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Segment from “'Green' Cross”

Internet Premiere
Friday, 7/17 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 7/19 @ 10:30am ET
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Michael Robinet, CSM Worldwide, Steve Finlay, Ward's Dealer Business, Professor Christie Nordhielm, Author, "The Big Picture.” Topic: Challenges GM & Chrysler face.

When the economic tsunami struck the auto industry last year leaving Chrysler and GM in shambles, the U.S. government role-played as the "Green" Cross, if you will, providing the relief both corporations required to stay afloat. But now after surprisingly brief visits to Chapter 11 yielding fewer dealers, a much smaller work force as well as a shrunken brand and/or product lineup for both, the future looks bright...or does it? Some say they cut to the bone in too many areas while still others believe each needs a transfusion of new blood to drive them farther into the 21st Century. Joining John McElroy this week to discuss the present and future of the (formerly) Bankrupt Two in three essential areas are product analyst Michael Robinet of CSM Worldwide, Steve Finlay of Ward's Dealer Business as well marketing expert and author of the "The Big Picture," Professor Christie Nordhielm of the University of Michigan.