AD #2295 – Headlight Placement Debate, BP Forecasts Drop in Oil Demand, Bosch Enters Ride Sharing Business

February 21st, 2018 at 11:32am

Runtime: 6:57

0:31 Bosch Enters Ride Sharing Business
1:24 BP Forecasts Drop in Oil Demand
2:40 GM Korea Seeks Financial Help
3:31 Designers Debate Headlight Placement
4:45 Mercedes to Test Electric Trucks
5:48 Mitsubishi Updates the Outlander PHEV

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14 Comments to “AD #2295 – Headlight Placement Debate, BP Forecasts Drop in Oil Demand, Bosch Enters Ride Sharing Business”

  1. MJB Says:

    I think the designers are onto something there, Sean. When seeing the two design languages side by side, I agree. Distinguishing the headlamps from the grille does seem to differentiate the luxury segment from non-lux autos.

  2. Brett Cammack Says:

    A couple weeks ago, our local Mitsu dealer had exactly one PHEV. Now they have two SEL and two GT models. Low sales might be a “filling the pipeline” issue.

    Still loving our non-PHEV 2016 Outlander SEL after eleven months of ownership.

  3. BobD Says:

    So how would a South Korea union strike hurt GM if it pulls completely out of the county?

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Cars should use 7 inch round H4 headlights. They work great, and can be either integrated into the grill, or kept separate. Also, they are very cheap to replace if broken.

  5. Ctech Says:

    That’s a debate? The real debate should be how do those ugly vehicles like the Juke, Velosar, X6, Crosstour, or Murano Cabriolet get approved for production?

  6. JWH Says:

    #4 – Spending the last 13 years of my career at an automotive lighting manufacturer, we loved the aerodynamic styling lamps. that being said a round lamp European code H4 (bigger is better -loved the 8 inch lamps with 55/100 H4 bulbs on our 928 ) is hard to beat for lighting output.

    Back to original comment #1 on lamp vs grille placement, it’s true that designers seem be separating them from the grille on luxury vehicles – Probably one did it & the rest followed. I personally like the separation, however I believe this is solely personal preference.

  7. Lisk Says:

    I’m not sure if the headlamp/grille separation is a luxury cue. My 2013 has that design element. Trust me, it doesn’t qualify a a luxury car :) .

  8. Lisk Says:

    7) Cruze…

  9. Chuck Grenci Says:

    I went to the article in which BP has forecast oil production; and quite frankly, the data they are using is so vague that I’m wondering why they concluded (what they did). So many variables, so many adjustments just within the last couple of years (that they are using for evaluation), that whether they are right or whether they are wrong is more like throwing darts. They are in all likelihood going to hit the board but it would be total luck for them to get anywhere near a bull’s-eye. (their data is just too vague IMO).

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    My Mini is pure luxury. The headlights are well away from the grill.

    #5 I actually sort of like the Velostar, maybe just because is is one of the few two (or is it 2 1/2) door cars still sold in the US.

  11. Len Simpson Says:

    Whatever happened to the law against glaring headlites , which most of the lites now do ?

    When are EV’s going to become simpler & lighter ?

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 Headlights became more “glaring” when styled, composite headlights started being allowed, 1987 or so.

    EV’s are already extremely simple, mechanically, and the electronic controls are mature technology. They will become lighter when power density of batteries increases. That’s happening gradually, but a big technology break through could accelerate things.

  13. BobD Says:

    11 Perhaps the new headlamps are “glaring” because more drivers leave their headlights on bright to see, because so many of the new designs are so poor at lighting.

  14. JWH Says:

    Headlight glare – All headlights are required by law to meet photometrics per FMVSS 108. Calls out minimum & maximum light output by location.