Bigland Interview

Segment 2 from “Smile - Part 1”

Internet Premiere
Friday, 2/3 @ 11:30am ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 2/5 @ 10:30am ET
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  2. Segment 1: Farley Interview


    • Jim Farley, Group VP, Global Marketing, Ford
  3. Segment 2: Bigland Interview


    • Reid Bigland, President & CEO, Dodge
  4. Segment 3: Barra Interview


    • Mary Barra, Senior VP, Global Product, GM


Jim Farley, Group VP, Global Marketing, Ford, Reid Bigland, President & CEO, Dodge, Mary Barra, Senior VP, Global Product, GM. Topic: Executive interviews from NAIAS.

It was a masterwork in the making that suddenly became the Rip Van Winkle of records. That project was Beach Boy Brian Wilson's 1967 composition "Smile" which was finally released just a few years ago. Given the global economy of late, It's not surprising that car shows have endeared a similar soporific stage. With the auto industry riding a strong wave of creativity and sales throughout the decade, suddenly the 2008 economic meltdown shook the industry to the core -- something that not even auto shows could avoid. Iconic showcases like the North American International Auto Show became mere shadows of what they were just a few years earlier. While some manufacturers offered striped down exhibits, others didn't show up at all. But fast forward three years to the 2012 show where the NAIAS is once again at the top of its game and "Smile" is what manufacturers and the world press were doing as they viewed all the new product.

Joining John McElroy on Autoline This Week from the floor of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show are three auto executives who are all smiles indeed. Jim Farley is the Group Vice President of Global Marketing for Ford which has been on a roll with its EcoBoost technology, Reid Bigland is the president & CEO of the Dodge Brand which unveiled its hot new Dodge Dart at the show and Mary Barra, GM's Senior VP of Global Product Development whose products have helped the company regain the title as the world's #1 automaker.