AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: GM Should bring back the EV1

August 11th, 2008 at 3:57pm

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A decade ago, GM’s electric car, the EV1, was a flop in the marketplace. But today it would attract a lot more customers.

I don’t want to come off as trying to tell General Motors what it should be doing, but the company ought to consider bringing back its EV1 electric car. When it came out a decade ago gas was a little over a dollar a gallon and people weren’t interested in a two-seat commuter car that had a 70 mile range.

But now, with gas over four dollars a gallon, it’s a completely different mindset. People are desperate to slash their commuting costs. And since the car is already designed and developed, it would be relatively easy to bring it back into production.

Reviving the EV1 would be front page news around the world. It would be the perfect complement to the Volt, and put GM’s “green cred” right up there with Toyota and Honda. Just as importantly, GM could finally shake that “Who Killed The Electric Car?” monkey off its back.

8 Comments to “AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: GM Should bring back the EV1”

  1. Josh Maxwell Says:

    You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, I

  2. Tom Martin Says:

    I hear that each EV-1 cost over $100K to build. Mass production could bring this down, but the exotic materials used to reduce weight cost too much.

    Hopefully the Volt will be superior.

  3. Don Says:

    It’ll never, ever happen, but thanks for playing.

  4. Alex Kajdi Says:

    The best thing GM did was to roll out the original EV1 as a Saturn. In those days, being a Saturn owner meant that you were a progressive thinker who enjoyed innovations and preserving the environment. I believe if GM should simply re-skin the Chevy Volt as a polymer panel EV2. GM would introduce it as a Saturn EV2 or Saturn Ion. The only thing it would need to have some updated styling and those “Saturn Tradmark” polymer panels like the original EV1. This vehicle would need no advertising because it would be the rebirth of the EV1, and could cause a media frenzy. A new documentary could be put together. It would be entitled ” Who Resurrected the Electric Car?”.

    The driving dynamics and original blueprints for the EV1 are being incorporated into the Chevy Volt. GM needs an electric urban / commuter car in it’s portfolio. The Hollywood type who condemned GM for killing the original EV1 program would now be singing GM’s praises.

    This would give GM lots of very postive press and recapture those former Saturn owners, like myself, who moved over to more fuel efficient and environmental friendly imports.

    There are people out there will to buy a total electric car, i.e. “Tesla Motors”. GM would be able to do it at a much more affordable and attractive price.

  5. Don B. Says:

    That is so out of the box idea it could work.
    The engineering is almost 100%. Upgrade the EV1 with today’s technologies, materials and batteries. The New EV1 {EV1-A or EV2 depending on DOT recertification} could get well over 100 miles on a charge.
    This would rock the automotive world. Hey, why not? They brought back the Cuda, Charger, Mustang, Camaro one more can’t hurt.
    Alexandra Paul could be the spokes person. I’d love to hear the thoughts on this from some of your compatriots

  6. Hodge Says:

    personally i think thats a phenominal idea. as a student driver, the potential for a car like this is great. when mass produced, the costs would be lower, but its a great starter car for a student. i mean think about it, it costs less to run and maintain, will run for quite a while, and you plug it in when you come home. It has enough cargo space for your books and things, has just enough power for the zip to get from a to b, but not enough power to worry concerning parents. Here is an example of the transportation needed that would fit the daily use of just about anyone. the car does highway speeds, so it’ll be legal, all it needs is updated technology, then modification for the colder climates so it can mass produce for countries like canada.

    i think it would be in GMs best interest to recover the blueprints and designs for the EV1, and find a way to update technology to modern standards. GM needs a way out of the recession, here is their answer. If all the car companies began to recover their EV models, they’d find that the demand would be worth the investment. Sure, they’d be fought by the gas companies, but look at the opportunity for what we have lost and what we can return to life. There is so many options with EV technology, and the world needs it now more than ever.
    personally i could do with one of those S10 or Ranger electric trucks lol.

  7. Martin Bouliannne Says:

    If GM would revive the EV1 it would be a historic move on the behalf of a car builder!

    The EV1 was revolutionary and would still be if it came out today…

    Add some quality Lipo4 as a power source it would probebly get over 300 miles per charge.

    If GM would do it I Would go and buy one.

  8. BIll Says:

    OK SERIOUSLY GM…reviving the EV1 would bring worldwide attention…people wud buy ur products whether they were EVs or not knowing that ur an eco-conscious company….its like i want a huge car but i want it to be earth friendly…hmm ill go buy a SUV from GM b/c they know how to balance interest right? its a bold move but u hav to change the culture at some point…