot get from less than 100,000 per year of Between you cannot find the Battery cells to make the Battery packs which go into the BEVs.GMs plan is to eventually be buying the Battery cells that LG will produce with GM, but they are still building that battery plant,and it will produce 40 GW / yr , maybe to max out to 60 GW,40 GW ÷ by 30 lines of BEVs, please do the math.
    Tesla makes 500,000 car units ( mod3 and modY)@ Fremont that uses2170 battery cells, all that Giga Nevadas Panasonic output , mods and X uses Panasonic 18650 cells that are imported from Japan, fully 30 GW of batteries go to just Fremont mod3 and Y. I don’t think you follow Tesla enough to know what I mean , or have a clue about the math to know how much batteries are needed for each car,
    FYI,making 30 different lines of cars or models is highly inefficient,GM will have to split the Battery supply between 30 different models .
    Tesla has 2 models that use all of 30 GW of 2170 cells that Nevada Panasonic supplies..
    GIGA Shanghai has its own suppliers which are CATL for the base mod3 and modY ,and LG supplies the 2170 CELL for the much higher priced dual motor mod3 and modY.As of today Tesla has Three suppliers Panasonic for Fremont, CATL and LG for GIGA Shanghai , between the Three suppliers about 60 GW of batteries are consumed in total, that is less than a million cars of Tesla total production, about 5-10Gw are used for Teslas Stationary Storage , like PowerWalls and MegaPacks, please do more research before making comments.
    Mary Barra ,and people like you who have not done their research about BEVs and batteries, are easily mislead , she is preaching to the Choir, and her investors. Even half of Wall Street has questioned her math.
    Year 2025 can’t come soon enough to prove her wrong.

  38. TERRY Says:

    Tesla gets away with murder, in the media and in the truth. If any of the Big 3 had put out a car with an “Autopilot” that couldn’t see a white trailer right in front of it, and it decapitated the driver, it would still be in the news.

  39. Rey Says:

    #33 and #34Tesla charges a little more than other providers , and has other plan, like membership , both are still cheaper than other charging companies in Europe , pilot is only in 10 locations in Netherlands,and charging experience is not as seamless as Tesla cars as the other cars have to use an App to charge, Electrek and Teslarati other website explains the procedures and cost and minor disadvantages, cord length and charging port the main ones, Tesla will expand their SC networks to keep up with bottlenecks, very well funded now and will keep growing Elon wants to speed BEG transition, not hinder it, and make a little cash on the way as well, not that he needs it but it will help grow Tesla.

  40. Rey Says:

    # 38, not sure what you’re talking about, Tesla is still in the news, and Drivers are cautioned to pay attention and keep hands on wheel,and all of their newer cars have both steering wheel alert and NOW a CAMERA watching the Driver.
    Sandy Munro ,the Teardown expert took a drive on the Mustang Mach E, that cars ADAS is not ready or as advanced as the older update called V9 of FSD or even Autopilot.
    There will soon be many apple to apple comparisons of ADAS as competing manufacturere will roll out their latest ADAS, like Fords BlueCruise ,GMs SuperCruise,and Toyotas and Nissan and Hyundais, and Mercedes, all of them are GEOFENCED, you might want to GOOGLE that word and its meaning.

  41. TERRY Says:

    #40 Here is what I’m talking about.

  42. TERRY Says:

    #38 Tesla is treated with kid gloves. Maybe because a lot of people bought the stock and like the return. But they get special treatment from both the government and the news media, because Tesla fits into their narrative about electric cars.

  43. Rey Says:

    Tesla ia an American Auto company that Americans like to hate because it defied the Auto establishment , and is headed by an Immigrant from South Africa and has Canadian roots,It is hated because it has no STEALERSHIPS , and is the first succesful automaker in the USA in over 70 years, it was born just afew years before the great recession and ipoed just after, went from almost BK and defied all odds despite BEING THE MOST SHORTED CO.listed in the stock Exchange,It is hated by Old Auto and Big Oil because it will kill their industry, yes Old Auto, that includes Toyota who keeps on Plugging their Hydrogen cars that uses Un- Obtainium Hydrogen for “Fuel”, I am hated in this website because i speak the truth and people cant stand the truth, Tesla will keep going , And by Christmas the stock will reach $1300, and over $5000 on a split adjusted @5× presplit value, by Summer it will have gone to $1500.go on hating, my predictions will come true.Not to worry I have been wrong before, thinking the stock will top out @ $300 in year 2017.

  44. ChuckGrenci Says:

    My take on the Covid vaccination mandates; and not to be glib, but: “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. Also, you can add the “Golden Rule” (do unto others as you would have others do to you). The sadder part is that mandates shouldn’t have even had to be employed; the science is sound, the vaccine safe, so what the HECK?

  45. Lambo2015 Says:

    44 Wrong! For all those old guys here that lived through Polio and understood how important a vaccine could be, I get that. However a few points everyone seems to gloss over and never provides any answers.
    1) When you took a polio, mumps, Rubella vaccine you didn’t get it. You can take CV vaccine and still get it.
    2) Not only can you get it but you can be a carrier but not symptomatic which in my mind makes you more dangerous than someone not vaccinated because at least the unvac will know they are sick. So if they want weekly testing it should be for everyone since its been proven vaccinated folks can carry and transmit.
    3) Its not been proven safe and effective as to me effective would mean you don’t get sick which it seems to only lessen your severity. If it was effective then you shouldn’t care who gets vac because if it worked once you got the shot youd be safe. Should matter what others do.
    4) Also its still has a 99.96% rate of survival and when doing a risks vs rewards its just not worth it for me considering how its affected other family members.
    5) People keep believing whatever the news tells them and are on the FDA approved train yet not one person could tell me where I can get that FDA approved version that last time this subject came up. So for those that are willing to hold onto that as a point of contention please let me know where here in the US I can go get that specific FDA approved shot?
    6) Not to mention the Nuremburg code and our constitution and personal freedoms DO trump the better of the whole. Or maybe you forgot the saying “live Free or die”. You give up your freedoms you don’t get them back and this is not Polio.
    7) Ask yourself when Polio was around and once you got Vaccinated, did you worry about those that didn’t and how that would affect you?

