AD #3287 – Maserati Unveils New Grecale SUV; Waymo Ready to Launch Robotaxi Service; Chevy Teases New Equinox EV

March 23rd, 2022 at 11:53am

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Runtime: 8:22

0:08 Waymo Ready to Launch Robotaxi Service In San Francisco
0:42 Dan Ammann Joins Exxon Mobil
1:10 Volkswagen Plans Battery Plant in Spain
1:41 Stellantis Makes Battery Deals with LG, Mercedes & TotalEnergies
2:59 Maserati Unveils All-New Grecale SUV
4:17 Mercedes-AMG Shows Off Most Powerful Customer Car Ever
5:54 Younger Buyers Prefer Used Vehicles Over New
6:38 Opel Reveals Small Cargo Car Based on The Citroen Ami
7:19 Chevy Teases New Equinox EV

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21 Comments to “AD #3287 – Maserati Unveils New Grecale SUV; Waymo Ready to Launch Robotaxi Service; Chevy Teases New Equinox EV”

  1. Lex Says:

    Millennials and Gen Z car buyers need to deal with the monthly cost of huge student debt and the high cost of housing. They have little money leftover for a overpriced new vehicle, especially electric one! These Recent College Grad Rebates of $500 are totally laughable.

  2. wmb Says:

    That much is true, but it has also have created the same situation as that of Jaguar/Land Rover, with their E-Pace/Evoque and F-Pace/Valor. The Stelvio and this vehicle seem to cover the same space in a number of areas in terms of luxury and sportiness! Yes the two may have different drivetrains, styling and characters. IHMO, in the end, it seems that the Q5 and the Macan may do a better job of presenting a clearer separation their two platform mates, at least on paper, IMHO. The Porsch has the distinction of being an automaker that builds authentic sports cars and has successfully infused that persona into their sedans and CUV/SUVs! While Audi Q5 is a luxury vehicle, with a sporting nature. Yet, Alfa Romero and Maserati are brands that are cut from the same luxury vehicle cloth. One could say that one brand is more upmarket then the other, but this these to products over lap one another. That not to say they will not be great vehicles and appeal to different audiences (that is if they can fix the high powered Stelvio’s issues of that called it to break down so often [As reported]), and I hope they sell as many of each of them that they make!

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    The Chevy Equinox front end reminded me of the Mach-E. But hey everything is evolving into the same similar shape so not too surprised.

  4. joe Says:

    The Equinox shown will be my next car. I can not wait for it!

  5. Drew Says:

    Lex, Millenials and Gen Z also bury themselves in subscription services… particularly the plethora of streaming services that popped up from the mega entertainment giants (Disney+, Paramont+, etc.).


    In the battle between Dan Ammann and Mary Barra, I feel that they both won.

  7. Cozy cole Says:

    I love the 55 Buick portholes in the fender of the Grecale!!!

  8. Albemarle Says:

    Can you imagine having a car with all those boxes on it like Waymo? It would be a lot of extra work to keep it clear of snow. As we know, none of the sensors work through snow, ice or water.

    As well, if you perched your coffee cup while tucking in a child or luggage, it sure would be easy to miss the shape on the roof (speaking as someone who permanently lost a briefcase with computer).

  9. Bob Wilson Says:

    Thanks to Sandy Munro on Autoline.TV, we own a 2014 BMW i3-REx and 2019 Tesla Model 3. Both cars have over 60,000 miles and have out performed our expectations. For example, each gets over 100 miles on less than $3.00 electricity.

    Fans, we bought a Sandy Munro bobblehead with no financial interest in the Web link.

  10. Albemarle Says:

    9 What’s needed is an Autoline John bobblehead. It would be a merch blowout.

  11. Ed Says:

    Just a note on the division of journalism and editorials. I remember when you could watch the news and they told you what happened without a personal or editorial opinion on each story. But now so much of all is opinion. For example in the Exxon Amman story the first part was just news, then the last line “It’s pretty obvious who won that battle.” was opinion / editorial. I don’t mind editorial comments when they are explicit and in their own section. This takes them out of the realm of news and gives proper reference to the reader what they are reading or hearing. I would like to see these always in a separate paragraph at the end of the run. Ed

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If the electric Equinox actually sells for $30K, it will have a small battery, and very short range, but if charged every night, it will work for most commutes and soccer practice runs, etc. I like the blue color in the video, similar to my Corvette.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 Macan and Q5 will distinguish themselves even more in the not-too-distant future, as the Macan soon becomes an EV.

    Cayman/Boxster will become EVs in 2025, or so I’ve read. That one will be interesting, but they won’t be much like the current ones, as the EV version will gain about 1000 pounds of weight.

  14. SteveO Says:

    Has anyone considered that the Grecale may actually be a rebodied Stelvio, with slightly upgraded powertrains and a fresh interior? That’s what it looks like to me!

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 That’s what I’d expect, like the Bentley SUV is an upgraded Touareg.

  16. Merv Peters Says:

    Mercedes has some nerve asking that much for a car without a radio

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Speaking of car radios, in 1959, an AM radio with one speaker cost the equivalent of $780 in today’s money.

  18. wmb Says:

    #13.) That’s why I thought it was interesting that the BEV Grecale was coming out the same year that the EV Macan and Q5 were! I wonder if the EV Stelvio is coming out the year too?

  19. Lambo2015 Says:

    17 Ahh yes my first car a 1971 GTO had the am-fm radio with the single speaker in the middle of the dash. The owner before me had installed an 8 track player in the glovebox. I had to upgrade to a cassette player and a few more speakers. Remember it well.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 My first car, a 1957 Chrysler had a rear speaker in addition to the one in the top of the dash. The rear speaker was probably an option. The radio used “hybrid” tubes, with 12 volt filament and plate, and transistor output.

  21. Eric Brunner Says:

    Wonder how that Mercedes compares to the one used by Maylander for pacing the F1 cars. He always says he is going as fast as he can, yet the lead F1 drivers say he is always going too slow!