AD #2337 – Low-Cost All-Terrain Vehicle, State of OEM/Supplier Relationship, Osram’s Infrared LED For Night Vision

April 20th, 2018 at 11:43am

Runtime: 7:55

0:32 Low-Cost All-Terrain Vehicle
1:18 Shell & Toyota Move Forward with Hydrogen Project
1:50 Lyft To Offset Emissions
2:42 Osram Creates Infrared LEDs For Night Vision
3:27 This Weekend’s Races
4:35 State of Automaker/Supplier Relationship

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11 Comments to “AD #2337 – Low-Cost All-Terrain Vehicle, State of OEM/Supplier Relationship, Osram’s Infrared LED For Night Vision”

  1. David Sprowl Says:

    So how will a gallon or pound will the hydrogen cost?

  2. Kevin Anderson Says:

    Do any of GM, Ford, FCA still have closed or grossly underutilized assembly plants? If so, would it make sense for them to do contract assembly for Tesla Model 3? It would take time to set up, but Tesla gets more capacity and the contractor gets experience with high volume EV assembly. In Ford or FCA’s case, could even lead to being taken over by Tesla at a good price.

  3. Ctech Says:

    The joint venture plant between Mitsubishi and Chrysler still sits vacant in Normal,Il. A good candidate for Tesla, but maybe too far from the supply of batteries.

  4. Ctech Says:

    Where in poor rural areas do you get gas or diesel?

  5. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Nascar…who still cares?? Go back to the 80′s-90′s racing and you have fun races to watch. Too many rules to keep “a little cheatin” out of racing makes it DULL!!. NHRA is still worth watching. Indy and F1…I’ll take a nap.

  6. Danny Turnpaugh Says:

    Will formula 1 races be on the list of races on weekends they race?

  7. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Danny – Yes

  8. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Formula 1 schedule is here:

    I printed mine out and reference it that way. Next race is not this weekend, but next; Azerbaijan, April 26-28

  9. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Here’s some better racing. Shame its not on TV…..

  10. Bob Wilson Says:

    Upon further review of the Munro video, I have changed my mind about the 2170 cells. If you had empty cells, potted between two sheets, it would be a composite beam. It would be very light, stiff and strong like advanced aviation structures that use a honeycomb core. Tesla fills what would be an empty space in the composite filler with a battery to store energy.

    The cell to buss bar ‘whiskers’ are likely to be a fuse incase a cell internally shorts, the most common failure. The massive current from the other cells would melt the ‘whisker’ and remove the failed cell from the pack array. The silicon RTV helping to keep the failed fuse by-products from contaminating the rest of the pack.

    Having the ‘whiskers’ spot welded to the overhead buss bars and potting with silicon RTV suggests cooling is via a heat transfer plate on the bottom. Having all cells with the same orientation lets BOB the robot automate most of the assembly.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    What form will the carbon be in, after the gas is disassembled at the Toyota facility to produce hydrogen? Will it be in a form that can be used for tires, ink, and paint pigment?