Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine

August 23rd, 2008 at 11:00am

Runtime: 3:15

They can run on two, four and even six strokes. There’s an Otto cycle, an Atkinson cycle and a Miller cycle, to name a few. But one company headquartered in Massachusetts is developing an internal combustion engine that runs in a completely different way. The Scuderi Group is working on what it calls a split-cycle engine, and it’s unlike any other ICE out there.

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3 Comments to “Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine”

  1. William R. Walling Says:

    “I believe computer simulation a fine engineering ‘tool’, however, today all manner of CONCEPTS are being marketed and/or awarded U.S. Patents for non-functioning wares.”
    Foreign countries are today refusing to honor U.S. Patent legal protections stating this fact.
    Not so long ago, in order to acquire desired U.S. Government legal protection a fabricated ‘functioning’ example was REQUIRED!
    Simulations did not apply!
    Then again, this was BEFORE an application, not awarded Patent, was displayed via the WEB for ALL to view, acquire, emulate, review or secure by subterfuge.
    Review of assigned U.S. Patents of late suggests all forms of folly.

  2. nathaniel yentumi Says:

    I pray and hope you succeed with your new engine. i also would like to see the prototype of this new ICE.

  3. Girish Says:

    Good Video.