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Pietro Gorlier, CEO, Mopar Brand, Chrysler, Jeff Bennett, The Wall Street Journal, Eric Mayne, Topic: Mopar.

Antifreeze was created to start cars and not necessarily brands. But sometimes the stars align -- or in this case the Pentastars -- giving the world a 75-year old company that's still going strong. Such was the humble beginning of Mopar, Chrysler Corporation Parts. From a name developed for cans of antifreeze to, can you say the word HEMI, Mopar has a rich heritage in engineering, accessories and replacement parts.

But today as manufacturers look to find new revenue streams some, including Chrysler, are turning to their brands like Mopar for that growth. And that's what Pietro Gorlier, the president and CEO of Mopar is doing with service, parts and even with vehicles themselves. This week on Autoline Mr. Gorlier joins John McElroy to discuss the brand and where he and his team are targeting that growth.