  46. Kit Gerhart Says:

    45 No, the MMR vaccine is not 100% effective. If you are exposed to the viruses, you can get the disease. The reason the vaccine has essentially eradicated the diseases in developed countries, is that nearly all kids are vaccinated.

  47. Kit Gerhart Says:

    45,46 …nor is polio vaccine 100% effective, though it does approach 100% with 3 doses.

  48. Lambo2015 Says:

    46-47 So still no word on where that Approved Vaccine is and where I can get it? Seems like that was just a news story released to give everyone that warm fuzzy feeling they were looking for to continue to push an experimental drug.

  49. XA351GT Says:

    seems to me if they were so sure of it’s effectiveness and safety the government and Big Pharma would remove the clause that they can NOT be sued do to it’s use and NO ONE can say it is safe long term. Colin Powell was fully vaccinated and still DIED from Covid. The concoction is little more than taking aspirin before going out and getting blind drunk in the hopes of avoiding a hangover. How does mandating a company with 100 employees but letting one with 99 off the hook.Does Covid know the difference. The entire problem from day one was this arbitrary rules and guidance given. It’s been nearly 2 years and the only thing we know is that Fauci and his bunch weaponized a virus that is now rampaging through the world that didn’t exist before they played Frankenstein.

  50. Kit Gerhart Says:

    48 The various “treatments” for covid are much more experimental than the vaccines which have gone through trials with many thousands of people.

    The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is fully approved. You can get it at your local Walgreen or CVS.


    Looking at that ID5, the best thing about it is that it is electric. If that car was a ICE; it would be a snooze fest.

  52. George Ricci Says:

    7. Ray. You are forgetting all the EV’s GM is/will make with their joint ventures in China.

  53. Lambo2015 Says:

    50 Okay just please read this and think for yourself.

  54. Rey Says:

    #52 GM is a joke when it comes to EVs , they and Mary Barra are out of their league when it comes to EVs, all she’s got to offer right now are the Expensive overweight Hummer brand and the Caddy Lyriq and in China the $5000, Wuling Mini, id like to know the margins on that car is.
    VWs CEO knows the score better, and what they
    face than any Detroit company does, Ford with its plans of the Tennessee and Kentucky plants might have a small chance of success , but that is still two years away if that, before any cars or trucks roll off that plant, if ever, BEV Manufacturing is very different from ICE Cars VWs CEO knows.
    Elon Musk and Tesla are perfecting “the machine that builds the machine”. A new factory every 2 years if they want to, with unlimited cash and investors throwing money @ them, WHAT IS TSLA Today?

  55. Cycles Says:

    31 – On Model 3 Wipers can be actuated at any time with the button on the end of the turn signal stalk. No display use needed. Once the button is pressed the screen for wipers comes up on the display automatically offering the opportunity to quickly overide the auto setting to the desired speed.

  56. JR Says:

    @45 A little late, but I’ll bite:
    1) All the the vaccines you mention have published efficacy rates, and I don’t believe any are 100%. That doesn’t make them, or the Covid vaccines useless. To say otherwise would just suggest that you are bad at math.
    2) Vaccinated and unvaccinated people can be carriers without symptoms. Suggesting that unvaccinated people will know they are sick is simply incorrect.
    3) Safety and efficacy data is published based on the trial data as well as global usage since the vaccines were authorized. You seem hung up on breakthrough infection, but again, the data shows that you are less likely to get sick when vaccinated which is the whole point. And if you do get sick, it is likely to be less severe. This is pretty basic statistics here. As with the polio vaccine, the key is to get as many people as possible vaccinated to make it harder for the virus to spread.
    4) You may focus on survival rates, but others see the risk/reward differently. The side effects to the vaccine are minimal, so the number of deaths from Covid itself dwarfs those that had to seek treatment from and adverse reaction.
    5) The misinformation seems to be coming from right-wing commentators, not the FDA and actual news. And the Phizer vaccine is approved, they just used a different marketing name for the final product. Same ingredients, same approval. The right-wing folks seem hung up on this, but in the legal realm, this is a non-issue.
    6) The constitution would likely prevent the government from requiring you to get vaccinated, but that doesn’t stop employers from requiring it. This is no different than your kids being required to have MMR vaccines in order to attend schools. If you don’t want your kid to get vaccinated, you have to home school or find a private school.
    7) Yes, some people did worry about those around them that didn’t have the polio vaccine. Because as we all know, vaccines are not 100% effective, and some cannot get them for medical reasons. Thus, we rely on herd immunity when enough of society gets vaccinated.

  57. Alex Carazan Says:

    Adding rear wheel steering to EV’s that are already over priced and need longer range makes no sense. AWS uses energy. A full size pick-up in USA is much larger and for decades customers do not need rear steering to maneuver. Think logically!!