Bob Part II

Segment 2 from “Carry-On”

Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/13 @ 10:30am ET
(Original Airdate)
Sunday, 5/13 @ 7:00am ET
Wednesday, 5/16 @ 10:30am ET

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  1. Entire Show: Watch Entire Show

  2. Segment 1: Buzz Part II


    • Buzz Hargrove, National President, Canadian Auto Workers Union


    • John McElroy, Host, Autoline Detroit
    • Chris Vander Doelen, The Windsor Star
    • Joe Szczesny, The Oakland Press
  3. Segment 2: Bob Part II


    • Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman, Global Product Development, General Motors


    • John McElroy, Host, Autoline Detroit
    • Matt DeLorenzo, Road & Track
    • Jeff Green, Bloomberg News
  4. Review: 2007 Hyundai Veracruz

  5. EXTRA: Pat Dougherty, Director of Fleet Operations, Chrysler Group


Sometimes Autoline Detroit is like packing luggage for a trip -- you can only fit so much into your bag before it's full, so you look for options like carry-on. Well, that's what we discovered with our last two shows featuring Canadian Auto Workers President Buzz Hargrove and GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz. Both guests offered so much insight on so many different topics that we couldn't fit it all into one program per person.

So this week we're featuring fresh, unaired portions from both earlier interviews with Messrs. Hargrove and Lutz. As far as content goes, Buzz Hargrove discusses his thoughts on free trade, environmental regulations and quality issues while Bob Lutz tackles topics like China, vehicle architecture and his long and storied career. You might consider this week's show Autoline Detroit's version of "carry-on" luggage.