Special Webcast: LIVE from Washington DC

January 21st, 2010 at 10:25am



On Tuesday, January 26th at 12:30PM ET / 17:30 GMT, we’re coming to you straight from the nation’s capital as we broadcast LIVE from the floor of the 2010 Washington D.C. Auto Show. We’ll have top policy makers, technology experts and journalists to talk all about the role the federal government plays in the development of new vehicles and alternative fuels like clean diesel.

We’ll be asking our guests your questions so get them in now! Follow the jump to see our current list of guests and submit questions for them to answer during the LIVE webcast!

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  1. Episode 311 – GM Restructures Europe, Chinese OEMs Eye Russia, WTO Investigates Tire Tariffs – Autoline Daily Says:

    [...] your questions as we also ask the politicos in DC their vision for the future of the auto industry. We’ll be posting the list of guests for that show in the John’s Journal section of our website l…. And by the way, if you live in the DC area, we have free tickets to the Washington DC Auto Show. [...]

  2. Sean Walsh Says:


    You may not be aware of this but the George Washington University (my alma mater) operates the National Crash Analysis Center (http://www.ncac.gwu.edu/index.html) at a satellite campus in Ashburn, VA (near Dulles airport). I was out there several years ago as part of an alumni panel and they had some impressive stuff. If you would be interested in seeing if they could supply a guest, I could give you some contact info. If you had time, it might even be worth going out there for some footage.

    And yes, I’d like a ticket to the show. What info do you need?

  3. Rumblestrip Says:

    Looking forward to the show

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    [...] questions you want him to ask, swing by the John’s Journal page of our website. We’ve got an entry form posted there where you can submit [...]