Problem-Solving Healthcare

Segment 3 from “Split Vision”

Detroit Public TV
Wednesday, 3/21 @ 5:30pm ET
(Original Airdate)
Sunday, 3/18 @ 7:00am ET
Wednesday, 3/21 @ 10:30am ET

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  1. Entire Show: Watch Entire Show

  2. Segment 1: Big Blue Gets Closer to Black


    • David Kiley, BusinessWeek
    • Jean Jennings, Automobile Magazine
  3. Segment 2: 21st Century Transportation


    • Syd Mead, Visual Futurist
  4. Segment 3: Problem-Solving Healthcare


    • Scot Sharland, Executive Director, AIAG
  5. EXTRA: Syd Mead, Visual Futurist


Experts say the simplest way to examine the auto industry is to evaluate where it is today and imagine where it's heading next. This week Autoline Detroit features two guests -- one who looks at the problems of today and another who envisions the promise of tomorrow.

Health care is undoubtedly one of the more onerous burdens facing the auto industry, especially when is comes to the Detroit Three. Scot Sharland thinks he can help. As Executive Director of AIAG, the Automotive Industry Action Group, his team has been designing health care solutions that mirror the quality improvements realized by the auto industry over the past decade. He'll talk about what they are and how he believes they can help.

Yet the problems of today pale in comparison to what the future holds. Or what the future may be. And there aren't too many people on earth who have given that topic more thought than Syd Mead, the self-described "visual futurist." Mr. Mead has been designing all types of transport since the '50s and may be best known for his contributions to the 1982 film "Bladerunner." On this week's Autoline he shares some of his thoughts on where transportation is headed in the 21st century, including his vision for the "electric horse" and the 'electric herd" among others.